A Video Tribute to Dr.Martin Luther King From the Back 9 Network and a GP Tribute to One of the Greatest Figures of All-Time

Martin Luther King. The father of the Civil Rights movement. A man who nearly single handily helped change the country during one of the worst times in our American history. Although his real name was Michael King, his father changed his name to Martin Luther in honor if the German reformer of the same name. He was an incredible example of how to lead by example without using violence which sadly so many people had resorted to over the years as their way of solving problems. Dr King led the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) where he and his conference members had non violent protests in the south which led to national TV coverage which showed the horrible police response to the movement which to me was still one of the worst things in American history where these innocent people who were standing up for what was right got beaten and how can we forget one of the greatest pictures in our world’s history as shown below? Not for how “great” it is but what the message it sent. This obviously was the legendary photo where the police showered movement members with gallons upon gallons of water as if they were wild animals and not human beings. Remember, in this picture, these our students joining hands on that horrible day.Again, one of the most important and famous images in the world. A bone chilling image to this day.

Civil 2

Here’s another image of that horrific day and this one may have been seen more than others. Again, a message of what these people had to go through and for what? Because some very stupid people want to judge others by the color of their skin.

Civil 3

Of course, we can’t forget one of the greatest moments in American history and a true highlight of Dr.King’s legendary career and legacy. The March on Washington. After days upon days of protests in the south which eventually made it out to Chicago, Dr. King was finally able to reach the one place where many s consider the heart of this country. The nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. where Dr.King delivered one of the most unbelievable speeches to this day. The world-famous “I have a dream” speech. And think about this. He was a very young man when he performed this incredible speech. Only 34 years old. That’s right, 34. Just 5 years out of his 20’s. Dr.King already had a terrific legacy at a young age and the March on Washington helped fulfilled it to its peak in order to bring justice and equality for all. A famous image of that glorious day below. Another one of the greatest images of our history as you see Dr.King, a huge crowd of over 200,000 and the iconic Washington monument in the distance as if it’s a shadow of what our country was at that time and what it became after Dr.King’s powerful movement.


Here’s another great picture of a young King with Rosa Parks after her famous act on a bus in 1955 where she wasn’t allowed to sit in the front of the bus because she was black but sat there anyway leading to her arrest. Some people will crack small jokes about Rosa’s situation and be like”What’s the big deal?”. The big deal is that people were SO idiotic back then that they would arrest a young woman just because she was sitting in front of a bus because of her skin color and that was unacceptable and mind-boggling stupid and it should have NEVER been an issue to begin with. Irene Morgan and Sarah Louise Keys performed similar acts in 1944 and 1955 respectively.

So let this be a day we remember of a time where there was segregation in our great country and that there wasn’t any equality and how a young man with a dream was able to single handily change an entire nation forever and let this be a day that we celebrate one of the greatest figures who ever lived and I think his wonderful dream was fulfilled. Happy Martin Luther King day all. Enjoy the video below that the fine folks at the Back 9 Network put together which throws a bit of history and a sprinkle of golf goodness along with some great pictures and quotes below the video.





king 3


Happy Dr. Martin Luther King day from the GP Golf Report!

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King day from the GP Golf Report!

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