PHOTOS: What do you think of these pictures of Amanda Dufner and Michelle Wie?

What’s up GP readers? It’s time to play “WHICH GOLF CHICK LOOKS BETTER?”! OK, no it’s not but Golf Digest posted a couple of pics of the popular wife of PGA Tour star Jason Dufner (Or the Almighty Duff!) and the always popular Michelle Wie. The picture below is of Michelle rocking the Nike swag wearing the snapback and the tank top and what appears to be cheetah pants as well. Girl, check you out! Ballin out and everything! Keep that swag up, I can dig that! Ladies, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ROCK SNAPBACKS!

This next picture of Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda who all of the dudes drool over is rocking a pretty cool and unique “hippie style” outfit while even having my “dawg” (See, what I did there?) Prince Louie in her hands. So, it’s a nice blend of hippie chick and rich girl walking down the street with her nose in the air. Mrs. Dufner, you keep it real girl!

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Cleveland Sports 360
Cleveland Sports 360

Wie should spend more time on her golf game and less time taking pictures. She hasn't lived up to the hype....

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