Report: Tiger Woods caught in another potential penalty….but nobody noticed, is Tiger a legit cheater?

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Uh Oh, more Tiger troubles are brewing. First, Woods was told when he was asked to break down his own girlfriend’s (Lindsey Vonn) skiing technique, he rudely said “hell no” according to fellow Yardbarker site Sportress of Blogitude which could rub Lindsey the wrong way and now he might be in trouble for yet another penalty but this time there might actually be a lot of blame on him. On Saturday, during a commercial break of NBC’s coverage of the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge, his ball on the 13th green was apparently moved to a different spot from where it was before the break. Golf pro and NBC broadcaster, Notah Begay III noticed the situation and explained it.

“Tiger was walking around reading his putt, had already set it down. It was sitting there for quite some time, and, as he stooped in behind it, the ball kind of tipped over, so I think they need to figure out whether he needs to replace it or play it from where it lies.” Begay said according to Yahoo! Sports.

Studio announcer Roger Maltbie quickly shot back: “I believe the question is if he’s done nothing to cause it to move” according to Yahoo! Sports.

Since the World Challenge is practically an exhibition tournament, there weren’t that many cameras available in NBC’s arsenal not to mention the commercial break came up which interfered a bit. Either way, it looks like Tiger could expect more criticism and opinions from writers all over for this incident. The only thing I think that can save him is the fact that again this was only an exhibition at best and not a major or a big tournament like The Players Championship or BMW Championship. At the same time it is his tournament so that’ll give many writers something to talk about. It’s very interesting though. Makes you wonder if he moved the ball or not. The key question I think would be is was there any breeze in the air that could have possibly moved the ball? If not, then I have a feeling that Tiger might have moved it.

If he did in fact move it then he won’t be able to whine about this one as people will probably pound him for it except for the Tiger heads. One thing I learned from being a big sports fan rooting for a favorite team or golfer is that you should always think with your head and not with your heart if you want to be taken seriously. What I mean by that is to the die-hard Tiger Woods fans, be honest with your opinion on this if you think he moved the ball or not, don’t just go straight into defense mode. Being honest is thinking with your head. You can say he didn’t move it but just don’t say because he’s Tiger and you want to defend him. I know it’s tough but I know you can do it! Just take a deep breath and exhale! Myself, I’m not sure, I’ll let it play out and feel free to join me in doing so friends.

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