8 Reasons Why Augusta National is the Greatest Venue in All of Sports

A painting of the gorgeous and iconic 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club

A painting of the gorgeous and iconic 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Club

With The Masters this week, its time for golf’s greatest tradition. What makes The Masters so amazing is the golf course and that course is none other than the world-famous Augusta National Golf Club. The place is unlike any other place in sports and in my opinion, it’s the greatest venue in all of sports and here are some reasons why.

1: The Atmosphere – What makes Augusta so amazing is the looks of it. So many people dream of going to The Masters to experience Augusta and all of it’s beauty. Jay Coffin of Golf Channel once told during an interview on my radio show that it’s like going to Disney World. He’s right but it might even be better. The flowers and tall trees make our jaws drop as if we’re in some kind of fantasy dream. Augusta National used to be home to a nursery which why there were so many beautiful flowers and the flowery tradition still goes strong today. Even the road that goes up to the clubhouse is a treat as Magnolia Lane as been an Augusta National icon for decades and was created many years before the course was built when it was still a nursery.

2: The Rich History – Although Augusta National came on the golf scene a little later than legendary courses like Pebble Beach and Pine Valley, the history still runs so deep as if it’s been around before those courses with Augusta being built 21 years after Pine Valley (Established in 1913) and 15 years after Pebble (Established in 1919). What’s help made the history so rich is how the course stood out from the others and how it hosted what now is one of the biggest sporting events in the world which is The Masters. The legendary Green Jacket ceremony as well as all of the great players that have played and won there also contributes to this history. Bobby Jones and Dr. Allister McKenzie stepped on the former nursery and decided to make a golf course, the rest is history.

3: The Location – Georgia is one of the most legendary states in the country with a rich history. It was only fitting to have a course with beautiful tall trees and flowers in a location with usually warm weather. Having the course and the tournament in Augusta, Georgia has really helped put the historic town on the map.

4: The Weather – I know it’s Georgia but all states have their bad days with weather. For some reason, when The Masters comes around, the weather is always perfect or nearly perfect. Even when it’s a cloudy day, the course looks gorgeous. It seems like it has some kind of magic to it with the way the weather is at Augusta National. It’s always a perfect day at The Masters.

5: The Crowd – I believe that the crowd at The Masters is one of the most under rated crowds in sports. Every incredible play and every dramatic putt will get that crowd roaring like dinosaurs. If you’re on hole 9 and someone hits an amazing shot on 10, then you better believe you’ll hear them roar in the distance and on Sunday, it’s one of the loudest venues in all of sports.

6: Amen Corner – Amen Corner is arguably the best group of holes in golf. It features the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes. The name “Amen Corner” was created by legendary golf writer Herbert Warren Wind and has since become famous all around the world. These three magnificent holes have drawn as much and maybe even more attention then the course itself and has inspired many with their artistic beauty and continue to amaze us. Back in the 1934, holes 11, 12 and 13 were holes 2, 3 and 4.

7: Hole 12 or “Golden Bell” – Hole 12 as I mentioned is part of Amen Corner but it’s probably by far the most famous hole on the course. It’s also widely regarded as the best par-3 hole in the world with some considering TPC Sawgrass’ world famous 17th hole or Pine Valley’s 3rd hole as the best. Although the holes mentioned are gorgeous and challenging, the look and challenge of the 12th at Augusta is unreal. The way the tall beautiful trees and flowers are tucked in the corner with Hogan’s Bridge and Rae’s Creek showing themselves in the image as well. It’s the only famous hole where hitting a shot in the bunker is OK because otherwise it’s going in Rae’s Creek. Just an unbelievable hole.

8: The Masters – Well, this one is as obvious as a pool full of water. The Masters has matched perfectly with Augusta National to create one of the finest sporting events in the world. All the great fans, players, caddies, employees, writers and broadcasters that left their marks on the hollowed grounds during The Masters and has been a dream for a lot of people for years to attend the tournament. The Green Jacket ceremony i one of the best traditions in sports and despite some people saying that the jackets look ugly, I think they look freakin’ great. The Masters has brought people from all over the world to experience this haven on earth of a golf course with its sights, great competition, the great southern style food, the historic clubhouse and now the new practice facility (Built in 2010) is a beautiful addition to this masterpiece of a course. There is absolutely nothing at Augusta National that isn’t iconic and this year’s Masters should be a blast. 11-time National Sportswriter of the Year Rick Reilly named The Masters in 2009 as the best sporting event to attend live.

“Hello friends, and welcome to The Masters.” – Jim Nantz

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