Report: New Body Part Discovered in the Knee That Could Have Affected Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one highlighted player who has had knee issues in the past.

Tiger Woods is one highlighted player who has had knee issues in the past.

OK, I ain’t no doctor or nothing and this may be kind of gross but at the same time it might be an attention grabber. Apparently, a new body part has been discovered in the knee and apparently has effected the knees of Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, and very possibly Derrick Rose who just hurt his knee again on Friday night. This new body part is called the “anterolateral ligament” (ALL) according to the Sunday Times in the UK and very well could have been a key factor to the knee issues of world no.1 Tiger Woods. As we know, he’s been battling knee issues for some years now ever since he reached his 30’s it seems. Although he’s back to nearly top form, you’ll still hear things here and there about the knee. Knee injuries have been one of the most dangerous injuries in sports in recent years which includes injuries to Tiger Woods, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert and now Lindsey Vonn. Yes, a back injury is arguably by far the worst injury in sports and is an injury that’ll likely end your career but knee injuries are becoming more common and they are aggressive.

What I mean by that is that just when you think they’re gone, they come back for more and it seems to be a never-ending cycle. We’ve seen golf star Anthony Kim who I’m still a huge fan of today despite his struggles, have an injury involving his knee when he was playing basketball in high school and it was one of the reasons he decided to focus exclusively on golf and he was successful with it for a while but then injuries haunted him as a ghost of his past. Golf is one sport where your legs are crucial because you always need to have that proper stance with your legs and you need to use your legs to help push the ball on the follow through to help generate that extra power like Bubba, Dustin Johnson and Robert Garrigus do. Will knees take over the legs of PGA Tour stars once they get older? It’s possible for the young stars like Rory Mciroy which is why he needs to get back to his dominant ways soon because if he’s not winning tournaments then that’s more time wasted and he could be injury prone at any moment so even he does have an injury that effects his career then he can at least say he has a couple more majors under his belt. Not saying that he will get a knee injury but it’s always possible, or any injury for that matter. D Rose found that out the hard way and it’s heartbreaking to see him go through that again. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to our golfers. Protect your knees kids!

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