Europe wins Ryder Cup yet again, why US has bright future

Jimmy Walker and Rickie Fowler

Jimmy Walker and Rickie Fowler

On Sunday, the European squad once again proved why they are the world’s most powerful golf continent. They beat the US squad 16 1/2 to 11 1/2 in what at first looked like it was going to be a back and forward battle but in the end, the Euros pulled away. The singles matches’ battle between Rory Mcilroy and Rickie looked to be one for the ages but it turned out that Rory was too much for Rickie.

Rickie had a great round and still lost by a few holes thanks to Rory’s 64 on the Sunday round. There were other Sunday that looked to be interesting as well. Those being Furyk/Garcia, Spieth/McDowell (Which didn’t disappoint), Reed/Stenson (Also was good), and Kaymer/Watson seemed like it might of had potential but I thought Bubba just wasn’t playing well all weekend.

If it was the Bubba that won two Masters titles then it would have been just as good of a battle as Fowler/Mcilroy and would have been an instant classic. Arguably, the highlight of the day was Kaymer’s hole out to beat Watson and help seal the Cup once again for their eighth title in 10 events.

Matt Kuchar, Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth and Jimmy Walker all shined for the Americans however but it just wasn’t enough. The Euro stars showed up and Gleneagles proved to be a great course layout for the golfers.

Scotland also did a wonderful job of once again proving why it is the “Home of Golf” and was just the perfect fit for the game’s most intense tournament. The crowds were loud and proud as expected.

The Ryder Cup crowds never disappoint and they came out yelling like they were at a soccer match or college football game and the seats were filled with blue/yellow and red/white/blue. To be honest, I didn’t really catch the TV coverage but I did hear it on the radio and I thought their coverage was outstanding.

They had a full golf broadcasting team of all-stars and they did such a great job of reeling me in to the action that was on the course. I know some like to underestimate golf on the radio but it’s one of best coverages you’ll get in sports. Listening to The Masters and the Ryder Cup on the radio is quite a treat.

The roars of the crowds are louder, the broadcasters are much more intense and you can hear the smack of the clubs so well. They did an excellent job of painting the picture of what the players are seeing and feeling. Although the Americans lost, there’s still a lot of things to feel excited about moving forward into the next Ryder Cup.

Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth clearly proved that they’re the young rising stars in American golf, Jimmy Walker just looks to get better and better and a guy like Matt Kuchar is in his prime. The future is bright with all of these talented players coming out of college and the Tour.

Not only that but the old school players are still kickin’ it like Jim Furyk who had an incredible year from a statistical standpoint. If you just went by his numbers, he was by far the best player on that US squad and not a bad player to have at all. He can still dial it in from afar and can hit soft, yet beautiful tee shots that land in the fairway.

Rickie Fowler is the young face of American golf right now. He is to the US what Rory is to Europe and with his unbelievable display at the majors despite not winning, that’s something to feel good about.

Bubba Watson who for a short time looked like he might have been the new face of American golf with his amazing Masters displays the last few years but recently he’s been quiet, at least on the course. He still gets major attention but hasn’t played very well lately unfortunately because Bubba is one of the funnest players to watch on Tour which solidifies his major popularity.

Still a good sign for the Americans regardless because if Bubba can play like he does at The Masters then he’s one of the most dangerous players in the world. I can’t say enough about the kids, Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed.

Both very mature for their ages and just go out their and give it their all. As much as Patrick can get under people’s skin a little bit, he’s not even close to a bad dude. Do you hear anything bad about him off the course? Nope. He’s always cool to the media, gives intelligent answers and just goes out their and plays golf.

He also has a bit of fire to him as well which is awesome. Jordan, we already know he’s a good dude. Although kinda quiet, he goes out their and rips you to shreds. He kinda has the attitude of a young Jason Dufner. Cool, calm and collected, for the most part.

Fowler, Reed and Spieth are America’s big three young guns and I feel Fowler is the perfect leader of the three because he is one of the classiest guys in all of golf and handles himself so well. He’s also just a fun guy to talk to as well.

I see Rickie as like an older brother to Reed and Spieth (Although Reed is only a year younger) because of the experience Rickie has already gained. He just finished his second Ryder Cup already and it wouldn’t shock anybody if he was selected again in 2016. Who knows, by that time, he’ll probably have a couple of majors under his belt.

Matt Kuchar just keeps getting better and has an incredible attitude on the course. He doesn’t let things faze him, he puts a smile on and keeps going and then he kicks your butt. If there’s anybody who’s an inspiration when it comes to his attitude, it’s a guy like Kuch and a guy like Zach Johnson who some consider “THE nicest guy in all of golf” and both play very well. Once Zach is in the zone, his clubs turn into lazers as accurate as he can be.

Jimmy Walker who has had a couple of very solid years is definitely in his prime plus he has the experience to go along with it. J-Walk can be one of those rare all-around players when he’s zoned in out on the course. Can’t expect anything less from Jimmy in the coming years, look to see him win some more.

Keegan is Keegan. He’s been somewhat quiet but as young as he is, don’t be surprised to see him join the young studs like Spieth, Reed, and Fowler. Heck, Keegan is the only one of the four to have won a major so far (Won the PGA Championship as a ROOKIE)! So, there’s no doubt Keegan will be fine.

Can’t forget about guys like the always entertaining Billy Horschel who a lot and I mean A LOT of people thought should have been selected to the Ryder Cup team but he’s a guy who I feel can be a monster for the Americans in future Ryder Cups.

Chris Kirk, who arguably has one of the most beautiful looking golf swings in the world is also a guy to look out for. He literally took down the world’s best in Rory Mcilroy in the FedEx Cup playoffs and that alone speaks volumes. His swing is so pure that it seems like he could nail every fairway and green. I think the world may start getting used to Chris Kirk’s name pretty soon.

Gary Woodland is another guys who’s played pretty well lately and is a machine on those critical close putts. If he can hit his greens and gets them close, he’ll beat you nine times out of 10.

Overall, the Americans have a lot of positives to look at going into the future. The Ryder Cup team in a couple of years could be one of the best we may see in long, long time. If you’re an American golf fan, you should be very excited about what’s coming because we’re in a time where the young stars are rising while some of the veterans are still in their prime and this is a time we should definitely cherish.

Raise your golf flags America!

Team USA. Lookin'....tough...  Credit:

Team USA. Lookin’….tough…


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Video: Patrick Reed shushes Euro crowd at Ryder Cup

Ooooh, a little boldness from young buck, none other than “Mr. Top 5” himself, Patrick Reed! After sinking a key putt against the always dangerosu Henrik Stenson, Pat decided to shut the European crowd up by giving them the “shushing” gesture. He was one of the players who was extremely fired up and pumped and it ended up paying off as he defeated the Swede in the Singles matches on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s the video of Reed shutting the crowd up courtesy of

Despite Pat Reed’s Horschel/Bradley like energy, the rest of the U.S. squad just couldn’t get it together. Reed, Jordan Spieth, Matt Kucher, and Jimmy Walker proved to be the bright spots for the Americans all weekend.

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Video: Walking through the Ryder Cup tunnel looks like this

Ever wondered what it feels like to walk through the tunnel that leads to first tee at a Ryder Cup? Well, Nicolas Colsaerts, one of golf’s most powerful hitters off, gave us a glance of what that feeling is like through his camera. To tell you the truth, I felt nervous and I wasn’t even there! Nicolas is there as a fan as we know he isn’t participating. Here’s his Instagram video of what it’s like to walk through the tunnel.

That’s just flippin’ awesome! If you’re a fan, would going through the Ryder Cup tunnel be a dream of yours? Maybe, going through it and teeing up on the first hole? I know I’d love it! It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Colsaerts on a Ryder Cup team sometime down the road, especially with the power that he has!

Leave your thoughts on Nicolas’ first person experience of making “The Walk” through the tunnel. Would butterflies’ wings start flappin’? Or would it be no big deal? Especially on the opposing team’s soil where you’ll probably hear more jeers than cheers.

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Ryder Cup Prediction: And the winner is……



Other than Phil and Tiger, arguably the two most popular golfers in the world , Rory and Bubba will battle it out.

Other than Phil and Tiger, arguably the two most popular golfers in the world , Rory and Bubba will battle it out.



The Ryder Cup is now literally hours away and I thought it was only fitting to give my pick before the round. I have a good feeling that this could be a classic Cup as a lot of returning veterans are coming back with their teams while some rookies make their debuts.

Scotland is the PERFECT location for the Ryder Cup and Gleneagles is a great course to have it. The holes will definitely test the players as there are a mix of elevated greens and decent sized bunkers.

The course also features gorgeous sights of lush greenlands and water on certain holes. The Jack Nicklaus design is just an all-around perfect host course. Designed by arguably the greatest golfer to ever play the game and is located in the home of golf.

Now that the introduction is over, here are some key things to look out for both team Europe and team USA.

Team EuropeA team that is full of stars with newly named PGA Player of the Year Rory Mcilroy leading the load. Expect Rory to do what he does best, dominate. He’ll hit massive tee shots and strike the ball well from the fairways.

While most eyes will be on Rory, don’t sleep on The Players and U.S. Open champion Martin Kaymer who proved at the U.S. Open how dangerous he can really be. The hottest club in his bag could be his putter this week as he can light it up on the greens while also hitting good approach shots.

Henrik Stenson is one of the most accurate players in the world when he’s on top of his game. Another massive weapon for the Euros as Henrik can practically destroy you and a course with his iron game. He may be the most accurate iron player on this squad and he may have just as an important role as Rory as Henrik is both in his prime and well experienced.

Sergio Garcia, who has had a solid year, is also a talented Ryder Cup player. Although there’s a lot of people who dislike the guy, he can play well in Ryder Cups.

He, like Kaymer, can attack you with the flat stick but is an absolute monster when it comes to recovery situations. Now how can I write thoughts about Team Europe without mentioning Ian Poulter?

Although he ended up being a Captain’s Pick, he very well may be the most dangerous player in the entire tournament on either side. If he gets going, he’s very tough to beat. He’s had a very quiet season but you can bet that he’ll turn into a whole other golfer once the Cup starts.

When he’s hot, his ability to hit recovery shots and his putter are his two biggest weapons. Overall, the European team is a star-studded roster and is one of the best rosters we’ve seen in a long time. Expect the Euros to once again give the US squad a run for their money.

Team USAThe mixed up USA squad of veterans and young guns look to try to pull the upset against the dangerous Europeans. 2-time Masters champion Bubba Watson carries the load of the Americans as he looks to use his unbelievable driving ability to outhit the Euros off the tee.

If he’s hitting his fairways then that’s where he’s extremely hard to beat. He’s been very good at getting Greens in Regulation this year and can take advantage if he hits his tee shots straight.

If he’s doing that, then it’s almost game over for his opposition. Jimmy Walker has quietly emerged as one of the game’s best players as he takes part in his first Ryder Cup.

What makes Jimmy such an important player is that he ranks in the top 20 in two major categories, those being Driving Distance and Strokes Gained (Putting). He doesn’t bomb it quite like Bubba does but get just enough on it to wow the fans while also keeping it in the fairway.

Despite being a rookie, Jimmy has a ton of experience and he’s without a doubt the second or third most important player on the team. If he’s in “Jimmy Focus” mode, then look out.

Rickie Fowler is an obvious factor here. After his historic performance at all four majors this year, Rickie looks to cap off his impressive season with a Ryder Cup victory. His Scrambling has been terrific as he’s ranked 17th in that category this year.

He’s also solid off the tee and can putt the lights out when he’s on. He’ll be a key player on the team to watch.

Zach Johnson, who may be one of the most accurate hitters off the tee in golf has constantly ranked in the top 10 in driving accuracy throughout his career. He can also be a monster on par-3’s and can get the ball close to the pin at will. He also brings great leadership qualities.

Another accuracy machine who’s even more dead on than Zach is Jimmy Furyk. Jim has had a monster season in terms of his stats, finishing first in Scrambling, fourth in Driving Accuracy, and 12th in Greens in Regulation.

He famously isn’t known for his power off the tee and he’s been quiet on the putting greens but as accurate as he can be, he can easily set himself up for easy putts.

Jim can give anybody on team Europe a good fight and might be the best player on the US squad.

Quick mentions:

Europe Stephen Gallacher will make his return home in Scotland and that will most definitely give him boost and make him a very tough test for the Americans.

USA Matt Kuchar is a solid putter and has improved his accuracy off the tee. Also is solid out of bunkers.

Both of these teams are solid and I think it’ll be a great tournament, but I think the winner will be… USA. A little biased? Possibly, but I feel that the US team is too deep.

Europe has the star power but the US team just features so much talent that I think that it’ll be too much for team Europe. However, Bubba Watson needs to play well because he is without a doubt the most important player on the team.

As I mentioned, Jim Furyk I believe is the best player on the team, but Bubba is the most important because of what he can do and the momentum he can give the US squad. Phil Mickelson will play an important leadership role as well but won’t be as much of a factor as some of the guys I mentioned, he won’t have to be but he very well can be.

The Americans are full of control players or players that have deadeye accuracy including the mentioned Zach Johnson and Jim Furyk. Rickie Fowelr can hit fairways and greens very well when he’s on while Matt Kuchar and Hunter Mahan are also very solid with their accuracy.

Power is important and fun to watch but having great accuracy is extremely important and team USA is loaded with straight shooters. Combine these straight shooters with the power of Bubba, Phil and Jimmy Walker…..and the hyper, energetic ball of electricity that is Keegan Bradley who can heat up quick.

That’s depth.

I know the Euro fans are laughing now but I honestly think team USA will be bringing home the Cup this year. I’m not doing point spreads but I’ll say that it will obviously be a VERY close match.

Get ready! Going to be hot down in Scotland (And no, I’m just talking about the girls)!



Leave your thoughts on who YOU think will win the Ryder Cup! You can also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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Photo: Dustin Johnson’s girl Paulina is pregnant

Yes, seriously, she is prego. With the Ryder Cup just a couple of days away, Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky announce that they are expecting a child. This after Dustin took a leave of absence for a cocaine issue he has been dealing with.

Even before that, Golf Digest was taking heat for the cover they had that featured Gretzky on the cover since she’s not a pro golfer making it look as if she’s just eye candy. Yet, Michelle Wie was featured on the latest cover so all is good on that.

Despite all of these things, the young couple has something to kinda feel happy and chill about. It’s very cool to see as I personally believe that this will just make these two a lot more mature with how they approach life. No guarantees, but bringing a child to the world is a very powerful thing.

Here’s the pic from Paulina’s Instagram.

So congrats to those two and hopefully we’ll see DJ back out on the course again! Bubba’s feeling lonely!


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Credit: New York Daily News

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Exclusive Interview: Kenny Perry talks contest, Ryder Cup

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with 14-time PGA Tour winner and Champions Tour Player of the Year Kenny Perry, who has a very sweet sweepstakes going on right now. Kenny talked about the Tempur-Pedic golf sweepstakes which includes a trip to Mexico, $15,000 in cash money, a Tempur-Pedic mattress and great golf.

He also talked about this year’s Ryder Cup and his experience in his first Ryder Cup. Kenny also mentioned what he would tell Ryder Cup rookies Jimmy Walker, Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed.

I was in the studio to record it. So, here is my exclusive interview with PGA Tour legend, Kenny Perry.

If you would like to enter the sweepstakes, then visit for your chance to win! A lucky winner will have a chance to go the OHL Classic PGA Tour tournament in Playa de Carmen, Mexico in November. Now what better way to break away from the cold weather than a trip to Mexico?

The winner will also stay at the player hotel and gets a chance to play on the Pro-Am there as well so be sure to wipe the dust off your clubs and practice your swing! This is the experience of a lifetime so be sure to enter!

This also gives you a chance to experience some of the very wonderful golf courses in Mexico as well. Hey, and with the Tempur-Pedic mattress, you will most definitely get some great sleep and that is very important when you’re trying to get up in the morning to play a round of golf. We all should be used to odd sleeping positions!

Kenny believes that the Europeans will pull off the victory in this year’s Ryder Cup especially since they’re on their home soil. Remember, Kenny played in the 2004 Ryder Cup which got whooped by the Euros and played on the historic 2008 team that won it and brought the Cup back to the States. So, he’s been on both ends of a Ryder Cup team so if anybody knows anything about this amazing event, it’s definitely Kenny!

I likely won’t make my pick until a couple of days prior. That my friends is a tease! Keep an eye out on my Twitter page!

Leave your thoughts on Kenny in the comments below! Truly a great guy and I’m sure you have some memories you may want to share! Be sure to follow me on Twitter as well @ChiGolfRadio!

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Picture: Rickie Fowler reps U.S. squad with cool haircut

What better way to represent your team at the Ruder Cup then by getting a haircut that spells “U.S.A.”? Well, Rickie is never one who has shies away from doing something fun and silly. Showing off his American pride, he got a haircut on the side of his head that spelled out “USA” so he’s clearly ready to rep the red, white and blue at the Ryder Cup!

Here’s the pic and tweet:

The barbers are all like "This guy!"

The barbers are all like “This guy!”

Well, I guess the thing is, nobody will really notice out on the course since he’ll be rocking a hat. If he wears his trademark flat brimmed hat, then it may be more visible. Keep it real Slick Rick!

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Review: Volvik golf balls add more than color to your bag

The Super colorful Crystal balls

The Super colorful Crystal balls

Volvik has been known for there colorful golf balls and have been a ball of choice for several professional golfers including former Masters champion Craig Stadler and Tim Petrovic. When Volvik balls first came out, it raised some eyebrows and have been successful ever since with some of their golf balls making Golf Digest’s legendary “Hot List”. I had the opportunity to check out Volvik’s golf balls and I was very impressed with the feel of each of them. Here’s my thoughts on each of Volvik’s balls.

DS77 – The DS77, although mostly known for its ability to go long off the tee, is actually a fantastic ball for those always interesting chip shots. While in the rough, I hit a chip shot that nearly rolled into the hole and the ball rolled and stopped beautifully, right where I wanted it. I was left a short putt to finish out the hole nicely and it was a huge thanks to the DS77’s ability to land and roll softly on the green. On a bunker shot, the ball rolled passed the green but that just might have been a bad shot or the green was playing fast. Overall a great ball.

The Vista iV – Volvik’s iV golf ball may be the fanciest looking golf balls around (Even the box is fancy). Once again, Volvik proved to be terrific in the short game category which is extremely important. I caught myself hitting a beautiful pitch shot that barely made the green and this was from the rough. The way the ball rolls on putts is gorgeous and it felt great off of my 7-iron. This baby won’t disappoint.

The Vista iS – The iS proved to be a great ball for those tricky punch shots. In some trouble, I was able to punch the ball out from under a tree and the ball landed beautifully on the green. Still having a long putt ahead of me, I read the green, adjusted my stance, hit the putt, and the ball nearly dropped in the cup. This ball rolls beautifully on the greens and off the tee, the power is solid, especially with irons. This ball is almost the whole package.

Crystal – These beauties are just as the name says. “Crystals”. They feel great off the tee, solid out of the rough and are great when in a pitch shot situation. The Crystal, much like the other balls, are terrific around the greens. I had hit a chip shot that could have kept rolling but it stopped in a solid spot. I aimed a little more to the right, it’s very possible that the ball could have rolled into the cup. These balls really are “Crystals”.

Overall, all of these Volvik golf balls will not disappoint you. They play like your traditional golf balls and also are quite distinctive, especially the ones that are colorful. You’ll play better golf and you won’t have to worry about losing your balls either! These are without a doubt a win win in your golf bag!

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Pictures: Lexi Thompson shows off her modeling skills

OK, I know you like Lexi Thompson both for her game and looks. The 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship winner shows off her modeling skills with these photos below. You don’t see Lexi model too much but when she does, she does not disappoint. If I’m a female, I’d be like “Man, these dudes think I’m hot enough for a photo shoot and I get paid for it? Count me in!” Here ya go. Don’t look too hard.


What are you doing? Wake up, you’re dreaming, get back to work! Or go back to sleep, whatever works.

I’m sure y’all are like this:


Or like this:

Drool Rainbows HD

Until you realize….


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Credit: Yahoo Sports

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Nicklaus Design to join forces with Perfect Parallel golf video game

Jack (Middle) discussing the layout for a course.

Jack (Middle) discussing the layout for a course.

Jack Nicklaus’ golf course designing company simply titled “Nicklaus Design” has teamed up with video game company Perfect Parallel to utilize the game’s “Course Forge” software for their real life designs. This is a revolution in the golf course design business as utilizing the software makes course designing much more simpler for Nicklaus Designs.

With Perfect Parallel’s Course Forge, it’s as simple as drawing the fairways, greens and bunkers and can really make a golf course come to life. The fact that Nicklaus Designs will be using PP’s Course Forge is a huge attraction for the golf gamers.

It’s a big deal because this powerful Course Forge software will gain the trust from gamers if they know that Nicklaus Design will use it for their real life courses. Major announcement for golf course designers, golf business people and golfers alike. The future of arguably the most important aspect of the sport is right in front of us and it’s quite beautiful.

As I’ve mentioned, players of the game can take advantage of this powerful software as well, just like Nicklaus Designs.

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Here’s the press release on Perfect Parallel’s website about the Nicklaus Course Designer:


September 16, 2014

U.S.-based video game developer and golf visualization company Perfect Parallel has announced a new strategic initiative with Nicklaus Design, the world leader in golf course design and the global firm founded by golf icon Jack Nicklaus, to adapt three-dimensional (3-D) modeling techniques developed in the gaming and entertainment world to the world of professional golf course design.

Nicklaus Design has adopted Perfect Parallel’s software suite as its official 3-D course design engine, and will be the only golf course design firm with that capability. Nicklaus Design is integrating these tools with its T2Green CAD system to create virtual working models of its golf course designs, which can be viewed in three dimensions and actually played with a golf simulator during the design and construction process.

Although Nicklaus Design has been an industry leader since the late 1980s in the use of CAD systems to design golf courses, adding the Perfect Parallel engine will dramatically enhance the process by generating prototype course designs in a very realistic 3-D environment. These models will give Nicklaus Design and the client the ability to exchange realistic and detailed visual information during the design and permitting process and aid contractors in interpreting the final design during the construction process.

The Perfect Parallel team comes with a global reputation in 3-D modeling and simulation for entertainment uses, including Broadcast TV, sports visualization and simulation, and electronic gaming. Perfect Parallel will drive the joint initiative with Nicklaus Design by licensing the use of its software tools to develop and visualize its golf course designs.

“Forming this relationship was an important strategic decision for our design company, and we became interested in Perfect Parallel based on the realism and accuracy of the cutting-edge golf course models they have been able to produce for broadcast TV and video game products,” said John Reese, CEO for the Nicklaus Companies. “As Nicklaus Design extends its golf course design business to geographical areas farther from home, where the traditional design and construction process is not as well understood, and where technology plays a very important role in local cultures and economies, the ability to demonstrate its reputation for quality with the latest professional-grade visualization software has become critical. In Perfect Parallel, we have found a company that understands the direction golf and technology are heading, and we are confident that the 3-D models we produce will provide graphic evidence of the technical and artistic superiority of our design work.”

Nicklaus Design has created more than 380 courses open for play in 38 countries and 39 U.S states. No fewer than 110 Nicklaus Design courses have hosted a combined total of over 770 professional tournaments or significant national amateur championships. Close to 100 Nicklaus Design courses have appeared in various national and international Top-100 lists.

“We are proud of our position globally, and, in fact, we are currently working projects in 18 different countries,” said Nicklaus Design President Jack Nicklaus II. “The universal language of visual communication allows us to reach across geographical, language and cultural differences and engage our clients in the design process. Our partnership with Perfect Parallel gives us access to tools that will revolutionize our communications by allowing everyone to visualize our designs in a realistic format as they take shape, whether at our design studio in Florida or in a client’s office half a world away.”

Perfect Parallel President and COO Andrew Jones is excited by the mutual benefits and potential of the new agreement reached with Nicklaus Design.

“Prior to the opportunity to work with Nicklaus Design, Perfect Parallel had never looked for a strategic corporate relationship or endorsement deal for our software,” Jones said. “Our focus was licensing our core software suite to end users in the golf entertainment and media industries; however, it became clear early on in our discussions that a broader strategic relationship with Nicklaus Design will help expand our offerings and client base. There is no doubt in my mind that Perfect Parallel and all of its products will benefit from our association with Nicklaus Design, as we collaborate on developing technology and software for golf that integrates real world data with our virtual environments.”

About Perfect Parallel Inc.
Perfect Parallel is a software company specializing in virtual sports gaming, broadcast television, marketing and simulation. All of Perfect Parallel’s software products–including Terrain ForgeTM, Course ForgeTM, Broadcast Suite, and Perfect Golf–incorporate fully geo-referenced spatial data that enables the integration of real world data into their virtual environments. As the consumer and commercial markets surrounding broadcasting, gaming and mobile continue to battle for user time, Perfect Parallel is leading the push to integrate these three platforms into a single experience that will bring the user closer to the action and more integrated into it. The future of sports simulation is not just in making the experience more realistic, it is in making the user an integrated part of it and allowing users to compete against the professionals that are on television at their gaming console, PC or mobile device.

Perfect Parallel Inc. is incorporated in Florida, with office locations in Buffalo, NY; Washington, DC; and Manchester, England. For more information on Perfect Parallel’s visualization services visit http://www.perfectpa…m/visualization or contact them via email at

About the Nicklaus Companies
The Nicklaus Companies is dedicated to promoting excellence in the game of golf, preserving its great traditions and growing the game. For nearly 50 years, the mission of the Nicklaus Companies has been to enhance the golf experience, and to bring to the national and international consumer, golf-related businesses and services that mirror the high standards established in the career and life of Jack Nicklaus. In 2007, Jack Nicklaus partnered with Howard Milstein to help further the growth of the company and to realize the full potential of the brands and branded businesses. Howard Milstein is Chairman of New York Private Bank & Trust and is actively involved in the Nicklaus Companies serving as Co-Chairman along with Jack.

Products and services include golf-course design, development of golf and real estate communities, and the marketing and licensing of golf products and services. Nicklaus-branded products have been marketed worldwide since 1962. The Jack Nicklaus and Golden Bear-branded lifestyle collection of products include: restaurants; beverages; wine; home appliances; flooring; cabinets; apparel; footwear; and golf equipment.

For more information on the Nicklaus Companies, please visit



Nicklaus Companies
Scott Tolley
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Tel: 561-227-0300

Perfect Parallel
Andrew Jones
President and Chief Operating Officer

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