Tiger Woods Makes Over $1 Billion Over His Career, Why it Will Go Down as One of the All-Time Great Milestones

Tiger Woods

Man, can you say “Dolla Dolla Bill Y’allll”? Tiger Woods sure can after he earned well over $1 billion over his long 18 year career according to Golf Digest and Yahoo Sports. The world’s no.1 golfer made a whopping $83 million in 2013 after he had a five win season which led to several Player of the Year awards with Adam Scott being the only other player winning a Player of the Year award. Woods was followed by Phil Mickelson ($52 million in 2013), Arnold Palmer ($40 million), Jack Nicklaus ($26 million), Henrik Stenson ($19 million) and Rory Mcilroy ($18 million despite his 2013 struggles). This is really quite the accomplishment considering how young he still is. He’s only 38 and has made more money than many athletes and celebrities make in a lifetime. He also now has the highest net worth for any current or retired athlete making him the richest athlete of all-time surpassing Arnold Palmer whose net worth is over $600 million. Now, check this out, according to Yahoo Sports, wait, hold on, you ready for this? 88 percent of Tiger’s $1.3 billion came off of endorsements.

Although we all knew that he was getting more paper from ads and endorsements than his play, I don’t think we knew it was a whole 88 percent of the earnings. After being off his game the last few previous years and he’s still trying to get back to form, it’s still good being Tiger Woods today. He’s a $1.3 billion man, he has a new girl, he’s the no.1 player in the world again and now, he’s only two years away from being eligible for the hall of fame which he’ll obviously get in as soon as he hits 40. Now, here’s why I think this will go down as one of the greatest milestones in sports history (Note: This is coming from a non Tiger Woods fan). Like I’ve mentioned above, he’s the richest athlete of all-time and by far the youngest to reach such a mark. Also, golf’s a money sport, a lot of things are based around cash flow, heck money’s even a stat in this sport and Woods is definitely taking advantage of that stat both on and off the course.

So, due to the significance of money in golf, Woods is doing the sport proud although the majority of his cash is coming off of endorsements. He’s still made plenty of money on Tour and the $83 million he made this year is no exception despite not winning a major like many had expected. Let’s if having all of this extra money will get to his head this season. I know, I know, he’s been loaded with riches for a long time but not THIS rich so we’ll see how it all goes for Mr. Woods. What would y’all do with all of that money? I’d hope you’d give a lot of that money to charities and children in need!

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