REPORT: Phil Mickelson Under Federal Investigation For Insider Trading Case


According to NBC News, Phil Mickelson, billionaire activist-investor Carl Icahn and Las Vegas gambler Billy Walters are under investigation for illegal insider trading. There were suspicions of possible trades happening in Clorox Co as well as Dean Co. U.S. authorities have been on top of insider trading for a few years and this is the latest story to appear. Mickelson and Walters play golf together and Walters, who’s a well-known and successful bettor befriended Icahn through a mutual connection and so now the three are all friends. Although there were possible trades through Dean Co, the main investigation is centered around their connection with Clorox Co.

The Dean Co investigation is mostly around Mickelson and Walters. Phil as we know is one of the highest profiled players in professional golf and maybe even sports all together while Icahn is one of the highest profiled investors in the world making a fortune off the stock market. Icahn piled up a 9.1 percent stake in Clorox in 2011 and in July, he made an offer for the company that valued it at more than $10 billion and sent its stock soaring through the roof. There have been no word from Mickelson and Walters as of yet according to NBC News but Icahn did speak on the situation.

“We do not know of any investigation,” he said according to Yahoo Sports. “We are always very careful to observe all legal requirements in all of our activities.”

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WATCH: Bryan Brothers Hit Some Insane Trick Shots

Rising YouTube stars, the “Bryan Brothers” are golf trick shot machines and they perform some of the best golf stunts you’ll see. They’re on their way to 1,000 subscribers and there’s no doubt that number will grow and will get more people to start searching for golf more on YouTube. Below is the video, but watch out for the greatness, it loves new viewers….you were warned…

What did I tell you? Wait WHAT! The greatness got you, didn’t it? Are you alright? Of course you are now get on up! There are a lot of great trick shot artists in golf and I remember talking to Dan Boever a while back and got his autograph and he’s one of the best out there and he’s a RE/MAX Long Drive Champion as well. It shows how much fun golf is because there are so many things to it now whether it’s trick shot artists, long drive championships, college golf, high school golf and even the rise of sports like footgolf and disc golf. Golf is straight up kicking butt!

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WATCH: Jason Dufner Hits One of The Best Shots of The Year

Jason Dufner hit an impressive 100 yard eagle shot at the Memorial and was nearly slam dunked but was a tad too far and backspinned into the cup. The Duf even cracked a smile!

The Duf continues to amaze us in many ways doesn’t he? Dude’s clearly an accuracy machine when he’s on top of his game and it showed in the video. Really, who’s more accurate than him besides Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson? Not really anybody, you can make an argument for Boo Weekly who’s also terrific but he’s been almost invisible lately. Could Duf possibly seek some revenge this week after losing in a playoff to Adam Scott last week at Colonial?


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WATCH: Alabama Wins National Championship on Spectacular Putt

See, this is why I love college golf. The drama on each hole and team aspect of the sport. Alabama defeated Oklahoma State on Wednesday for its second straight NCAA Men’s Golf title after beating Illinois last year. The last time a team won back-to-back titles was the dangerous Augusta State Jaguars (Now the Georgia Regents Jaguars) who defeated Oklahoma State in 2010 and Georgia in 2011. This putt by Trey Mullinax of Alabama sealed the deal and it was an amazing one that was just off the green. Here’s the video courtesy of’s College Central.

Golf Channel did a great job with the coverage and this really helps grow the sport and shows how much fun college golf is to watch and Alabama is already on their way to becoming a college golf dynasty with three straight title appearances and two wins defeating a dangerous Illinois squad and beating an experienced Oklahoma State team. Can’t wait for next year’s NCAA Men’s Golf Championship! College golf is on the rise, there’s no doubt about it.

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Tiger Woods to Miss Second U.S. Open in Six Years, What’s The Future of Golf?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods will miss his second U.S. Open in six years according to Yahoo Sports. Woods has been battling injuries and the chance of winning a few more major titles are all but out the window with the only hope of at least winning another one in the closest distance than winning the multiple. The U.S. Open will be at the legendary Pinehurst No.2 course where the World Golf Hall of Fame once stood. This was not as much of a shock as the Masters withdrawal since he’s always been a lock to play in the Masters. He’s missed U.S. Opens before plus he was still unsure when he would get back out there to play so this really isn’t a surprise.

”Unfortunately, I won’t be there because I’m not yet physically able to play competitive golf,” Woods said. ”I’d like to convey my regrets to the USGA leadership, the volunteers and the fans that I won’t be at Pinehurst. The U.S. Open is very important to me, and I know it’s going to be a great week.” Woods said according to Yahoo Sports.

Woods has won the U.S. Open three times and missed the British Open and PGA Championship in 2008 while missing the U.S. Open and British Open in 2011. Ironically, his last major victory came at the U.S. Open in 2008 which was one for the ages as Rocco Mediate gave Tiger the biggest test of his life.

It’s unfortunate to see any player get injured like that but there’s a lot of people pressing the Mayday button on golf because the sport’s biggest star isn’t around. We have to realize that the game isn’t about just one player. Yes, I’m sure everyone has a favorite player but if you appreciate great golf from the talent we have today, you wouldn’t think about it and just wish Tiger a speedy recovery and continue to follow the sport anyway and not abandon ship. To me, if you only follow golf because of one guy then you’re not a golf fan. Some say the game will die without Tiger. Yeah, sure it will. That’s why the sport’s been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years with tournament play starting in the late 1800’s.

Golf is going to be fine with or without Tiger. We’ve seen a timeline of terrific golfers from Bobby Jones to Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus to Tiger and Phil Mickelson now so what makes us think that we won’t see another great player emerge? Right now, the biggest stars in golf right now might have to be Rory Mcilroy and Bubba Watson with guys like Jimmy Walker and the young talents of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed on the rise not to mention Adam Scott and Henrik Stenson have been playing some of their best golf in their careers. I also feel that the LPGA Tour is getting better and better and college golf is making a push thanks to Golf Channel’s Men’s Championship coverage (Alabama defeated Oklahoma State for back-to-back titles) so golf is going to fine, I just think people got so spoiled from Tiger and Phil that we overlook some of the other great talent that is out there. The ratings? The only people who weren’t watching were casual fans because there is absolutely no way a real golf fan would miss the Masters or the U.S. Opener the Ryder Cup because of no Tiger or Phil.

I’ll be honest, when Anthony Kim was a rising star, I was a HUGE fan. Now he’s been nowhere to be seen for a while with his last big performance being at the British Open in 2011 where he finished tied for 5th. I still love following golf despite his absence because I appreciate ever player that tees it up in the greatest sport in the world and I hope people realize that. Golf is going to be fine and the fact that we still have Tiger and Phil for a while is a plus but we need to understand the sport is in good hands for the future. The only thing I hope is that the game gets more diverse because it would be so cool to see a lot of different cultures come together to celebrate this fantastic game. Yes, there are a diverse amount of fans and journalists but not much with the players so that would be amazing to see because that means the sport will get stronger and stronger and THAT’S what we want to see. Keep your heads up golf fans, this sport is going to be A-OK and even better than that.

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WATCH: Rick Reilly Rips Tiger Woods About Being “Cheap”

Rick Reilly is one of the most legendary, wealthiest and successful sportswriters  and he’s also been critical as well and he did just that about Tiger Woods’ bad tipping. He was on Conan to talk about it.


“I’ve covered [Michael Jordan] his whole career, but I don’t think he can hold a candle to Tiger Woods. You need a court order to get Tiger’s wallet open. It’s unbelievable. He’s always like, ‘I don’t carry cash.’ I know a valet here in town that stands between Tiger and his car just to get his $2. He’s really terrible. I’ve seen Phil Mickelson buy a 50-cent cup of a lemonade from a little girl and give her $100. When he leaves the Masters each year, he gives the guys $2,500. Tiger gives them nothing. I was with Phil once, and it was raining. He sees a homeless guy, and he gets out, parks his car and gets out his umbrella to give to the guy. Tiger would charge the guy!”


play the video at 3:53 to hear the thought.

Someone with Tiger’s money should be tipping and this isn’t a new thing as Tiger was known for being kind of cheap when he wouldn’t let his then wife Elin Nordegren leave a tip at a restaurant a few years back. Who wouldn’t leave a tip with that kind of money?


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WATCH: An 8-Year Old Lucy Li Destroys Rapid Fire Driving Drill

11 Year Old Lucy Li became the youngest player to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open last week and the story has went nuts and for good reason. The kid is GOOD. Need more poof? Well, below is a video of her destroying Jim McLean’s rapid fire driving drill with ease. Oh, did I mention she was only 8 when she did this? Sure, some may say “WELL, IT WAS ONLY LIKE THREE YEARS AGO!” but 8 is still 8. You’d be surprised how things change and how your mind grows after three years. 8 to 11 is a big difference. It’s amazing how parents train their kids to golf so well ever since the emergence of current golf superstars like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory Mcilroy, etc. She’s already on her way to stardom on the golf circuit if she performs well at the U.S. Women’s Open. If not, then she’ll still be on the future watch and could definitely make a name for herself in the coming years. Let the video speak for itself. Enjoy greatness my friends.

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Credit: CBS Sports

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PHOTO: Jessica Korda Looks Like a Straight Up Awesome Nerd in This Pic After Win


The Airbus LPGA Claasic was a dog fight and the top of the leaderboard was filled with winners including Michelle Wie, Lexi Thompson and Anna Nordqvist who had the lead but eventually lost to the winner, Jessica Korda who felt right at home as the tournament took place in Mobile, Alabama and she hails from Florida making that south side connection. She decided to have a little fun and get her nerd on in this Instagram picture.

I think she looks awesome with the glasses on. She was definitely awesome out on the course that’s for sure. Them southern girls don’t be playin’ son! They go HARD! Congrats on the win Jessica!

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WATCH: Jimmy Walker Hits a Bird With His Tee Shot at Colonial

Can you say “Deadeye”? Jimmy Walker, one of the top golfers on the planet right now hit an iron tee shot at the Crowne Plaza Invitational that hit a bird bouncing off of it and landing in the fairway. Thankfully, the bird wasn’t hurt. Jimmy who has won three times in 2013 and 2014 combined (Twice in 2014) is a strong candidate to be the leader of the U.S. Ryder Cup team with only 2014 Masters champion Bubba Watson ahead of him in the standings. Here’s the video of the ball hitting the bird.

And here’s his tweet after seeing the video:

Let’s just say Jimmy got himself a “birdie” shall we? We can also say that he’s been “DYNO-MITE!” this week too!

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WATCH: Bubba Watson Hits Probably The Greatest Putt in Mini-Golf History

I….I can’t…..I can’t put this into words! Two time Masters champion Bubba Watson played a hole on a mini-golf course backwards and nails it. His buddies go wild and so does he and he made it look so easy that it almost didn’t seem real. Check this out for yourselves and don’t forget to subscribe to the GP Golf Report and share this jaw dropping masterpiece of golf skill with your friends!

Yeah, I can do that too Watson!…..On the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 mini golf game!

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