Golf Student Plays 11 Rounds in Only 8 Hours

A random golf course but look how beautiful it is!

A random golf course but look how beautiful it is!

On Veteran’s Day, something happened that made my jaw drop. A Golf Academy of America student named Michael McVeigh,flew through 11 rounds of golf in just eight hours to help benefit the Salute Military Golf Association. He had help as his helpers had balls teed up on every hole and they also scooped every ball that rolled into the cup. It still was an incredible feat despite the fact that he had help, I mean, 11 rounds? In only eight hours? One round of golf can take up to five hours to complete on average (Three or four if you have a cart, which he did) and this guy completed 11 rounds in just three hours over the average of one round. That’s simply phenomenal. The amazing thing has to that in his final round, just when you think he’s tired out, he makes 10 birdies and holes out for an eagle. He also only lost two balls during the whole round(s). “I feel great – let’s play some more,” said the 33-year-old McVeigh, a National Guardsman according to Yahoo! News. I’m sure he does feel great especially if it’s very beneficial to our brave men and women of the arms forces.

It shows why golf is the coolest sport in the world. The creativity in the sport is endless and for something to pull this off is astonishing. He’s obviously pretty good too! PGA Tour bound? I’m sure if he really wants to then he can go through Q-School and get his PGA Tour card. I guess nobody on Tour could complain to him about slow play huh? He’d probably be waiting for his group while he’s on the green about to putt! Another amazing note is that, although he had a golf cart, he still ran six miles. This guy would be the fastest golfer on Tour if was a pro by far and people love fast play. Just like some pitchers in baseball who get through games really quick and fans and broadcasters love it because there’s no delay, it’s just all action. Michael would be a breath of fresh air in the sport, no question about it. “I just want to thank Golf Academy and all of these guys for helping me,” said McVeigh according to Yahoo! News “It’s an honor for me to be able to do this on Veterans Day.” No doubt Michael, thank you for putting so much effort into the event to benefit the Salute Military golf Association, keep doing you homie and God Bless!

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