Report: Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Elin Sent Fake Text Messages to Mistress, Caused the Mayhem

Tiger & Elin

I know that whole Tiger affair thing is as old as a dinosaur but there’s a new report on it that’s as new as a set of beautifully designed golf clubs. According to the Daily Mail, Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegrens sent text messages impersonating Woods to one of Woods’s mistresses Rachel Uchitel. Woods is known for having sleeping problems and that was when Nordegrens made her move. Uchitel had sent Tiger a text saying ‘You are the only one I’ve loved.’ so Elin sent her a text back as Uchitel thought it was still Tiger and Elin said ‘I miss you. When are we seeing each other again?’ Then it was reported by the daily mail that she called Uchitel and said something like “I knew it was you!” or something along those lines leaving a blank Uchitel saying “Oh f***” and hanging up in shock. After that, well you already know the rest.

Tiger woke up to a screaming Elin as he grabbed his ran into the bathroom and locked himself in there like a 5-year-old and told Rachel through text that he was getting a divorce and she saw that text that said ‘divorce’ and that’s when the club swinging, car crashing festival began. So, let this be a simple lesson to dudes and chicks that you shouldn’t be cheating especially if you’re one of the most well-known figures in the world because then well, you’re guaranteed to get busted to where us writer and broadcaster guys will get on your tail. Sure people are going to be like “Thanks Captain Obvious!” but then why do people do it then if it’s obvious not to? If the relationship ain’t working out, get your butt a divorce or don’t even get married in the first place if you can’t handle the heat.

People don’t HAVE to get married you know, then everyone wants to wonder why relationship don’t work out. Fortunately, there are a ton of people out there who are n good loving relationships and that’s great, keep doing what you’re doing! But, I guess Tiger can’t complain, he’s playing some good golf and is still one of the highest paid athletes in the world but still way to go Tiger! Such a great role model you were at the time! You could have at least been more diverse with the girls though you feel me? You guys are always free to leave a comment below. Love your inputs!

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