You Won’t Believe What Henrik Stenson’s Caddie Bought With the Winnings

Henrik Stenson has been playing the best golf in his life after winning the Race to Dubai

Henrik Stenson has been playing the best golf in his life after winning the Race to Dubai

As we know, Henrik Stenson has been playing the best golf of his life and it’s good to be in his shoes nowadays. He’s closing in on a whopping $20 million dollars after his historic “Race to Dubai” win. I guess his caddie Gareth Lord treated himself to something very shiny which so happens to be most people’s dream car, the Ferrari *angels sing*. Of course it was his homie doing most of the work though. “‘He’s hardly missed a shot for six months,'”Lord said referring to Stenson according to CBS Sports. Well, Henrik has been as accurate as anyone on Tour and it’s been a lot of fun to watch. He’s one of those breeds in sports that seem to get better with age like Peyton Manning in football or Adam Scott on Tour who’s been playing some of his best his best golf in his 30’s. I think it’s really cool to see that Henrik is getting the success he’s getting because he was a fan favorite some years ago (And no not just because of the underwear thing…well who knows, maybe) and to see him win tournaments with his deadly accuracy is pretty sweet because it’s exciting watching this guy play.

You know the majority of his shots will be right on the money and you can only stare and say “How in the world did he do that?”. According to CBS Sports Lord has gotten so many bonuses that he was able to splurge on the Ferrari and who knows how much stacks he still has on deck. PGA Tour players like Rory Mcilroy and Bubba Watson only made $2 million during this season. That’s likely what Lord has made or more this season thanks to the stellar play of Stenson. So, if your caddie is making more money than some of golf’s biggest superstars then you’re a very good golfer. If Henrik Stenson keeps up this kind of play, he’ll be owning more than one mansion and Lord will be cruising in a Bugatti before it’s all set and done. Oh, and if Henrik keeps up the play, then he may see himself in a place called the hall of fame. Not a big deal though right? So, what do you think of Gareth Lord’s millions? Do you think caddies don’t get the credit they deserve? Will other caddies step up their games now? Let me know in the comments section below!

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