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Meet Fay and Jim Heddes!

Meet Fay and Jim Geddes!

Over the years, golf has seen some of the most amazing feats in all of sports. We’ve seen tons of hole outs, aces, very long putts, and records being broken that make our jaws drop to the floor and our tongues rolling out like red carpets. When I wrote the story about James Hahn and Joost Luiten both hitting double eagles in the same round, a kind gentleman by the name of Jim sent me an email about one of the greatest golf feats in terms shot and circumstances. He and his wife Fay both hit hole in ones on the same day, at the same course and in the same foursome. Yup, you heard me right. It’s already hard just getting one hole in one in a round even if you had 10 golfers with you during a round. Hole outs are much more common (Even I had one if you believe that!) and although they’re still exciting shots, an ace is one of the hardest and one of the greatest plays in all of sports. The holy grail of golf shots. Every one wants one in their life, heck I’d get excited and giddy getting a hole in one in mini golf! What these guys did is amazing and rare and I really thank him for sending out the email. You can view his message below!

“A friend told me there was a report that a man and wife, while golfing together, both had holes-in one during their round. On August 25th, 2012, while playing together in a foursome, I had a hole-in-one on the 4th hole, a 148 yard par 3 ( this was my 5th Hole in One, in 65 years of playing golf.) A while later, on the par 3, 14th hole, my wife, Fay, had a Hole-in-One, her first in 18+ years of golf. Fay’s ace was witnessed not only by the other members of our foursome, but by our Assistant Pro, Travis Long, who had come out to congratulate me.”

“Our course is Anthem Country Club in Henderson, NV. We were told that odds of this happening were 25 million to one! We querried the USGA, the World Golf Hall of Fame, Guinness, the PGA, but were told no one had ever heard of this before, and had no records of it.”

Jim Geddes
Anthem Country Club
Henderson, Nevada

Big thanks again to Jim for sharing this amazing story!

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