PHOTOS: LPGA Tour star Blair O’Neal has some awesome pictures taken that will surely catch your attention

Now, you may be asking, why am I posting these pictures? Well, because LPGA star Blair O’Neal was voted as Golf Digest’s hottest female golfer (Ryo Ishikawa won on the male side in case you were wondering). O’Neal beat out another hot LPGA pro in Beatriz Recari by a landslide. O’Neal beat out a list of female golfers that included Sandra Gal, Cheyenne Woods, Michelle Wie, Belen Mozo, Sharmila Nicollet and Maria Balikoeva. Now, there are many beautiful women that I think should have been on here (Amanda Balionis of, you know who you are!). Some people suggested Win Mcmurray and Holly Sonders which are great choices but Amanda Balionis gets my vote every time even if she isn’t on these brackets but it’s saying “Hottest golfer” so it can’t be a journalist unfortunately which is why the women I mentioned weren’t qualified. I will however say that from the bracket that I would have DEFINITELY voted for Sharmila Nicollet because she is absolutely stunning and I’m surprised she didn’t get further in the voting. Haters gonna hate on a chick! ALL of y’all should be ASHAMED of yourselves for not voting a woman as gorgeous as Sharmila! All kidding aside, she’s still a babe no doubt. Anyway, here are the pictures that Golf Digest posted of winner Blair O’Neal and congrats to Blair on the WIN!

Also, if you haven’t seen Amanda Balionis (Who I’ve mentioned a few times), then here’s a picture of her below along with Sharmila Nicollet who I personally thought should have won the contest (No disrespect to the other contestants of course.)

Amanda Balionis who not only is very beautiful but is also a very talented reporter.

Amanda Balionis who not only is very beautiful but is also a very talented reporter.

Sharmila Nicollet The LPGA pro who I thought should have won Golf Digest's hottest golfer contest.

Sharmila Nicollet The LPGA pro who I thought should have won Golf Digest’s hottest golfer contest.

Man, with all of these pictures of LPGA pros and female golf reporters, maybe I need have a section called “Awesome women of golf” or “Golf Babes”! Ladies, us men that love golf thank you for all you do in this great sport!

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