Rory Mcilroy Won’t Even Endorse His Own Book?

Reports are saying that Rory Mcilroy won't even endorse a book written about him...and he wrote the foreword.

Reports are saying that Rory Mcilroy won’t even endorse a book written about him…and he wrote the foreword.

Hmm, it seems like we’ve been hearing Rory Mcilroy’s name a bit off the course lately haven’t we? His off course doings are getting him more attention then his on course game at this point. According to CBS Sports, Rory won’t even endorse a book that was about him and he even wrote the foreword for the book. Can you imagine that? A book that’s about you, you write the foreword, and you don’t even endorse it? That’s kind of strange but then again, he’s Rory Mcilroy I guess, he can do whatever he wants. Even Rory’s family help put the book together and is written by Claude Costecalde who lived near Rory’s home course in Holywood. Now, according to CBS Sports, one of the reasons that he didn’t endorse it is because there were pictures in the book that he wanted to save for a future publication but in all honesty, I would think those pictures that he’s talking about would be featured in many other books too because after all, he is a future hall of fame golfers so I’m sure many people would feature those pictures in other publications.

Now, unless they’re more personal pictures then I could understand maybe holding off but I think if someone is writing a book about you and wants to have a certain picture in there of you then I would think you’d feel kind of honored. I would think he should have already knew what pictures, quotes, etc would be in the book would he not? So, you’re telling me that nobody told you what was going to be featured in your own book that you wrote the foreword for? The blame could definitely be on the publisher who obviously didn’t let him know ahead of time because anytime you’re putting together something like a book about someone then you should always let that person know ahead of time what will be featured in the book. In the worst case, it could be something different that’s making Rory not endorse but who knows at this point. it’s kind of a wasted book though if the star of it didn’t even endorse it and that’s a lot of wasted work. that must be very frustrating as an author. Tip for kids! Never write a book about a famous person because they might not even accept it! Read CBS Sports’ story here.

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