Which Golfer was Behind the Tebow Ads in Jacksonville?

Dewey Arnette is a former PGA Tour player who has tutored some of golf's biggest names

Dewey Arnette is a former PGA Tour player who has tutored some of golf’s biggest names

So, it looks like all of that Tim Tebow hype in Jacksonville, FL was caused by one particular person. That person ironically is a former PGA Tour pro. Dewey Arnette spent $1,200 on a an ad in the Monday editions of the Florida Times-Union according to ABC News Chicago. Arnette ins a former PGA Tour player who has tutored the likes of major champions, Padraig Harrington and Darren Clarke. The highlight of Arnette’s career?……Well. he made over $42,000 in his career. I guess that’s something. Man, no wonder he decided to do the Tebow ads! must have been pretty bored. I don’t mean to get off-golf topic but look, I like Tim Tebow, I remember when he was a freshman in Florida backing up Chris Leak (I’m not a Florida fan though, anyone that knows me, I’m a Northwestern, Northern Illinois, and Alabama guy for football and when it’s basketball season I root for DePaul.) at the quarterback position but he’s NOT an NFL quarterback, period. So, why on earth would you spend $1,200 on a Tebow ad for him to play for the Jaguars? It’s not like the dude’s loaded rich. “Dear Mr. Khan,” the ad says according to ABC referring to team owner Shahid Khan. “Sign Tim Tebow & we will fill the stadium!” The ad is signed by “The Citizens of Jacksonville.” Sure, the citizens of Jacksonville meaning just him I’m sure. Hey, at least he’s passionate about his team, after all he’s lived in Jacksonville his whole life but I’m sure he feels sick to his stomach about how bad the Jaguars are right now.

That passion however needs to change if he thinks the Jaguars are going to be better with Tebow. Not only did Arnette spend the $1,200 on the newspaper ad, he also went out with his son John to pass out Tebow t-shirts, holding up signs saying “Tebow to Jax” Jacksonville’s San Marco Square. Wait, it gets worse, Arnette and his son even spent their own money on radio ads, billboard ads, heck, the dude even had Tebow phrases written on airplane banners that flown over stadiums in the city. He also spent money to put an ad on placements in the Metro Diner which is popular among Jacksonville citizens. The owner of the diner was supportive believe it or not and gave Arnette an even larger ad to use. “I don’t want to come off as odd,” Arnette said according to ABC Chicago. “The thing is, having done these things, I know how supportive people are of Tim Tebow around here. And our standards for the team are just so low right now.” Whatever you say homie because bringing Timmy T on board is really going to boost those standards right? I guess this was a way for Arnette to get some attention since he’s not a known former PGA Tour player or anything. Him tutoring Darren Clarke and Padraig Harrington are about the only main highlights of his career. Did you know he charges $400 an hour to get tutoring from him? Yup, seems like attention to me, what do you guys think?

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So the truth comes out. It's just another wacko seeking attention for himself.

Colin Mieczkowski
Colin Mieczkowski

Yup, pretty much Richard! Appreciate the visit to my site homie! :)

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