Rory Mcilroy Wins The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool, Why He’s Back, Why it’s Great for Golf


Hee’s Baaack! Rory Mcilroy wins his third major title at The Open Championship and is now just a Masters title away from completing the career grand slam. Check out the footage below.

And check out this selfie! Biggest. Selfie. EVER!

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Rory also ejected this stupid heckler that kept coughing on his backswings to distract him:

This win couldn’t have come to a more classy guy than Rory Mcilroy. He never gets into trouble off the course, he never gets angered on the course, he just goes out there and tries his best. The end result for his positive behavior? True focus and what happens when you’re focused? You win majors. I also strongly believe that breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki was one of his smartest moves, not that Caroline is a bad person but that there was wedding talk and all kinds of other stuff and it interfered with Rory mentally considering how young he is. That’s tough, especially when your girl is a superstar athlete herself and you have to attend her matches all the time. This gave Rory a chance to stay focused. Yes, he’s dating Nadia Forde, a model, but if anything, he JUST started dating her so I doubt it’s affecting him now and hopefully it doesn’t and that his confidence is right where it needs to be.

Some of y’all probably think I’m crazy, but the man was laying eggs more than a barn full of chickens when he was with Caroline. Now that he got all of that stuff off of his back, he can go back to being Rory. With Rory, winning another major, with him being the Rory of a couple of years ago, golf is in an excellent position now. Rory, Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, Jason Dufner, Patrick Reed, Jimmy Walker, etc all are terrific talents and are bringing the game back on the rise and Rory is the centerpiece of it all. When Rory’s on his game, he’s the face of the PGA Tour.

Before Tiger fans start telling me he’s still the true face of golf, please start actually watching golf when he’s not in the field instead of walking away and coming back when he is. I love you guys but I’m just being real. Heck, Tiger himself may say Rory is the new face of the PGA Tour. Him or possibly Bubba. It’s fair to say because other than Tiger and Phil, Rory and Bubba are arguably the two most popular players on Tour (Even though Ian Poulter has almost as many Twitter followers as Rory believe it or not). Bubba won two Masters in three years and Rory just won his third major so there’s no question about this.

All in all, a terrific win for Rory and his father is now nearly a quarter of million dollars richer. Rory is young, his a great role model, and he’s an all-around player. He’s what golf needs right now. He’s already one of the game’s greats and he’s just getting started. He gets a Green Jacket, and the man’s a legend, and I have no doubts that he’ll get it before 30. He could have easily had a Masters title but as we know, he famously collapsed in the final round a few years ago. We could have been talking about Rory completing the career grand slam right now but that one obstacle is still in the way and that’s not letting his Masters collapse haunt him.

Bubba Watson may even be an obstacle as he’s owned Augusta National the last couple of years and it’s built perfectly for his long driving abilities plus Bubba is a better recovery player than Rory which has helped Bubba well. Despite these things, there’s no doubt that Rory will complete the career slam and what better way to do that than to win a Masters championship? Congrats Rors!

One thing however, that Ian Poulter can do that Rory, Tiger, Phil and Bubba can’t do is hit tee shots over battleships!

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Great article Colin!  It is encouraging to watch someone as young  as Rory handle himself with such grace.  It's easy to root for young men like him.


No one in the History of golf can hit a driver or long iron like Rory! Well, Jack could! But definitely

no one else!And before all of the Tiger fans jump on this, Tiger wasn't even the longest hitter on tour when He was in His prime! T he Wozniacki thing and ill fated equipment change made Him doubt His own ability for a while, but He has it together now. If He wins the P.GA. championship, I think he will get more Majors than Tiger! 

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