Video: Chalmers hits shots that bounces off of fan onto green

WOAH! How about this? Greg Chalmers who was one of the leaders at the Austrailian Open (Jordan Spieth ultimately ended up winning it) hit his tee shot that almost turned into a hole-in-one.


However, this was the most typical shot. Greg hit his tee shot on the 11th hole as the ball then went into the spectators. The ball then bounced out of the crowd and rolled into the green, resulting in a near ace!

Watch the video below to believe it for yourself and this ball was CLOSE to going in:




Someone in that crowd CLEARLY has a launch pad on them for that ball to bounce like that!


Thoughts? Leave them below!


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Credit: Golf Channel

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Why I’m Thankful for Golf this Thanksgiving and Beyond

Credit to Rock Bottom Golf for this beautiful drawing!

Credit to Rock Bottom Golf for this beautiful drawing!

It’s that time of year again! Food, football, family, friends, those road trips to see relatives, etc. Yup, it’s Thanksgiving and there’s a lot to be thankful for but the one big thing I’m thankful for every year is the great sport of golf that was provided for us many years ago.


Growing up, my first love was basketball, and it’s still one of my favorite sports today (Go Bulls). Then that followed by football, then baseball. Hockey, I’m pretty casual about although I do respect it big time. I remember having an Eric Daze wallpaper on my computer a long time ago then it eventually turned into a Scottie Pippen one, followed by an Eddy Curry one (When he was the man in Chicago) etc.


Then finally, golf came around. I picked up the game at around age 13 when my mother decided she wanted me to give golf a try and take lessons. This gave me the urge to download the demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 to give golf a spin before I started hitting the lessons. I enjoyed the game and had fun bombing golf balls off the tee and sinking putts.


I started to like golf, then I went to the lessons but before the lessons started, the coach at my home course of Randall Oaks Golf Club (Designed by William J. Spear) in the Chicago suburbs told me to take some swings on the range. So he had me get a rental club which was a driver and let me hit the range on my own to kinda get a feel for things because I think he had other lessons to attend to that day so he just let me use the range for free for the day.


I held the driver in the baseball grip which is pretty rare for most golfers however, this was before I knew about the famed Vardon/Laidlay grip. I remember everything about my swing was off because remember, this was practically the first time I ever picked up a golf club (Other than a mini golf putter).


I was rather excited to take the first few swings as the ball laying on that tee looked so enticing and as my clubhead was sitting next to ball, waiting to go into launch mode, I was just ready to destroy the golf ball. My first swings were kinda replicated that of John Daly’s famous “Grip & Rip it” swing so I took a rip at the ball.


I don’t remember my very first shot, I’m sure it was sloppy. However, I was actually getting the ball airborne on several shots with the driver. Problem was that they were going so far to the right, they almost looked like they were going off-course.


I was still excited though, excited that I was able to hit the ball and give it some flight, despite how far right they went. Making solid contact with the driver is like hitting a home run every time you step up to the plate. It was so addicting!


Although my swing needed a lot of work, I was still hitting decent enough and I was happy about that. After that experience at the range, I finally got bit by the bug and fell in love with the wonderful sport. Golf was an escape for me from the stress of reality.


After taking lessons, I continued to go to the range and try to perfect my craft and I took many swings. The more I started to love the sport, that’s when I told myself, “I wanna become a professional golfer!” and wanted to practice hard to get on the PGA Tour.


I remember on a Christmas about a year later, I received my first set of golf clubs from my mother. They were Top Flite XL clubs and let me tell you, getting a fresh new set of golf clubs is the greatest feeling in the world, especially since this was my very first set. It’s even better than a new pair of kicks!


They were gorgeous golf clubs. I remember being giddy about it once I took the bag out of the box. I remember taking out each of the clubs and getting a feel for them. Grabbing the driver and the putter were probably the best feelings because I knew how significant these clubs were plus I was more familiar with them.


Not sure when I remember putting the clubs back in the bag. I just kept taking practice swings with them! I took my clubs up to Randall and hit some practice shots and putted on the greens. Such an awesome feeling, as before I was only using rental clubs but now here I am with my own clubs.


In high school, I’d take a couple of clubs up to the local elementary school which had a lot of open land behind the building and would just hit golf balls there. That’s one of the reasons why I love golf because you can play it wherever you want as long as it’s safe and you have softer balls.


I even went up there in temperatures as low as 20 degrees. I grabbed some yellow colored golf balls so I can see where they landed in all the snow. I remember grabbing my lob wedge when I did go up there, so it was easier to retrieve my ball since lob wedges don’t go that far.


I really wanted to get better, I looked at the Illinois junior Golf Association (IJGA), the eGolf Amateur Tour (Now GolfWeek Amateur Tour), Golf Channel Amateur Tour, etc but never had the opportunity to join since I wasn’t ready and felt like I wasn’t good enough. So after failing to make the high school golf team, I continued to play, but eventually, due to the lack of not having the chance to get on the course enough, I was considering giving up the dream of playing on the PGA Tour.


I then attended the First Tee for a couple of years to learn more about the game and to learn some valuable life lessons through golf which the First Tee is so excellent at teaching and that was a big thanks to our coach, Patty Henk who led the way. Coach and myself even played a round on my home course at Randall and it was a great experience as she taught me different things while we were in the middle of the round.


Even little things like when at address on your tee shots, keep your clubhead down on the ground for a more relaxed swing as I constantly had my clubhead in the air at address like most golfers do. Another thing was teeing your shots up high when using a driver as well as removing your hats and shaking hands at the end of rounds.


After The First Tee experience was over, I then attended a sports broadcasting camp for one week and had a blast as we practiced our broadcasting skills and even went up to Soldier Field to do some mock reporting. We went to Northwestern’s TV studio to practice TV broadcasting as well as radio broadcasting in their radio studio.


We had a chance to check out the press box of Soldier field and more. Although I always liked the media, this kinda fueled my passion for media even more.


After broadcasting camp, I was going into my senior of high school where I covered sports for our school paper titled “The Talon”. I wrote stories ranging from football and golf, to soccer and ultimate frisbee. It was such a fun experience and we had a terrific teacher to boot, who was a complete expert in the journalism industry.


I wrote my first piece (Although I don’t remember the sport) and thought, “I really do enjoy this stuff!”. This was the career change I was leaning towards. Since I wasn’t good enough at golf to play at the highest level, this was the closest I could get to doing so.


This was also the same year where I started my stint with the Chicago Golf Report. I got excited when one of my articles (On the Ryder Cup coming to Medinah) got on the front page. As senior year progressed, I was in a writing club where I usually wrote free verse love style poems.


This was a great way to help perfect my writing craft and explore different styles of writing. As the end of the school year was nearing, I was thinking of different options for college. I wanted to go to a school where I could play golf and learn the media business. There weren’t too many options.


There was actually one school that, although didn’t have a golf team, had three different classes I was interested in. A media class, a golf course design/landscape architecture class, and then a class for counseling (Pretty much anyway) which I was kinda interested in because it would of been rewarding to help younger kids with the stress of life and help them push through that heavy door that’s blocking their path.


Golf course designing was something I had a soft spot for. Now, I’m starting to love it even more. In my sophomore year of high school, I drew a few golf hole designs in my notebook although they were kinda sloppy at the time. Although I liked the options the school provided, a better option came up.


The school was very close to home, it had wonderful facilities, a golf team, and a sports media type of class or not even a class but more like a program. After taking a tour of the university, I told myself “This is the one!”. That was until I heard about a broadcasting school on the radio.


It was a lot farther away but it sounded great. Took a tour and it was amazing. It had almost every kind of broadcast equipment you can think of and had radio studios and TV studios all around the campus. It was small too so it was so easy to get around and navigate.


That’s when I made the decision to join that school and that’s where I gave up the original dream of becoming a professional golfer, to the dream of covering professional golf as a journalist. The broadcasting school also taught blogging which is why The GP Golf Report is here today and I’ve never looked back since.


I’ve put a lot of time and energy into this blog and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The stories I get to write are so fun whether it’s funny videos, my opinionated pieces, the weirder things of golf, etc and absolutely love it and I’m thankful for golf for giving us so much to talk about.


I’m also thankful and flattered that you come to read the blog as I never thought the blog would do as well as its done so far. You’re the reason why The GP Golf Report is an award winner and I can’t thank you enough for letting me fulfill your non-traditional golf needs.


As I mentioned, I’m starting to build a love for golf course design as a hobby which is why I’m so excited that The Golf Club, the video game from HB Studios has a course designer you can mess around with on those days where it’s too cold or rainy to play on the real course. It’s really a wonderful tool for those of you who love course design.


You see, only in golf can we talk hours about players, golf courses, equipment and travel. Only in golf, can you play almost wherever you want. Only in golf, can you combine exercise, sunshine, sport and fresh air and put them all in the same sentence.


I’m thankful for golf because it’s a lifetime sport where you can travel all over the world and look at beautiful scenery while enjoying a round on a gorgeous yet challenging course layout.


It’s a way for us to get away from life for a moment and just focus on where that putt breaks on the green.


Golf gave me a career. Without golf, I don’t know where I’d be today or what I’d be doing.


Golf saved my life as I probably would have no idea what route I’d go and I’m thankful for that everyday I wake up.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Why are YOU thankful for golf? Leave your comment below and I can’t wait to hear the stories you have to tell!


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Video: Paula Creamer takes off shoes, hits shot out of water

Hmm, well this is kinda reminiscent of Henrik Stenson’s shot now isn’t it? I know I’m a little behind on this but, Paula put on her big girl shoes (Or well, took them off) and went into the muddy water to hit her shot. It definitely looked like a better shot than either you or I would hit that’s for sure.

Check it out here:

See, this is why golf is such a tough sport. No other sport has to play the ball where it lies! Paula said “Screw it! Just hit it!”

We feel you Paula.

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Photo: Amanda Dufner shares topless photo then deletes it

Well then! If you were having fantasies about Amanda Dufner, then this is the closest thing to turning those fantasies into reality. Amanda, who is no stranger to Instagram (Like most women), briefly shared this picture of herself topless in a bikini with the camera facing her backside.

Oddly enough, the picture was taken down by her. Probably because she either came to her senses that it was going to reel dudes in like fish and cause them to leave some nasty comments or the almighty Duf himself (Jason Dufner) saw the picture and told her to take it down. Although, who took the picture? Was it Duf? Either way, this picture was by far the hottest on her Instagram.

Here you go, try not to look at it while you’re at work. Don’t wanna hear any comments talking about how I got you fired!





Jason Dufner, you are THE man!

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Credit: Next Impulse Sports

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Review: Champ’s new grips stick to your hands purely

Oooo so colorful! I had the black color.

Oooo so colorful! I had the black color.


Champ, the company known in golf for their popular FLYtess, spikes for golf shoes and other excellent accessories. They also carry some grips and they are a lot better than you think.



I changed my old grips on a couple of clubs and put on Champ’s C8 grips. I was quite excited to put them on some clubs for the first time as I had the chance to feel and take practice with the grips alone.


Once I got them on the clubs, I waited about an hour before trying them (Typical time for grip changing) and once I finally had the chance to try them; wow, I was impressed. The grips felt like they stuck to my hands and I felt very confident with my swing.


The grip wasn’t an issue. The grip felt like a magnet on my hands and they felt quite comfortable as well. I was able to take solid, full swings without having the squeeze the crap out of my club.


They feel extra great on short irons. You’re able to just focus on your approach shots rather than how hard to squeeze your clubs. This helps make sure that you don’t swing too hard and over hit your shots.


They felt wonderful in my hands and went together very well with my glove. These grips are great if you want it to just stick to your hands like glue.


With these grips, all you need to do is focus on your swing, shot shaping possibilities, the course layout and design, and hitting that perfect. No worries about the club flying out your hands or anything like that.


I definitely recommend these grips if you want to hit better shots. However, try it on one club first before you get a whole set of them.


Would hate to see you get a bunch of them and then end up disliking them so try it one club first. I really do believe you will enjoy them and how they feel in your hands.


Grips are very important in golf and are overlooked. While your buddies’ clubs will be flying in all directions, you’ll be dodging like a ninja while nailing shots with your new grips.

You can get Champ’s C8 grips here.

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Tiger Woods Calls Out Golf Writing Legend, Jenkins



I had received my copy of Golf Digest the other day which featured NFL Quarterback Johnny Manizel on the cover (whAT?!) and I noticed something on the bottom right corner of the cover. It said “My (Fake) Q&A with Tiger by Dan Jenkins”.

So, after checking out some of the different stories within the magazine, I came across the fake Q&A and was both surprised and amused. Surprised, that Golf Digest decided to publish it and amused because, well, it was kinda funny unless you are a die-hard Tiger fan I suppose.


Well, on Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune which is a site where athletes pretty much become sportswriters, Tiger has some words for the hall of famer, Mr.Jenkins.


Here’s a tweet by Jenkins with a link to the article and I’ll re-post that link below.



Here’s what Tiger said in his article then I’ll share a page from Dan’s piece.


Did you read Dan Jenkins’ interview with me in the latest Golf Digest? I hope not. Because it wasn’t me. It was some jerk he created to pretend he was talking to me. That’s right, Jenkins faked an interview, which fails as parody, and is really more like a grudge-fueled piece of character assassination.

Journalistically and ethically, can you sink any lower?

That’s from Tiger’s piece, and I’ll leave the link to the original article below.


This is the second page of the Q&A by Dan because this seemed to be the page that hit people the most because it was more personal.


Thank you. After you’d won three U.S. Ams, your father said you were going to have a greater impact on the world than Gandhi. I laughed out loud. What was your reaction?
I looked for Gandy in the record book and couldn’t find him. But I didn’t go as far back as Middlecoff, Demaret and those guys.

You have a house as big as Luxembourg. What do you do in it all day?
Let me think. Uh, new video games come out. I putt on the carpets. A closet somewhere needs color-coordinating. And of course there’s always somebody to fire.

You’ve been incredibly rich and obscenely rich. Which is better?
Does Elin get a vote?

You haven’t talked about it, but after all of those New York Post front pages during the scandal, what’s the moral of your story?
That’s easy. Don’t get caught.

You named your yacht Privacy. Because you’re a worldwide celebrity, do you really expect and demand privacy?
I thought about renaming it Serenity, but that pretty much went out the door when the 9-iron hit the window of the Escalade.

Have you ever regretted firing Butch Harmon after winning your first eight majors with him?
Butchie was making me tip too many people.

I don’t get it. For a guy who can certainly afford it, you’ve become famous for being a bad tipper. It’s almost like you take pride in it.
I just don’t understand why you’re supposed to tip people for doing a job they’re already getting paid to do.

In many cases tips are expected to be part of their salary.
So let ’em go find a better job.

Now why didn’t I think of that? What would you do if you couldn’t play golf any longer?
I guess I’d buy an NBA team.

I’ll try to remember to tell the next person who waits on me to ditch the stupid restaurant and go buy the Knicks or Mavericks.
You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

I’m starting to, yes. I have to confess, I’m borrowing that Albert Brooks line from “Broadcast News.”
Is that the network Johnny Miller works for?

I’m almost positive it isn’t. Where the TV guys are concerned, what are your thoughts on Brandel Chamblee? For instance, who would you rather run over in a car first, Brandel or me?
Who’s Brandel Chamblee? How many majors has he won? How many has he even played?

Brandel is a good student of the Rules of Golf.
Hey, man! I’ve never knowingly broken a rule on the golf course! I don’t need to be diagnosed by a guy like Brandel Chamblee.

Or me?
You’re not on TV. You’re just a writer.

That’s the highest compliment you could pay me. Let’s move on. Are there any wedding bells in the future for Lindsey Vonn?
With me?

I guess I have the answer.
What was your reaction to Rory McIlroy calling off his wedding to Caroline Wozniacki?

He’s better off. He won another two majors, didn’t he?

I’m curious as to why you split with Hank after winning six majors with him?
I’m a perfectionist.

Now that you’ve gone through Butch, Hank and Foley, who’s your next coach gonna be? Dr. Phil?
Funny. I just want to take my game to a higher level.

And how’s that been working out for you?
I’ve had problems, sure.
The knee, the Achilles …
… the fire hydrant …
… the ankle, the shoulder…
… the divorce …
… the wrist, the back …
… the putter …
… but I’m getting back to where I want to be. Like I said at the British Open. I’m stronger, faster and more explosive.

Like I tweeted, take away the two triples, the three doubles and the nine bogeys, and you’d have been right there.
I made a few mistakes.

A few? You finished four from the bottom, in 69th place. Other than a few missed cuts, including this year’s PGA, it was by far your worst finish in a major as a pro.
But I took away a lot of positives from those experiences. I need to get stronger. It’s why I decided not to touch a golf club for a couple months.


So, there you have it! Arguably the greatest golfer ever against arguably the greatest golf writer ever. I think Dan, who is a terrific writer usually, got a little too personal on the second page.


Sure, I guess, if Tiger hadn’t done what he did in the past, then it wouldn’t have been brought up but I was just overly shocked that a national magazine such as Golf Digest would allow something like this. One thing I learned in the media business is that you try to avoid fake publishing.


Are you familiar with Stephen Glass? Well, he wrote tons of fake articles and never took the time to go out and get the real story. He eventually got fired from the New Republic magazine.


Dan Jenkins warned us that the story was fake and is nowhere near as bad as what Glass did but it just kinda popped into my head. I will say that this story would have never been national attention if Tiger hadn’t written his disgust about it.


He probably should have just let it die and now there are multiple media outlets reporting on this. It’s not the article they’re reporting on, it’s the fact that Tiger wrote about it.


Soooo, basically, there are people writing articles about someone writing an article about someone writing an article about him (Ah! My brain!)

I guess I’m one of them although I’m a blogger and not a magazine writer.


It’s now turning what was supposed to a goofy little article, into a giant blob of mass destruction that will destroy the world! OK, maybe not that bad, but Danny boy is definitely hearing it from the Tiger and non-Tiger fans alike.


The only thing we can do now is wait and see if this dies down or if it continues to get worse. It’ll be worse the next couple of days I think but eventually I believe this will go away. Golf Digest has taken heat a few times this year already.


So, how does this make you feel about Dan Jenkins, Tiger Woods or Golf Digest? Do you think this was stupid? Just all in good fun? How do you feel about this whole thing?


And please think with your head and not with your heart if you can. In other words, try to avoid backing up either Woods or Jenkins just because you’re a big fan of either one. Be honest and realistic. I’d appreciate that!


Well, you go ahead and think about what you want to say while I go take cover in the basement in case of invasion of angry Golf Digest and Tiger protesters!


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Links to original articles:

Dan’s Piece

 Tiger’s Piece

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Why Christina Kim’s Lorena Ochoa Inv. Win is so Great



On Sunday, one of the most popular players on the LPGA Tour and one of the biggest personalities in golf history, Christina Kim, won the Lorena Ochoa Invitational for her first title in 9 years. She now, at the young age of 30, already has an impressive 5 wins worldwide including top 10-finishes in four out of the five LPGA major championships.


Christina has long been one of the big characters in golf for her friendly, funny personality as well as her solid play in the Solheim Cup. Despite her humorous nature, style of clothing, and unique style of play, she had to overcome some dark times in her life.


Ever since her last win back in 2005, she had struggled to get a victory in the years that followed, eventually losing her Tour card. This led to depression as she was struggling to get by. She was so depressed that there were even times when she considered committing suicide.


This win was emotional one for her as she brought down to tears and even her best friend, Michelle Wie was breaking down herself and rightfully so. When your best friend is going through a hard time, it’s tough to stay focused and it’s hard to swallow and Michelle and CK have been homies for a long time now. No doubt that Michelle learned a lot from Christina with the experience she’s had on the professional level.


In a terrific article written by golf writing extraordinaire Stina Sternberg back in 2012 on CK, there’s a disturbing thought that went through her mind. In Stina’s article, chilling information about Christina’s suicide attempts arose.


“I’d be driving down the road and think, All I have to do is steer my car into the oncoming traffic, and I wouldn’t have to go through this; I wouldn’t have to deal with it.” Christina said according to the 2012 article.

The only thing that stopped her was the fear of the lives in the other cars as well as the thoughts of leaving her parents.

Another incident happened at a players’ function building for the Ladies European Tour’s Nation’s Cup where she was considering jumping off the building and into the sea.

“I looked down, and the water seemed very inviting, even though I can’t swim. The solitude and silence that I was seeking, which I couldn’t find anywhere in the building because everyone was laughing and living life and being happy, seemed to be in the water.” She said again according to Stina’s article.


Despite all of these horrible thoughts and things she had to battle, she conquered it and what way to do it then with a win at Lorena’s tournament? With this win, it’s safe to say she’s officially in the prime of her career and it’s such a feel good story in golf. By far, I believe Christina’s win and Charlie Sifford’s Medal of Freedom are the biggest stories of 2014. Both overcame unbelievable odds.


The reason Christina’s win is so great is because, not only of what barriers she had to go through to get it, but because of what she brings to the game. She has a personality that will make everyone cheer for her and it also makes golf look quite cool.


This win puts one of golf’s all-time biggest characters back on the map and that, I believe is huge. Because too often, golf is considered boring because of some of the players’ dry humor which is fine. Be yourself, don’t be something you’re not. However, Christina brings something to golf that’s been missing.


Sure, the PGA Tour has its unique characters such as Henrik Stenson, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Jason Bohn and even Jason Dufner who is probably the “King of Cool” in golf along with Miguel Angel Jimenez. None of them come really even remotely close to the personality of Christina (Hmm, Boo Weekly maybe?). If Duf’s the “King of Cool” then CK is the “Queen of Fun”.


The LPGA Tour doesn’t have too many characters. Michelle Wie is probably the biggest character on the tour as we know what kind of fun she can be. Christie Kerr is a pretty big character herself as she’s never shied away from showing her fun side.

Morgan Pressel is definitely another one. Despite that, with all due respect, they still don’t have the personality that CK has in terms of a fun, unique character to talk to. There’s no doubt that every time you talk to her, she’s going to probably make you laugh.


This is why her win is important because as sports fans, we love personalities. Of course we love the ones who just og out there and do their job and that’s it and we appreciate those players but Christina will engage with crowds (As do many of the other wonderful LPGA players), she’ll make you feel more than just a fan and I think that’s why she’s captured so many hearts.


There’s always a player on any tour that people love and hate. Give me someone who hates Christina Kim?……No answer eh? Well that’s because she’s so hard to dislike. When she’s playing well, she can be pretty tough to beat. She doesn’t have five wins for nothing.


So, in the near future, we can hope that CK can get into a groove and be in a lot of the tournaments she plays in because if she can become somewhat of a superstar on tour, then she will gain a ton more fans than she already has.


Congratulations Christina! Because, no matter what you go through, always remember that the sun still shines.


Feel free to leave a comment below. When do you think Christina Kim’s next win will happen?


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Golf legend, Charlie Sifford to receive Medal of Freedom



Golf legend Charlie Sifford will receive a high honor from the White House. Charlie will receive the Medal of Freedom for helping break the PGA Tour color barrier in 1961. The award is the highest honor in the country for a civilian.

Although legendary boxer Joe Louis played a huge part in desegregating golf, Charlie was the first to play on the PGA Tour on a regular basis and play well at the same time. He had to endure the stressful time of segregation and had to deal with racism and received threats.

One incident was when he received a phone call just before the second round of the Greater Greensboro Open when a white man with a southern accent called him and threatened him.

“I couldn’t solve anything by violence. It would just ensure that all blacks, beginning with me, would be permanently barred from the tour.” Charlie said of the incident. 

Yet, he overcame it all and became the first black player on the PGA Tour and opened the door to diversity in the sport of golf. Not only did he desegregate golf, he had a very solid resume, winning 22 professional tournaments including the Los Angeles Open and the legendary Hartford Open Invitational (Now known as the popular Travelers Championship) winning those in a two-year period of time.

He also won a major championship and the Senior PGA in 1975. He then got inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2004 making him the first African-American to be inducted. He received the Old Tom Morris award in 2007 for his contributions to the game and sportsmanship on the course.

His swing was one of the most unusual looking yet fluid in golf history. He tends to swing with his right elbow lower than most on the backswing and he’ll extend his arms on the follow through. This has helped him excellently on short game shots as he was one of the best to do it.

Whether it was a pitch, chip, etc, you knew he was going to get it close to the pin or in the hole. Just a magician with the clubs and that’s why he won 22 titles.

He had two top 35 finishes at the majors with T33rd finish at the 1965 PGA Championship at Laurel Valley Golf Club and finished tied for 21st at the 1972 U.S. Open which was the first major ever held at Pebble Beach. He’s definitely one of my all-time favorite golf legends. He played the game right, he persevered over the odds, and gave him two great victories on a Tour that was very segregated.

Here’s a quote from President Obama. Thanks to for sharing:

“I look forward to presenting these nineteen bold, inspiring Americans with our Nation’s highest civilian honor,” President Barack Obama said. “From activists who fought for change to artists who explored the furthest reaches of our imagination; from scientists who kept America on the cutting edge to public servants who help write new chapters in our American story, these citizens have made extraordinary contributions to our country and the world.”

Tiger Woods took to Twitter to thank the man who he called grandpa.

Despite the design of the course, Charlie nailed those crooked fairways right. Down. The. Middle. Thank you Charlie for opening up the doors for minorities in this great sport. You are truly, a legend.

Charlie is only the third golfer to receive such a high honor. The other two were Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Charlie as well as the other 18 well deserved winners will be honored at the White House on November 24th, 2014.

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Video: Bubba Watson wins World Golf title with amazing shots

If you missed it, Bubba Watson won the WGC-HSBC Championship on Sunday. However, he didn’t just win it. He won it in dramatic fashion as he first holed out from a bunker to go into a playoff and THEN he sinks a long birdie putt to win it. Check out the videos below!

Now THAT is what you call “Bubba Golf”! That five with Rickie was pretty cool too!


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Review: Bugle tees are the most indestructible ever made



Wha-wha-WHHAAT?! Tees? Yes, my friend, tees. However, these aren’t just any ordinary tees. These are the Bugle Tees. You might have caught them on Sirius XM’s PGA Tour radio.


I’m sure you just grab a ship load of tees and toss them in your bag, right? Well, aren’t you tired of tees breaking all of the time, and taking that extra space in your bag?


What if you forget to bring enough tees and then you’re screwed? What if you go to the range (The ones without mats) and break the only couple of tees you have?


Then you’d have to search the ground for some missing or partially broken but usable tees which usually don’t have the same effect of a clean, perfect tee. Well, guess what.


What if I told you that the most breakable thing in golf is now indestructible? What if I told you that you can carry just one tee per 18 hole round?


Well, you’re in luck because the Bugle tees are just that; INDESTRUCTIBLE. These tees are one of the most unique inventions in the history of the game.


Although tees easily get overlooked, it still drives golfers nuts to go through so many tees. Avid golfers (Golfers that play at least a couple of times a week) spend a ton of money on tees yearly and with the Bugle tee, you’ll never have to buy another tee again.


The Bugle Tees simply don’t break. Before hitting my tee shots, I was feeling a tad skeptical considering the softer material. I thought one of them would actually break.


So, I tee my shot up on a par-3 with a large sloping green and medium-sized bunker on the right. I hit my shot and it was a beauty that landed perfectly on the green.


I looked for the tee as I didn’t know if it had broken or not. I knew it went flying so I took a few steps and there it was!


NOT broken, not even bent or anything. Looked just like it did when I took it out of the box. In perfect shape. I was stunned.


The golf ball sets up beautifully on the tee thanks to a nice wide top as to where your traditional tees, the ball could just fall right off and you have to keep re-teeing it. The bottom of the tee has kind of a stopping point as to how deep you should tee it up.


This may actually work really well when giving lessons because it’ll give your student a good idea of how deep they’re tees should be. Another great thing is that there are two different sizes of tees to choose from (Pictured) so you’re not using the same tee every time.


If you use the tees on par 3s, then you may have to adjust your swing just a tad as the tees don’t go as low as you’d normally tee up on a par 3. Another time I played a par 3, I popped up my shot (It was almost catchable) because I hit too far under the tee causing the ball to fly straight up in the air. Choking up on the club just a bit may help.


However, using drivers, it’s perfect and takes the impact and speed of the club beautifully. You can crush drives without worrying about crushing your tee.


It’ll still be right there in the tee box for you to pick up.


The most important thing about these tees is that they support a wonderful cause. With every tee bought, the funds go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America to help find a cure for this terrible disease.


There’s also a twin pack you can purchase and those funds will go towards the American Diabetes Association. So not only are you getting wonderful tees, but you’re donating to two great charities and will really make you feel good about your purchase.


Because at the end of the day, these are the most important things. These go far beyond the golf course.


So, if you want to check out these TEE-riffic tees, then visit and be prepared to be amazed and hit more powerful drives!

Oh, and be sure to tell your buddies something like “WOAH! Did you see THAT?!” so they’ll miss your shot so you can quickly pick your tee up and put it back in your pocket, because you KNOW they’ll try to “barrow” it!


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