PHOTO: Rory Mcilroy and Caroline Wozniacki were at Beyonce concert

Well well, looks the young couple of Rory Mcilroy and tennis superstar Carolin Wozniacki were at a Beyonce concert recently and it seems like they had some fun. I’m not a big concert person but I’m sure it was nice seeing Jay-Z’s legendary hip hop diva girlfriend doing her thing especially since she’s known to be quite the talented dancer. Chris Brown is the only other person that some people think can dance as good as “Be”. Chris Brown sure wasn’t really dancing I’m sure when he put out that hot song “Look at me Now” which included Busta Rhymes and others (Busta went hard in that song) which was a more slow-paced song. I’m sure you’ll see the athletic couple go to more concerts like those as time goes on especially Rory who’s a big hip hop fan. Even my guy Jim Furyk’s a hip hop guy! Can you believe that?

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Colin GP Mieczkowski

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