Jason Dufner Sends Hilarious Tweet to Tiger Woods, Woods’ Response and Dufner’s Reply is Priceless

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Jason Dufner was honored at one of Auburn's games earlier this season.

Jason Dufner was honored at one of Auburn’s games earlier this season.

Well, the Almighty Duff is at it again as he sent a tweet to Tiger Woods that might not bid as well with the world number one golfer. As we know, Duff is a HUGE Auburn fan (Shame on you Mr. Duff! ROLL TIDE! Defending college football AND golf champions! Nick Saben’s a jerk though which sucks…) and I’m sure he would like nothing better to do than go to the SEC championship game between Auburn and Missouri. So now the 11th ranked golfer in the world sent a tweet to Tiger Woods in regards to his event, the World Challenge. Here’s the almighty Duff’s almighty tweet:

Probably the best thing to come out of this tweet is that Duff refers to Tiger as “Mr.Woods” and what did “Mr. Woods” do? Only reply “Petition denied”. Aw come on Tiger, you know you’d watch your precious Stanford Cardinal in the Pac-10 championship if you had the opportunity! Even Pat Perez who’s an Arizona State fan decided to join the party.

Duff’s response after the denied Tiger reply though? Absolutely classic.

Duff, you are one of the coolest, if not THE coolest guy on the PGA Tour. Very well-played sir! If he used one of those bags then it’ll be like those commercials where people are watching football everywhere they go. I can imagine him watching the game while playing golf, if Auburn made a bad play then he’d probably play great because some people perform at things better when they’re playing in frustration. One thing I thought that was cool that he did was speak the Auburn football team during one of the practices and it was really cool how all of the players were respectful and were listening very closely to everything that he was saying and that was very awesome and Duff’s a good speaker too! Below is the video of his words of encouragement for the Auburn Tigers.

Thanks to the Auburn Tigers YouTube page and USA Today for posting the video! Meanwhile I must brace myself for the for the Mac Championship between Northern Illinois and Bowling Green because if NIU wins then they look like they’ll be going to the Fiesta Bowl! Golf and college football, the perfect combination!

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