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WATCH: Fans Support Kevin Na for His Slow Play With Awesome T-Shirts

Kevin Na

OK, Kevin Na infamously plays slow and people bitch about it. I like Kevin Na, I think he’s a good player and is usually a very dangerous putter. I understand that you should play faster but I wouldn’t open my big mouth about it like some players do. Golf gets more complaints about things then any other sport and I’d be surprised if there’s a sport that challenges that and the latest complaint about Kevin’s slow play is an example of that. I’d say let the officials tell him he’s going slow. You, as the player need to shut up and hit the your shot. If the officials don’t notice that then there needs to be better officiating. These fans showed support for the slower playing Na as they rocked shirts that said “Kevin Na, worth the wait”. Pretty cool to show support for one of the best putters in all of golf.

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WATCH: This Game Has Better Golf Than Any Tiger Woods Game

Sports Champions 2, the popular PlayStation Move game for the PlayStation 3 has been out for two years now and has six fun filled sports which includes tennis, skiing, bowling, boxing, archery (Archery was also in Sports Champions 1) and non other than the best sport EVARR!! That sport would be golf! Yes golf made its presence known its sticks and balls and made sure it stood out in the game and well, it didn’t disappoint. I’ll tell you first hand that the golf game in Sports Champions 2 from a gameplay standpoint is the best golf experience since Tiger Woods 2004 or the old Links games. Hopefully The Golf Club will become the best but only time will tell but right now, the golf game within a game that’s in another game surrounded by other games is currently the best and smoothest by far in terms of gameplay. John Daly’s golf game was excellent with the Move controller but was so blah.

Anyway’s here’s a video of me playing the game (And not doing so well). If you enjoy the video and if you or a friend enjoys gaming then please like and share the video and subscribe to the channel!

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Tiger Woods Has Bulging Disk, Could This be The End of an Era?


For the second time in his career, Tiger Woods has a bluging disk according to legendary golf writer Jeff Rude of GolfWeek. Fortunately for Woods, he will not need surgery and the Masters is not out of the question according to someone with knowledge of the injury. Woods had already withdrew from the Arnold Palmer invitational after suffering back spasms. Now he has a bulging disk once again. The last time he had a bulging disk, popular golf reporter Win Mcmurry accidentally said “bulging d*ck” instead of “bulging disk” which led to many people saying things like “Ohh, she wants the D!” while some were impressed that she kept going but she is one of the best so it wasn’t a surprise that she handled it like a pro.

Although Rude says that someone with knowledge of the injury had said that it could have been worse, it still adds to the numerous injuries he’s had. Rude also mentions that Woods had said that the knee which had been surgically repaired four times s much different from the back issues. He mentions that Woods said that he feels the back pain during the swing and the knee pain after the swing.

With his knee still bothering him and now back problems although he doesn’t need surgery, it makes you kind of wonder, are we close to the end of an era? His ultra glory days have been gone but he did win five tournaments last year. Is the success of the second half of his career coming to end as well? He’ll win tournaments before 50 but will we see him win multiple tournaments in a year again? Only time will tell but if you’re having knee problems and back problems at the young age of 38 then that’s usually not a good sign. His youth is what’s going to help him at best. Despite his golf injuries, he’s a healthy young dude but withdrawing from two tournaments in the young PGA Tour season when you’re the best golfer in the world is not a good thing for several reasons.

Will he even be able to play the Masters this year? This is the one thing that many people have been wondering and has been a hot topic of choice. The Masters will be fantastic with or without Woods with so much young talent and returning veterans on the course but The Masters is where Woods name stands out the most. It was where he won his very first major back in 1997, he hit one of the best shots in golf history there in 2005. The Masters is where he left the biggest impact. Let’s hope that he recovers from the bulging disk but it’s pretty clear to say that we’ve probably seen the last of a great era in the sport of golf.

Good thing for Tiger fans is, he’ll be on the PGA Tour for at least another 12 to 13 years before joining the Champions Tour and he’ll still have a huge impact on the sport even if he never wins another tournament which is highly unlikely. The great thing for the sport is that there is so much young talent coming up and great golfers coming out of top college golf programs like Alabama, California, Illinois, and Oklahoma State. Plus, remember, the Tour still has Rory Mcilroy. Although he’s had some problems as of late, he’s still very young so he has time to turn it around. Let’s see what happens with Tiger and the other players as Masters week is nearly in our reach.

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WATCH: Rickie Fowler Performs a Sweet Backlfip Off of Bubba Watson’s Deck


The video speaks for itself but Rickie Fowler showcased that he can do more than hit golf balls. Apparently he can do all of kinds of flippity flippy flips. Or well at least one. A backflip off of 2012 Masters champion and a close friend of Rickie’s, Bubba Watson’s deck. Of course Bubba gave Rickie a “you’re welcome!” at the end. Enjoy the video courtesy of SB Nation!

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WATCH: Probably the Greatest Trick Shots You’ll Ever See and Yes There’s Golf in it

These guys are quite impressive aren’t they? You can say they had a lot of ‘balls’ to perform these trick shots. Litterally. They used a soccer ball, tennis ball, darts, basketball and yes, even a golf ball and the golf shot was arguably the toughest trick of them all as it was the one trick they went the most crazy for. Please kick back, relax and enjoy this amazing video of this “March Madness”! Are they real? You decide!

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Tiger Woods Withdraws From Arnold Palmer Invitational With Back Spasms


More bad news for the world’s best golfer. Tiger woods withdrew from the Arnold Palmer Invitational due to issues in his back according to Fox Sports. He withdrew after 13 holes.

“I personally called Arnold today to tell him that, sadly, I won’t be able to play in his tournament this year,” Woods said on his website according to FOX Sports.

This is around the same time Jason Day also withdrew from the tournament after a thumb injury. This leaves us with many questions. Will he ever catch Jack Nicklaus? Will he even one another major? With the Masters just three weeks away, will he be healthy enough to play at Augusta?

“It’s too early to know about the Masters, and I will continue to be evaluable and work closely with my doctors,” Woods said according to FOX. “I feel badly that I won’t be able to play in this great tournament this week.”

If he does play in the Masters this year then I honestly don’t think he has a chance. He already withdrew once from the Honda Classic and now he withdrew from a tournament that he won eight times as a pro. That’s a big problem since it’s a tournament that he’s so familiar with. I honestly feel that the sunset will be setting for Tiger sometime. He’ll still win tournaments but I don’t know if I believe he’ll win another major and I don’t think he’ll catch Jack. He already left a magnificent legacy though because as soon as he hits 40, he’ll be in the hall of fame in a heartbeat.

Now, some people may say I’m a “Tiger hater” because I don’t think he’ll catch Jack but let’s be honest. True golf fans don’t call people “Tiger haters” or “Rory haters”, etc. True golf fans will give you a legit reason why Tiger may or may not win another major or catch Jack’s record. So to all of you real golf fans out there, you’re all amazing and I love you. My main reason why he might not win another major is simply because of the injuries he’s had plus he’s not the dominant figure he was back in the day. The same goes for any athlete in that situation. It’s not Tiger’s fault, it’s just kind of bad timing. The only thing we can really do is see how well he recovers and see if he’ll be able to play in this year’s Masters. Best of luck to both Tiger and Jason on their recoveries.

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LISTEN: Liz Dickson AGREED to do the ‘Tee in Butt’ Stunt

I know this story is getting old but thanks to TMZ, there’s always something piling on. Apparently, Dickson agreed to do the ‘tee in butt’ stunt which she’s suing Playboy for after the stunt bruised her butt. So basically, she’s full of crap since she agreed to do it. Below is the audio that was taking place while everything was going on at the Playboy golf tournament and it was actually kind of funny. Enjoy! Go ahead, laugh at the humiliation!

Again, shout out to TMZ for the audio!

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PHOTO: Jason Dufner Takes Awesome Selfie With His Dog

I know, I know, you guys are like “Why is this a story?!”. Well, it’s not. It’a s picture. People take selfies with dogs all the time but this selfie Jason Dufner took with his dog Prince Louie is pretty awesome. Both Duf and Louie look like straight up badasses and there’s even a mysterious hand on Louie’s chest. You’d hope it’s his wife’s hand but who knows although why in the world would you cheat on one of the hottest wives in all of sports? Anyway, all kidding aside, this is a pretty cool picture. Just saying!

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WATCH: Tom Watson Nails a Behind the Back Chip Shot

Like legendary Bulls announcer Stacy King says. “Big time players, make big time plays!”. That’s exactly what Tom Watson did at the Toshiba Classic tournament. He was in a tough spot being tight right next to a tree so he really had no choice but to attempt a one handed behind the back chip shot and see, this is what makes golf more challenging than most sports because you have to hit your shot no matter where it lands and this is just another example of that leaving Tom with a very difficult shot. The shot seems like it gets in the hole but I really couldn’t tell because on of the caddies was in the way but telling by the cheering, and the way the camera stopped on a dime, it must have fallen. Here’s the video courtesy of the Toshiba Classic. Nice shot Uncle Tom!

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Kendra Wilkinson on Liz Dickson: “It’s Her Own Fault”

More things continue to pile on for the incident that included playboy model Liz Dickson and radio host Kevin Klein hitting a golf ball off of her butt. Fellow Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson commented on the stunt and the funny thing was that she didn’t even know who Liz Dickson was. Here’s her comments on Liz Dickson’s now famous “Booty Shot”. Shout out to TMZ for the vid.

And in case you missed it, below is the video of he stunt itself also courtesy of TMZ.

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