Tiger Woods is Now Working With a New Video Game Company


Several months ago, EA Sports let the biggest name on their label go when Tiger Woods was released from the company. Now EA will resume making golf games as EA Sports PGA Tour will be making its debut in the spring of 2015.

Judging by the game’s trailer, Ian Poulter could very well be the new face of the game (Although Rory Mcilroy is usually in the game so I don’t see why he couldn’t be the face). Zynga, the popular mobile gaming company has signed a deal with Tiger to create a mobile style golf game according to USA Today.

The partnership between Zynga and Tiger is a multiyear deal in which the game will launch in 2015.

“We perceive him to be the most iconic athlete in the world,” says Zynga CEO Don Mattrick according to USA Today. “When he’s participating and competing, everyone watches and pays attention.”

It’ll be interesting to see how well Tiger and Zynga work together on this game. To be honest though, as a huge golf game fan, I was hoping Tiger would have signed with 2K Sports so 2K could FINALLY make a golf game.

That would been a whole lot of fun! For all of us that game, we would be sleeping with three golf games by our side. Those games being EA PGA Tour, The Golf Club and 2K golf but instead, no 2K golf and we have to sleep next our phones…with the game on.

Although The Golf Club looks to be digital only so would have to either put your laptop next to you or your PS4/Xbox One controller. This is a solid move for Tiger though because there are a lot of people that are on the go and want to get their golf fix on the road.

Plus, it would also be a great price because mobile games are pretty darn affordable instead of dishing out to typical $60 for a console based game. At the same time, it was a terrific opportunity for the most well-known athlete in the world to go up to 2K Sports who make fantastic basketball games and say “Hey, I’m interested in making a golf game with you guys”.

Would have made the golf game community go crazy as it would go from a two game race (EA PGA and The Golf Club) to a three game race. Something never truly seen before in the golf game industry but you never know, maybe Tiger will shock us down the road.

For now, this may be a nice consolation prize. Now if only the game comes out for the Windows 8 store, that would be a great for all of the laptop users out there!

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