The Legend of Long Drivers Island

It’s that time of year where candy, haunted houses and costumes come together for one day. That’s right, it’s Halloween yet again and you can bet the kids will be having a blast and filling up on candy.

It’s also fall where it’s that last opportunity (Depending on what state you live in) to get your golf fix in before the winter hits. So why not combine golf and Halloween for a crazy, creepy and silly story about a golf writer/course designer and his insane golf course.

This story is based off of a course I created in the video game, The Golf Club. What originally was just meant to simply be a course description, turned into a story. I definitely wrote more than I thought!

So I thought it was only right to share it with you today. Please enjoy the story and don’t get frightened off the golf course during your next outing because well….your friends will think you’re nuts!


KEEP IN MIND: This story is completely fictional from the island, to the characters, to the architecture and the media outlets.


Here it is: The Legend of Long Drivers Island


Beth's Lighthouse


Back in the 1890’s, golf author and golf course designer James Dicken McBootycheeks was a very successful writer who wrote the notable golf books “The Long Iron” and “This little Hole of Mine” as well as his all-time best seller “Narrow Fairways” which chronicled his life. He was known to help popularize the game in those years despite not playing.

His writing reached millions. He was always fascinated about how golfers drove the ball down the fairway with power and accuracy (Back in those days, a 250 yard drive was relativity far). Ever since he was a wee little lad, James always loved watching the likes of Young Tom Morris and Old Tom Morris play golf.

It was a thing of beauty when they teed off. He also became a big fan of the bright star at the time who was none other than the great Harry Vardon. As a golf course designer, he was known for his slightly elevated tees, to help golfers get more distance and he was also known for his challenging, yet forgiving narrow fairways.

Although people played and enjoyed his courses, his work was never really recognized as it was overshadowed by his writing career which made him a ton of money. Due to his passion of driving off the tee, he wanted to design something that was out of this world.

Something that would turn heads for years to come…… He was in his office drawing several different designs but none of them satisfied him. While at a coffee shop, a young man, no older than 8 or 9 years old, came up to him and asked if he was Mr. McBootycheeks.

James with a smile told the young man who it was him and the young man asked for his autograph. 

The young man then asked “Do you ever wish a golf course could be made anywhere in the world?”. James responded “Why yes son, of course”. The young man then asked “Do you think it’s ever possible?…” James responded with a “Not sure” as the boy walked away. James was left thinking….thinking very hard….

back in his office still thinking about what the boy said, he began coming up with more course designs. James was getting swamped with all the work as he was already in the middle of writing a highly anticipated novel.

He didn’t want to design a traditional course, he wanted something that was completely out of the ordinary. To get away from all of the stress, he decided to go on fishing trip with a couple of friends, John and Phillip who had helped with James’ other course designs.

The men rarely talked about course designing but just talked about golf and fished. James’ wife Beth, who is an avid a very good golfer told her husband that a course will come together in his head soon.

He remembered what she said which helped him enjoy the time with his friends. The boat they were in seemed to sail out more into the ocean than expected to the point where they started to realize that they weren’t nowhere near home.

Fortunately, they packed a ton of food and water to help them get by. With all the money James had, he also was one of the few people in the world to have a radio (This, years before radios reached homes) with him.

While at sail, not sure where they are, within all the mist, they see an eerie yet beautiful looking island with an unusually shaped mountain. They approach the island with both fascination and fear as they do not know what to expect.

They get off the boat and explore the mysterious island. As they do, John and Phillip were still in awe and fear looking around the entire island but James on the other hand, just kept staring at the top of the flat-topped mountain. As they left the island, James’ decided to take note of where the island was. His golf course design idea started to take shape….

Eventually finding their way home, James kept on thinking about how he would be able to reach the top of the mountain (Since there weren’t aircrafts powerful enough to fly long distances yet). He then decided to design his course idea.

It was one of the most insane designs known to man. Beth saw his drawn out design and her eyes widened with shock. It wasn’t just the crazy looking design, it was the island…..

Many years prior, a young Beth and her father Christopher went on a boat trip, similar to that of James’. They came across the same exact island that James’ and his friends saw.

They approached the island, and ironically it was just as dark and misty that day as it was with James’. They began hearing strange noises and voices but there was nobody around.

Despite their fear, they continued to explore the island. Beth’s father Christopher would soon have the scare of his life…..

As they approached the flat-topped mountain, they decided to walk behind it. Christopher went ahead of Beth and what he saw next would send shivers down his spine….

He saw an odd, creepy looking man whose head looked unusually tilted. He just stared at Christopher from a short distance away with wide eyes and almost no expression. Beth was terrified.

Christopher looked like he was frozen. He turned around for a few seconds while Beth closed her eyes. Christopher turned his head back again and Beth opened her eyes, then the creepy looking man was standing right in front of Christopher’s face.

This left the two running in absolute terror as Beth was screaming to the top of her lungs. Chris turned around and noticed the creepy man was close behind him and he wasn’t even running (Sorta like Slender). Chris and Beth went on the boat and escaped.

Chris took one last look around at the island and the man vanished. Making their way back home, Chris started to have horrible nightmares about the island and this caused him deep depression.

Remarkably, he overcame it all and was still alive yet his mind will never forget the island and what was on it…..

Beth still in shock by James’ design walked away and thought about it for a while. As James returned home, Beth brought up the design and said that it looked interesting.

She never told him about her story of the island and kept it a secret but she wanted to scream at him that it was cursed although she couldn’t clarify that was indeed the island since it was only a drawing but the similarities are remarkable.

So James’ told Beth that he’s trying to figure out a way to get a hold of an aircraft or some climbing tools to get to the top of the mountain. He considered a hot air balloon, but most of the work on his design would be from the ground so there’s really no need for one.

So he grabbed some tools for climbing, grabbed John and Phillip and decided to go back to the island. Beth was quite fearful. As the men were on the island in the middle of designing their course, the men started to hear noises, the same ones Beth and her father Chris heard several years prior.

They didn’t pay no mind and kept sculpting, digging and building. James’ then decided that it was a good idea to have some built-in stairs within the mountain.

So they looked for a certain part of the mountain to start chipping away at the rock and next thing they knew, after just a couple of weeks of being on the island and designing, the course, along with the helpful stares that lead to the top of the mountain were completed. Each tee box was lined up on top of the mountain with each fairway and green on the ground.

On a day where the sun was setting, James went to the top of the mountain, looked out to the ocean’s horizon and hit the very first tee shot on the course he dubbed “Long Drivers Island”.

The clubhouse was built and used as a house as well for guests or his family if they wanted to stay for a week or so. There’s also two lighthouses with one right behind the clubhouse and another one stationed on top of one of the other mountains which is arguably the most iconic part of the course in which he named “Beth’s Lighthouse” (Pictured above).

Word of mouth got out about this very strange and incredible golf course and people from all over visited the island to play a round. Instead of going up and down the mountain to finish out a hole, most people just teed off on each hole first and then went down to hit each of their second shots at the same time instead of “tee, green, tee, green”, it was “tee, tee, tee, tee, green/fairway, green/fairway”.

People had a blast with the course as they were able to have a true feel of hitting the golf ball a long long way. Some also had fear of heights too but still took some swings.

Boats were surrounding the island and golf balls were flying. James’ was very proud of what was accomplished. Some people even staid over night. They either slept on their boats or booked a room in the clubhouse.

One night, Beth, who was there at the time although she didn’t like being there but was happy for her husband’s success, decided to take a dip in the ocean to relax. When she came back out, she noticed the noises again….

She looked to her left and there he was…

The creepy head tilted man and then she let out a loud scream waking up almost everyone. James’ came down and ran to Beth but didn’t know what she was screaming at since there was nothing there. She stopped screaming and started crying.

They went back up to the clubhouse. James’ tried to ask her what she saw but she was too hysterical to control. Eventually, she calmed down and went to sleep. James’ couldn’t sleep that night.

The next day, a few golfers decided to have a long driving contest, one man hit the ball so far that it was near the edge of the island. The people watching went nuts. As James looked on, he decided to set up a tournament.

James himself and Beth would take part and almost everyone on the island signed up. It was an amazing battle throughout the whole tournament as the same man who hit the ball a very long way and Beth went down to the wire.

Beth sunk an unbelievable putt on the 9th hole to win it in stunning fashion but little did the men know before then how great a golfer Beth was. That night there was a big party at the clubhouse in celebration of the completion of the course’s first tournament.

Little did they know that it would be their last tourney as the infamous mist came in, the terrifying noises erupted, next thing they know, on the mountain with them was the tilted head man and a ton of people went scrambling while some men tried to shoot it but no dice which sent them scrambling as well. James took Beth and ran also.

They all went to their boats as the eerie noises started getting louder. The tilted man with no expression was at the end of the island looking on as everyone escaped. Nobody would return to the island.

James would go on to write about the terrifying events in his latest novel “Golf on the Island” and his nightmares he was having, just like Beth’s father experienced. Beth eventually told James what happened when she was a young girl on that night with her father.

Beth would go on to do the foreword of the book thanks to both, her knowledge of golf, and the events she experienced on the island. The book would receive high praise among both the sports and paranormal communities and is still read to this day.

After being abandoned for decades, a man by the name of Mike Snottsman found the island again after hearing stories about it. He decided to open the course back up and create a new clubhouse while the old one was still there, surrounded by plants, grass and spider web.

Paranormal investigators visited the island frequently and sometimes got a quick round of golf in themselves while a lot of people came just for the golf. Some people just visit the island by helicopter although the stairs are still there.

For some strange reason, out of the thousands of people who played the course, there has not been any reported sightings of the tilted man. There have been reports of hauntings, but not him specifically who sent shock waves throughout the world around the turn of the century, thanks to James McBootycheeks’ writing.

Most of the reported hauntings seem to occur in the old clubhouse that James and his partners built. There have been reported sounds, voices and laughter coming from inside the house.

Supposedly it’s the spirits of James, Beth and the several golfers who hung out there. Even one paranormal writer made an astonishing discovery in the house. In the upstairs area of the house, there was a door that was oddly cracked open (Note: all doors were closed and sealed).

The young writer/investigator, 24, went into the room and saw a man sitting at a desk with his back turned and it looked like he was writing. The investigator was trying to take a picture but as soon as he put his camera up, the man at the desk vanished (Note: The investigator was out of sight of the man for at least a second because he was trying to put his camera up).

Amazed, excited and a little scared, the investigator ran out of the clubhouse and ran to the other house where Mike Snottsman was and told him what he saw. Supposedly, it was James’ writing another golf book. It was odd however that his spirit was on the island as he lived his life away from the island after “The Events” occurred.

Some may even wonder if it’s the tilted man, manipulating himself to look kinda like James’. After curious research, the young investigator found out who the infamous tilted man was….

It was an explorer by the name of Carolina Jones who was on top of the mountain on the same island back in the early 1800’s (Between 1800 and 1810 possibly) he placed a flag by the edge of the mountain marking his territory and then he slipped….

He landed hard and ended up breaking his neck. Astonishingly, Carolina, who’s had accidents before (Not quite like this however) was alive until he and his fellow explorers reached civilization to give him some help but sadly, just minutes after getting treated, Carolina passed away.

He was beloved by many people and was considered a great man. However, the terrifying nightmares he gives people when they see him, is his way of showing what he went through.

In the end, Long Drivers Island is still going strong with many people visiting each day for vacation and it remains a fun place for people to tee it high and let it fly. The island was voted by Photojournalism magazine as the 5th most mysterious place in the world and the old clubhouse was voted as the 9th most haunted place in the world by the

Beth’s Lighthouse was selected as a National Historic Landmark although it isn’t American but Beth was a born American and moved the Scotland when she was 12.

The lighthouse is the most photographed part of the course and one of the most photographed architectures in the world and some may even ignore the actual course just to see the lighthouse. 


If you would like to play Long Drivers Island in The Golf Club then simply search “Long Drivers Island” when selecting a course and experience one of the most insane course designs ever.

WARNING: This course could make you uneasy if you get sick easily as there are long drops from the tees.


Feel free to leave a comment on this short story and be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! 

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Review: Nicklaus golf balls are just as Golden as Jack himself

Aren't they beautiful?

Aren’t they beautiful?


Jack Nicklaus has been known to be more than just a golfer. He’s a businessman, golf course designer, and he has clothing items.


One other thing that he does extremely well is design a golf ball. The Nicklaus golf balls are a unique set that includes three kinds based off the tees you hit from (White, blue or black).


Trying the golf balls out, the first thing I notice is the beautiful design. It features the iconic Golden Bear logo within an oval that is colored in based on what ball you choose.


The ball meant for white tees has a white colored oval matching the ball color, the blue balls’ oval is filled with the color blue and the black ball’s oval is filled with the color black making for a unique golfing experience form whichever one of the tees you hit from.


They feel terrific off of the driver head and they feel amazing off the iron club face. I had hit a tee shot on one of the par-3s and I just loved the flight and trajectory of the ball. I wanted to hit it straight and kinda low to beat the wind and that’s exactly what happened.


Considering how hard it was hit, you’d think it’d go fly pass the green but amazingly, the ball rolled but stopped in a near perfect spot setting me up for a birdie (Sadly, I missed the putt. *Sigh*). It sounds very nice off the face as well. Golden Bear quality.


Since I was lucky that no one else was around, I decided to test the ball in other aspects such as hitting from the rough, etc. When in the deep stuff, the ball flies beautifully. If hit right and you’ll be out of the tall grass.


Although these balls are probably best known for their distance, they actually feel really good around the greens. They’re fantastic when in the position for a short flop shot which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful shots in golf.


You flop it, and it’ll stop on a dime, but of course it also depends on what course you play and the speed and hardness of the greens.


The ball also feels very good when putting. It rolls beautifully and you can choose to hit a little harder without the real risk of over hitting the hole.


Even on down hill putts, if you miss, it doesn’t go as far past the hole as you think it would. I hit past the hole on a short putt and thought it was going all the way down the green but nope, left me with a decent second putt.


Another unique feature is that there’s no alignment arrow like on most golf balls. The name “Nicklaus” is the arrow and m=gives you an interesting way to line up and read your putts. It’s quite nice.


Most importantly, when you purchase the Nicklaus golf balls, the money will be donated to both the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation and the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.


This is a very beautiful thing as not only will you get some terrific golf balls, you’ll also be helping a great cause for both of these amazing organizations.


If you feel like you’re ready to get some great golf balls and help an awesome cause, then check out


get yourself a dozen, and get out there and tee it up! Remember to choose the ball that fits where you tee off from whether it’s the white, blue or black tees.


Remember, tee it high and let fly! 


If you already have the Nicklaus golf balls, tell me your best memory playing one. Was it an ace? An amazing putt?

A miraculous recovery shot that landed beautifully on the green? What’s YOUR best memory with the Nicklaus golf balls and how does it make you feel that you helped such a great cause?

Leave your comment below!

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PGA President removed from office for calling out Poulter



PGA President Ted Bishop has been let go by the PGA for his comments on Ian Poulter on Twitter, calling him a “Lil girl”.

It all started when Poulter bashed Nick Faldo in his book ‘No limits” over the way Faldo treated Sergio Garcia during the broadcast of the historic 2008 Ryder Cup in which the Americans won with the dominate performances of Anthony Kim and Boo Weekly who have both long been not seen in any competitive play.

Last time I heard Boo, he was on the radio and of course I was delighted!

Faldo called Garcia “useless” and claimed that he had a “bad attitude” which is no surprise to anybody but Poulter has been a teammate of Garcia’s in a few Ryder Cups.

Bishop’s remarks were considered “sexist” which is what led to his demise. It wasn’t because “Oh, he attacked a player” but rather the “Lil girl” thing.


Ted released a statement in regards to his removal. This, courtesy of


I want to apologize to Ian Poulter and anyone else that I might have offended with my remarks on social media that appeared on October 23, 2014. Particularly, I have great remorse that my comments contained the words “little girl” because I have always been a great advocate for girls and women in golf.

My two children, both girls, have made their careers in golf. I have a 4-year old granddaughter who I hope will someday play the game. In my 37-year career in golf, I have worked with many women to grow the sport and I have been a champion for inclusion and equal rights for women in golf.

However, this is a classic example of poor use of social media on my part and if I had the chance to hit the delete button on the things that I sent out yesterday, I would without hesitation. The PGA of America asked me to avoid any interaction with the media in the past 24 hours and that is why I did not issue a formal and public apology, which I have wanted to do since early this morning.

This afternoon I was asked by my fellow Officers to resign my position as President. I declined because I wanted to speak to our PGA Board of Directors, offer a personal apology and let the due process take place in this matter. The Board heard me out and then voted to impeach me as the 38th President. That is the due process and I respect that, as painful as it might be.

The PGA has also informed me that I will not become the Honorary President nor will I ever be recognized as a Past President in our Association’s history. These, along with the impeachment are drastic consequences for the offense I have committed, but I must live with them. I take great pride in what we were able to accomplish in the last 23 months. Hopefully, we laid the groundwork for a successful future for the PGA of America. Today, all I have left is my PGA membership and that will always mean the world to me.

Ted Bishop, PGA


There are so many angles here. One is that both Poulter and Garcia can be clowns and they’ve shown.


Poulter is very outspoken as we know and Sergio has done his share of bad things although it seems like he’s toned it down a bit but we’ll see moving forward.


The other thing is that Bishop was in a position where he had to be careful about what he said. Calling out another player is probably something a President shouldn’t do as it takes away from your professionalism.


However, I was a bit surprised that he was removed because his words were considered “sexist”. I thought they removed him because he was calling Poulter  a name.


In this case, I think calling it “sexist” is a little overreaction although I know there’s a TON of little girls who can kick a grown man’s butt.


My other point is point out to Faldo which is why this whole thing started to begin with. As a broadcaster, you should never call players things like “useless” or anything like that.


It’s broadcasting 101. You say that, then people will think you’re against that player ever time you open the mics. As a play-by-play or color commentator, it’s not your job to give opinions.


Your job is to describe shots, courses, hole layouts, etc. Analysts and columnists are the ones who are paid to give opinions and even they have to be careful sometimes.


Although I think what Ted said was unprofessional, I don’t think it was bad enough to the point where he should of lost his job. It’s not like he swore at Poulter.


We already know Poulter can seem like a jerk sometimes but leave that to us fans to talk smack. The President shouldn’t be involved and should keep things as professional as possible and not throw into an already burning fire.


The interim Prez will be Derek Sprague.


Well! In other news, here’s a GIF of Ian Poulter falling down after a tough shot:




Leave your thoughts on Ted Bishop’s departure below although I already know what’s coming because I just know.

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PGA President calls Ian Poulter a “Lil girl” on Twitter

Ooohh shots fired! Quick! Man the cannons! We’re steering the ship the other waaay!

President Ted Bishop who is known as one of the more expressive presidents in sports, gave Ian Poulter a slap in the face by calling him a “Lil girl” on Twitter after Poulter’s remarks about Nick Fadlo in his book titled “No Limits”.

Faldo had made some remarks about Sergio Garcia in the 2008 Ryder Cup calling him “useless” and that he has a “bad attitude”.

Poulter said the following in the autobiography:

“It makes me laugh. Faldo is talking about someone being useless at the 2008 Ryder Cup. That’s the Ryder Cup where he was captain. That’s the Ryder Cup where the Europe team suffered a heavy defeat.

“And he was captain. So who’s useless? Faldo might need to have a little look in the mirror. I have always got on great with Faldo in the past and I have a great deal of respect for everything he has achieved but this feels like sour grapes. It feels like a guy who is still bitter that he lost in 2008.Bishop

“Faldo has lost a lot of respect from players because of what he said. There were plenty of things a lot of the players were unhappy with at Valhalla but none of us criticised him. He may find that begins to change now.”

Although the Tweet has been deleted, here’s a screenshot of Ted Bishop’s tweet aimed at Poulter courtesy of Golf Digest:


Look, I know, both Poulter and Garcia can be complete tools and there’s no denying that. Garcia has always been a controversial figure in golf and Poulter is known to say things that tend to anger others. However, as the president of the PGA, you should ALWAYS be professional.

You have to keep those thoughts to yourself. It’s fine what you think about them in your mind but when you have arguably the most important job in golf, you must have a neutral mind about players otherwise people will think you’re favoring other players over each other.

That’s just me. I think it’s best to just shy away from that stuff. Leave that to us fans!

Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments below! Also, you can follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio because I’m weird!

Credit: Golf Digest

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Video: Michelle Wie eats a live squid…again

As we know Michelle Wie is one of golf’s biggest characters and she clearly shows it again with this clip of her eating a live squid. Yup, that’s right, a live squid. This actually isn’t her first time doing so but some people might have forgotten.

Eating live squid is supposed to be a Korean thing much like the type of things you’ll see in several countries including our own. If you don’t get grossed out easily then this is for you.

At least you could look at her face. Although, come on now! Who hasn’t done at least ONE gross thing in their lifetime? You can handle it (Although I would never eat a live squid or live anything for that matter)!

Here you go!

A video posted by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

You’re welcome! Glad I could help!

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Picture: Golf course in China offers $1M for ace.

Getting a hole-in-one in golf is one of the hardest things to accomplish in sports. For some, it’s happened numerous times. Well what if I told you that you could win $1 million just for getting an ace? Sounds easy right?

Wrong. There’s a course in China that would love to give you one mill for an ace however, it’s on one of the toughest holes you’ll ever see. Not only is it a very difficult shot, it’s also one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see in your lifetime. Can you handle the pressure?

Here’s the picture of it:

Whoa, wh-WOAH! So. Flippin. BEAUTIFUL!!

Whoa, wh-WOAH! So. Flippin. BEAUTIFUL!!

So what do you think? Do you think you could pull it off? Maybe get it close? Or would you get distracted by the heights and the beautiful scenery? Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

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Credit: Foursum Golf

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Video: Rapper Caleb C puts out another hit golf song

The little homie, Caleb C is at it again! The young rap star has put out another classic golf song and this one is his biggest to date. It features LoudMouth golf DJ and producer to artists such as rapper Bubba Sparxx, DJ Maximus. Caleb has put together a few golf rap videos which usually showcases him on the course playing as he’s rapping about certain aspects of the game. Another usual scene is Caleb in his studio rocking Beats by Dre headphones and rapping though the mic.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube just a couple of weeks ago, it has already received a whopping 67,444 views and continues to rise.

Here’s the latest video of the young MC, Caleb C:

In my opinion, the coolest thing about the video was the fact that they used footage of golfers from all over the country and the world taking swings and showing off the great game. That’s one of the more unique things you’ll ever see in a music video and they executed it to perfection.

Golf is more than a sport, it’s a community, a family, and when I see footage of all these different golfers from around the world, I think “Man, we floatin’ in the same boat!”. Of course, the boat has to be big enough for all of us and our golf clubs! Our boat would be cool.

It would have putting greens, and driving nets all over. A golf cruise! These guys are helping to bring a cool vibe to golf and that’s what I LOVE to see. I remember going out on the range with Converse shoes and another day wearing some AND 1 basketball sneakers!

I’ll usually wear more proper attire on the course but when I’m off, I put my flat brim hat on backwards, throw on my chain, and head out the door swagged out and that’s what I like about Caleb C because he’s bringing that “cool” factor into golf while still being family friendly and that’s just fantastic.

Shout out to Caleb’s father Justin for kindly sharing the video with me! You can follow Caleb and friends @Ilovegolfvideo on Twitter! They are a great follow!

You can also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio because I’m weird!

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7-year old predicts 2016 US Ryder Cup Roster


So, it’s been 16 days since the Ryder Cup in which the Europeans won again for the eighth time out of 10 events and all of the drama surrounding the U.S. team seems to never go away, or at least other media outlets believe it won’t go away. But on a more fun note, a young man who is 7-years old decided to create his roster for the 2016 Ryder Cup and the list is not too shabby. Michael Hurley, who you can follow on Twitter @mbhurley72, is the father of the kid.

Here’s his son’s roster:

Kevin Na
Jimmy Walker
Bubba Watson
Jordan Spieth
Keegan Bradley
Jim Furyk
Gary Woodland
Billy Horschel
Ryan Moore
Brandt Snedeker
Chris Kirk
Matt Kuchar

I like this roster for the most part and the little dude made some nice choices. However, where’s Rickie Fowler? I’d put him back in the mix. Kevin Na would have been a great choice a few years ago when he was one of the best putters in the world. I love the Gary Woodland pick. Gary is one of most consistent putters on short putts which is very key when you’re in a major tournament like the Ryder Cup. If he gets all of his shots close, then most likely his putts will fall.

I bet a ton of people will agree with the picks of Kirk and Horschel and I do too! Chris Kirk, I feel is the one guy who can give Rory Mcilroy a run for his money and one of the few guys that could make him nervous. Chris arguably has one the best swings on Tour.

Billy Horschel would bring and energy and game that Keegan couldn’t bring. Billy put up some nasty numbers in the FedEx Cup playoffs and could have easily squeaked in on the Ryder Cup team.

I’d definitely bring back Matt Kuchar and I’d most certainly get Brand Snedeker back on the team because although he’s a nice guy, he’s a very tough player. He played through an injury at the Masters and almost won the darn thing for God’s sake! He was also a part of the Medinah team that almost won it so I’d take Brandt in a heartbeat.

Finally, I’d probably get Brendan Todd on the team with is amazing putting.

Overall, the team looks great! Maybe Michael’s son needs to be a next captain? Hmmmm.

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Credit: Golfweek

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Video: This may be the greatest golfer to ever play the game

This might be the best golfer I have ever seen personally. Even better than Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. His name is Brian and he is the master of any and every shot you can think of. Feel free to watch and be enlightened by Brian’s greatness.

Keep your head up Brian! We were all as amazing as you were once! Heck, I could sure use some more practice myself! Never give up, because golf is one of the best sports out there, helps clear your mind and it makes you look cool too!

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Credit: Golf Digest

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Video: Ian Poulter sells his home for $1.3 million

Although Ian Poulter has never been a world number one or won a major, he’s still one of the world’s most popular golfers with over one million followers on Twitter. He also has been known for his fire and passion for Ryder Cup and match play events. Well, the outspoken European is selling his old mansion according to his Twitter handle and he’s looking for a pretty high amount of cheddar cheese.

Here’s his tweet:

Man, I think he’s looking for more than just the cheddar cheese. I think he wants the whole sandwich! Now, if it was a chicken sandwich then I’d definitely throw some hot sauce on it!

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