Garcia on Woods Feud; “I’m a Better Person”, is he Serious or is he Trying to get out of Hot Water?

Sergio Garcia felt bad about what he said about Tiger Woods.

Sergio Garcia felt bad about what he said about Tiger Woods. Believe that?

So, Sergio Garcia came out in an interview and addressed his feud with Tiger Woods. Garcia made news earlier this year when he made a comment when asked if he would invite Woods over for dinner and his response for those who missed it was that he would serve fried chicken to Woods. Now, Garcia is coming out and saying that it was a terrible thing he said and that he thought about it that day in the hotel. “I didn’t mean it in a bad way. When I was driving back to the hotel, I started thinking about it,” said Garcia according to CBS Sports. “It was horrible, but what’s done is done. Everybody knows how I feel about it, so I think they should be fine with it and if not, it’s kind of their problem,” he said. I think that’s great that he regrets what he said however, not everyone will be fine about it, there some people who still will take offence for it and no it’s not really their problem either because Garcia shouldn’t have said that in the first place.

Besides, a lot of people enjoy chicken because it’s delicious and it takes chicken to make certain meals. It’s not just a black thing like some people think. At least he was trying to apologize I guess but for him to say that it’s the people’s problem if they don’t let it go is ridiculous because there have been enough racial things said on Tour and he needs to know that straight up. I also blame Tiger as well for not standing up to it and this is what I’ve said before and some people may think it’s smart that he’s not saying anything and I totally understand but I’m not saying to beat up the guy, just stand up for your people. Maybe there wouldn’t be as many racial offenses in golf or sports in general if someone as big as Tiger Woods stood up for what was right. So, at least things died down from it even though we haven’t heard anything from the feud since then but at least Garcia apologized and thought about what he said to help throw a bunch of ice-cold water on the scorching flame.

Let’s just hope we don’t have to hear something like this again for a long time to come because golf is a gentleman’s game and that’s how it should be (Well, you can always have a little bit of swag and style!). Remember, we have a ton of kids that look up to these pros as we are seeing more and more kids play this great sport we call golf so it’s only fitting to try to have good role models although kids, your parents should always be your role models, remember that! A lot of these guys honestly just need to keep their mouths shut and play golf, that’s what we love. If you don’t have anything positive or humorous to say then keep quiet and swing your sticks of glory.

These guys are too grown to be getting into feuds. The only feuds we should see are good old-fashioned rivalries because rivalries are one of the major reasons we love and crave sports not silly off course feuds. We want to see long drives, accurate pitch shots and beautiful birdie putts, that’s what the game’s about. So, will Garcia play better after reliving himself a bit or will he just flat-out suck? He still kind of is a scumbag, along with a guy like Rory Sabbatini. Yo guys, stop being jerks, you’re millionaires playing golf! Should be happy and appreciative. If they aren’t happy playing a great sport, traveling and getting paid major paper, then I don’t know what will but hey, jerks will be jerks I guess. Let’s see how this season goes for both Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods, shall we?

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I think Sergio has a problem of "open mouth, insert foot". I'm giving him the benefit of a doubt here saying, I don't think he really meant what he said in a derogative way. I think it was meant to be a joke that wasn't thought out beforehand.

Colin Mieczkowski
Colin Mieczkowski

It was a lame joke no doubt, Sergio definitely ain't no comedian! Thanks for visiting my Maria! Really appreciate it girl!

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