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PHOTOS: Rory Mcilroy engages to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki

Well, we sure have been seeing a lot of engages and marriages lately! First, Paula Creamer (Noooo!!), then Natalie Gulbis and now the Rorster, Rory Mcilroy wanted to jump on board the engagement cruise line. Rory took to Twitter to announce his engagement with his soon to be wife tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki according to our sister site TMZ. Of course she said yes! He also mentioned on Twitter that he’s looking to have a great season in 2014. Rory had arguably his worst season as a pro in 2013 but he looks to look in rear view mirror and shake off the blah season and get back to the major winning threat that he was. It’ll be really fun to see how he fares in 2014 because he’s talented in every aspect of the game and if you got him, Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Jordan Speith, Jason Dufner, Steve Stricker and Henrik Stenson who was playing out of his mind in 2013, then you got one heck of a group there not to mention the many other great players. Should be exciting and congrats to Rory Caroline for their engagement! Wish nothing but the best going forward! Happy New Year y’all! Stay safe and keep it real!

PHOTOS: LPGA Tour star Blair O’Neal has some awesome pictures taken that will surely catch your attention

Now, you may be asking, why am I posting these pictures? Well, because LPGA star Blair O’Neal was voted as Golf Digest’s hottest female golfer (Ryo Ishikawa won on the male side in case you were wondering). O’Neal beat out another hot LPGA pro in Beatriz Recari by a landslide. O’Neal beat out a list of female golfers that included Sandra Gal, Cheyenne Woods, Michelle Wie, Belen Mozo, Sharmila Nicollet and Maria Balikoeva. Now, there are many beautiful women that I think should have been on here (Amanda Balionis of, you know who you are!). Some people suggested Win Mcmurray and Holly Sonders which are great choices but Amanda Balionis gets my vote every time even if she isn’t on these brackets but it’s saying “Hottest golfer” so it can’t be a journalist unfortunately which is why the women I mentioned weren’t qualified. I will however say that from the bracket that I would have DEFINITELY voted for Sharmila Nicollet because she is absolutely stunning and I’m surprised she didn’t get further in the voting. Haters gonna hate on a chick! ALL of y’all should be ASHAMED of yourselves for not voting a woman as gorgeous as Sharmila! All kidding aside, she’s still a babe no doubt. Anyway, here are the pictures that Golf Digest posted of winner Blair O’Neal and congrats to Blair on the WIN!

Also, if you haven’t seen Amanda Balionis (Who I’ve mentioned a few times), then here’s a picture of her below along with Sharmila Nicollet who I personally thought should have won the contest (No disrespect to the other contestants of course.)

Amanda Balionis who not only is very beautiful but is also a very talented reporter.

Amanda Balionis who not only is very beautiful but is also a very talented reporter.

Sharmila Nicollet The LPGA pro who I thought should have won Golf Digest's hottest golfer contest.

Sharmila Nicollet The LPGA pro who I thought should have won Golf Digest’s hottest golfer contest.

Man, with all of these pictures of LPGA pros and female golf reporters, maybe I need have a section called “Awesome women of golf” or “Golf Babes”! Ladies, us men that love golf thank you for all you do in this great sport!

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Does sleep apnea make you a better golfer?

Study shows that golfers' performance on the course improve big time once they are cured for sleep apnea. Tim Thelan (pictured) doesn't have apnea but is a competitive in senior tournaments.  Credit: New York Times

Study shows that golfers’ performance on the course improve big time once they are cured for sleep apnea. Tim Thelan (pictured) doesn’t have apnea but is a competitive in senior tournaments. Credit: New York Times

A cure for sleep apnea that is. According to the New York Times, a treatment called the CPAP that’s helped cure people with sleep apnea helped improve their scores. There were 12 healthy golfers compared with 12 other golfers with the average age of 55 and they all had sleep apnea. Each golfer from both sides filled out a questionnaire about their health and their golf games and it turns out that the healthy group averaged a handicap of 12.2 and by the end they averaged 12.6. The group that received the CPAP treatment for their sleep apnea went from a 12.4 handicap to an impressive 11.0 at the end. The best players among the healthy golfers had an 8.4 at the start, which rose to a 9.2 at the end. The golfers treated for sleep apnea moved from an average 9.2 to a 6.3 by the time treatment was done, a 31 percent improvement according to the New York Times. That’s very impressive if you ask me.

It tells you that people who went through sleep apnea are better golfers than the average healthy player, of course after they get treated. So, that’s a nice bonus for getting sleep apnea treated, you get to play better golf! As we know, sleep apnea can be a dangerous thing to have as it can lead to many problems including disease and breathing issues. It’s amazing with all of this technology we have today, we can cure so many different problems and it’s great. I think it’s awesome that these golfers got they’re apnea cured with this great treatment and that they’re playing the best golf of their lives those are probably the greatest Christmas gifts they’ll receive this year.

Credit: New York Times

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PHOTOS: Tiger Woods looks uninterested while watching Lindsey Vonn, more arguments on the horizon?

Well, it’s official. Tiger Woods finally decided to take a small absence from golf to go and watch his chicka Lindsey Vonn do battle on the slopes. Lindsey mentioned about a month ago that she was upset at the fact that Tiger said that he probably wouldn’t be able to watch her at the Olympics and that supposedly led to “nasty arguments” (Oh, the good ol’ nasty arguments!) between athletic the couple. Just this past week however, Tiger eventually made up his mind and said he would watch her. Below are pictures of him in attendance of an Alpine World Cup watching his Olympic superstar girlfriend courtesy of the Huffington Post and I must say that in the majority of these photos, Tiger sure doesn’t look too interested. This leads me to the question…more nasty arguments? He possibly could just be cold also being from the west coast and all BUT at the same time, he IS Tiger Woods so he’s visited plenty of cold places I’m sure you feel me?

Whatcha pointing at there Tiger?

Whatcha pointing at there Tiger?

Lindsey looks nervous doesn't she? Also, look at the snarl on Tiger's face. Hilarious!

Lindsey looks nervous doesn’t she? Also, look at the little snarl on Tiger’s face. Hilarious!

This pic was apparently taken after Lindsey's run and her knee was still bothering her supposedly near the point of crying according to the Huff Post.

This pic was apparently taken after Lindsey’s run and her knee was still bothering her supposedly near the point of crying according to the Huff Post. Don’t cry, dry your eye, you got this!

I bet them dudes behind him are like "Hey, isn't that that Tigers Woods guy?" *In Chicago accent*

I bet them dudes behind him are like “Hey, isn’t that that Tiger Woods guy?” *In Chicago accent*

Hey, at least he doesn't look bored in this one right?

Well…at least he’s showing something I guess.

OH MY GOSH, HE SMILED! Such a turn of events! Look, even the sun is beaming on his face!

OH MY GOSH, HE SMILED! Such a turn of events! Look, even the sun is beaming on his face!

After a hard day of skiing, our young Olympic hero looks to take it easy for the day.

After a hard day of skiing, our young Olympic hero looks take it easy for the day.

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PHOTO: Luke Donald rocks an ugly sweater and let’s just say it stands out from the rest

So, any comments on the England and Chicago native’s ugly Christmas sweater? I’ll definitely say it stands out from the crowd because it’s the first one you notice in the picture. I must say that I DO like the choice of colors for the sweater. To me, black and red is one of the best color combos when it comes to fashion. It’s one of the best combinations of swag ever! So although it’s an ugly sweater, you can’t help but dig the sweet colors!

Golf superstar Luke Donald (Far left) rocks an ugly yet slick sweater to get into the Christmas spirit. Via Golf Digest.

Golf superstar Luke Donald (Far left) rocks an ugly yet slick sweater to get into the Christmas spirit. Via Golf Digest.

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What if golf video games had great story modes? All would be great with the world

A screenshot of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

A screenshot of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Ah yes, video games. The true definition of an escape from reality and into worlds full of fun. A quest that leads to accomplishments that make you feel completely epic and powerful. It’s a true way to also put our creative minds into work to show how artsy society can really be. Video Games are no doubt one of the greatest creations known to man. We’ve also seen many great sports games created as well and golf has definitely had its share of the video game glory as well which leads me to the beginning of this topic. What if golf games had great story modes to them? Over the years we’ve seen outstanding games with incredible stories and some of those games being sports games.

Fight Night Champion seemed to have an interesting story to it and so far what I’ve heard from the PS4 version of NBA 2K14 is that there’s a pretty good story mode in there as well. This brings hope for golf games in the future to follow the same paths. We’ve seen in previous versions of the popular Tiger Woods PGA Tour series that there were mini story modes and an example of that is in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 which had a neat time travel feature as you went through time to take down golf legends and fantasy characters until you reached the current generation where you take on Tiger Woods in the final battle. Yes, there was time travel in Tiger Woods 14 but Tiger Woods 06 had a tiny bit of story mode flavor to it as to where Tiger Woods 14 was challenges at best although I enjoyed the feature.

If only golf games had deeper story modes with more cutscenes and cinema style visuals to go along with great gameplay then I think you’ll have one of the greatest sports games ever made. Now, I know people are going to be like “Dude, how are you going to make a sport like golf in a video game with a great story mode? It’s GOLF!”. Well, it would take a few years of development but there are many ways you can do this. One of the ideas I had was to have a golf game where you’re an amateur golfer in the current generation and you just won a major amateur golf tournament. The beginning of the game allows you to run around freely in an open world environment in the current generation as you are in a town that’s famous for its golf therefore it’s full of golf related activities. As you walk around you can either talk to people who will give you golf challenges or give you a heads up on upcoming tournaments for you to enter.

You can also be able to go to local shops where you can purchase gear that can improve your golfer’s attributes. The more challenges you complete, the more the story starts to unfold. You’re also with a struggling family as well which adds to the emotion of the game and the connection with your character. As you progress to the first few challenges in the current generation, there would be a cutscene where you just won another tournament and you head to your locker in excitement as you start to realize the reality that you getting closer to possibly becoming a professional and that all of your struggles are over. Then you notice a glow in your locker as you’re changing back to your casual clothes (This is where things get weird but hey I’m writing this so you know things will get weird). Of course, the curious soul that you are, you stick your hand into the glow and as you do you get sucked into a portal which leads you way back to golf’s roots back in the 1400’s.

St. Andrews would make for a great main golf course in the game

St. Andrews would make for a great main golf course in the game with all of its rich royalties

As you awake, you have no idea what just happened until you realize you’re not in the current generation anymore and that you remember touching that glow in your locker. Although you’re worried about the situation, you’re also in awe and amazement of all of the beautiful castles and the view of the ocean’s horizon in the distance as well as the beautiful women and well dressed gentlemen. As you’re trying to figure out what’s going on and as you’re exploring the land, you notice that there are people playing a new game called “kolf” (Golf’s original name) as you quickly realized that they’re playing golf. Although you’re very stressed and desperate about the situation, you continue to watch the “kolfer’s” play. This is where you begin to explore your new open world in the 1400’s which is also filled with activities with the hit new game of “kolf”.

You can speak with others who will give you challenges although you’re still shell-shocked over what’s going on so your speech is a bit shaky in nervousness. As you’re going about challenges (Which can vary as putting, chipping, long drive or full tournament challenges), you’ll get to a cutscene where you spot a beautiful young woman who apparently is a princess or has royal ties of some sort. You want to speak to her but you’re not sure what to say because you don’t want to sound rude in any way. You notice that she is attending a kolf tournament which leads you to participate in your first kolf tournament as you want her to possibly notice you out on the course. However, you are still not familiar with the clubs so you try to work on your game as you’re freely roaming the gorgeous royal open world.

The cool feature of the game would be that you can choose to either practice on a course or you can use the streets as your playground as you start to improve your game with the old school clubs. There’s a guardian angel throughout some of the cutsenes that tell you that you must complete certain tasks in order to get back to the current generation. One of the cool features would be the deep customization of your character as you can choose anything whether it’s clothing, height, weight, ethnics, or even his voice (Which would contribute to the long development time considering the fact you’ll have different voice actors saying lines during cut scenes and when talking to civilians.). Another cool thing would obviously be the open world environments which would take golf gaming to new heights.

The 1400’s world would be larger considering the fact that most of the game would take place there. I think the game would have a nice twist of fantasy, love and a story a young golfer trying to make his way back home. The message of the game I think would tell you that your golfer can play the best golf of his life no matter what generation he’s in which proves his greatness in the sport. I know, I know, people are going to be like “Oh that’s way too weird” but people love that fantasy type of stuff because the traditional way won’t really go anywhere. I mean yes, we still love the traditional golf game if it’s made very well but I think it would be very refreshing to have at least one golf game with a great story line and solid gameplay.

This would also introduce the sport to many gamers who don’t follow golf. Yes, it would take time to make a game like this and yes it would cost a lot of money but it doesn’t have to have everything that I mentioned. I’m just a young kid from Chicago with a dream and an idea is all. Would be a gaming classic? Yes or no, it can go either way but I believe if the time of development is proper and if they season it with the right spices then it’s very possible that you have a masterpiece of a game both for golfers and sports fans alike. It’s the creativity and imagination in video games that make them great and can turn a sport that some may call “boring” (Ha, you’re funny) into something very enjoyable. So please feel free to share any ideas you may have on a golf game with a great story, I’d love to hear them! Who knows, maybe some developer will notice your ideas! Just a fun topic to throw out there!

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Looks like Tiger Woods actually decided that he’ll watch Lindsey Vonn at the Olympics, no more nasty arguments?

About time man, what took you so long? It looks like Tiger Woods has finally made up his mind and he will be replacing his golf clubs for pom poms as he gets ready to cheer on his girl Lindsey Vonn at the Winter Olympics via his blog on his website according to CNN.

“I’m going to put my clubs away for a while to spend more time with my kids and support my girlfriend Lindsey Vonn as she tries to prepare for the Sochi Olympics,” Woods said.

“Having experienced reconstructive surgery on my knee, it’s really hard to explain to anybody unless you’ve been through it.”

Woods and Vonn were spotted at a cafe in Val d’Isere in the French Alps. Hilariously, when Woods was spotted wearing a puffy black coat with his hands deep in his pockets, he saw the photographers while Vonn wasn’t paying attention. This led to Woods fleeing to the hotel that was being used for the World Cup event. This will be the first time Woods will be seen at one of Vonn’s events after she’s attended most of his events out on the course. It makes you wonder why he wanted to flee from the photojournalists so bad. Unless he just wanted some privacy and I respect that but you’d think he’d be used to cameras flashing you feel me? Well, I guess Lindsey is happy now that her little boo bear is going to be watching her and everything and we shouldn’t expect any nasty arguments. Athlete couples man, they can be weird but at least they’re not as annoying as celebrity couples.

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PHOTOS: You have to check out these golf carts that aren’t even carts and they’re full of awesomeness

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce all you lovelies out there to the most awesome golf carts ever made. The GolfBoard!

These boards are a great and fun way to zoom around the course while getting some extra great exercise as well. Look at the owner (Left) and his crew riding those things like “Whatever bro”!


I must say, the dude in the middle looks like he’s going to tip over with a tap of a finger but with the great technology that these boards have, they are totally safe to ride….for the most part, unless you’re riding it like a crazy person.


Look how raw they look parked! This would be an awesome Christmas gift for any of you who have loved ones who enjoy golf. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if you can buy these yet, not to mention the price. You would think the price would be cheap considering the fact that it’s not a full cart but an electric skateboard that holds golf clubs. So when they do go up for sale then you know what to give that special golfer in your life for next Christmas or their birthday because these things just look too freaking awesome.

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Burglar Tries to Use a Golf Cart as his Getaway Vehicle, Bad Idea

Well then, this is an example of golf stupidity. On Wednesday in Australia, a 20-year old man was charged with aggravated burglary and stealing a motor vehicle. What does this have to do with golf you ask? Well, he busted into a storage shed at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club and stole one of the golf carts planning to make his escape. He was doing good for a while avoiding the 5-0 and thought he was on his way to freedom. Well boy was this idiot wrong because he ended up crashing into a bunker where eventually the dude was tracked down by a police dog and arrested according to Golf Digest. Let this be a lesson peeps. If you’re going to try to do something stupid, don’t take a vehicle that at best goes 35 mph or better yet don’t be an idiot at all unless you’re just an idiot to begin with but that’s all on you homie. Speaking of golf carts, I think you’ll all love the next story.

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Michelle Wie says she once punched Gary Player


Well folks, here’s one of those “Lol” “roflcopter’ moments. When the ever awesome Ms. Michelle Wie wrote a piece for Golf Digest (Yes, she’s multi-talented), she mentioned of numerous occurrences in her life on and off the course. One of those incidents being kind of random and weird at the same time. Apparently Gary Player who’s known as “Mr.Fitness” asked Michelle if she could punch him in the gut and…well, here’s that portion of the piece, courtesy of Golf Digest

“I WAS AT ANOTHER EVENT with Gary Player. Out of the blue he says, “Michelle, hit me in the stomach.” I didn’t want to punch him, so I kind of poke him instead. He says, “No, I want you to really hit me!” He widens his stance and clenches his stomach. Now I really hit him. I’m no fighter, but I hit him as hard as I could. It hurt my hand. It didn’t faze him. He pointed to his stomach and said, “A thousand sit-ups a day” and kept walking.”

Pretty random if you ask me but the “Black Knight” is one of the most beloved players in golf history so hey I guess you have to respect the great one. Way to go Michelle! Punch him in the face next time! Oh and Gary you’re the man and no I didn’t just tell Michelle to punch you in the face!

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