Could Dustin Johnson Make Some Noise This Year?

Long hitter Dustin Johnson holding the trophy after his victory at the HSBC Champions.

Long hitter Dustin Johnson holding the trophy after his victory at the HSBC Champions.

With Dustin Johnson winning the HSBC Champions tournament, he’s off to a hot start and hopes to get another win under his belt soon. Now, I know it’s still early but this is the guy who finished fairly strong in last year’s FedEx Cup playoffs and obviously hasn’t faded since then. Is it him marrying Paulina Gretzky that has something to do with it? Are her looks driving him to try to dominate? Who knows, but all kidding aside, DJ is a very talented golfer, he just hasn’t had the success in certain areas like he would love to have because his power is his most polished skill that makes him dangerous. in strokes gained last season, he was ranked 117h which is not very good and especially in this sport where putting is more than crucial. Fortunately for Johnson, he was 1st on Tour in eagles (holes per) and that what’s going to make him a complete threat this season.

The now very popular daughter of hall of fame hockey star Wayne Gretzky and wife of Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky.

The now very popular daughter of hall of fame hockey star Wayne Gretzky and wife of Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky.

That’s the one advantage power players have over control players is their ability to reach the green under regulation and even if they miss the first putt, the second putt will likely be a gimme for an easy birdie as Johnson is obviously the master at that. Birdies are sweet but eagles are sweeter. It’s like what’s sweeter? A cookie or a large milk shake? The milk shake right? That’s the eagle and for DJ to make it look that easy is phenomenal but the only thing that really prevented him from being dominate last season is his putting and the fact that many other players had great seasons so it was kind of tough to make yourself stand out. This season however, I feel that the door is more open for Johnson because I don’t think guys like Matt kuchar and Tiger Woods will be as dominate as they were last season. they’ll be good but not as great. Adam Scott already won a tournament this season, Henrik Stensnon should be even better this season and then there’s Jordan Speith but those are just some of the main guys to watch.

Other than them, there’s not a whole lot of players that look to have a dominate season after the avalanche of dominance last season but hey, you never know. This is the PGA Tour after all where no name players can become legends. So, it could be an uphill battle for Johnson but if he improves his putting then he’ll be a bug time player for the American squad in the Ryder Cup but the season is oh so young so who knows who’ll step up this year but be sure to keep an eye out for DJ as the 12th ranked player in the world looks to truly break out this season. So how do YOU think DJ will play? If not DJ then who’s your pick?

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