PICTURE: John Daly’s New Pants Will Widen Your Eyes


John Daly as we know is quite the character and he’s also known to be very entertaining on the golf course with his exploding drives. But we also know him as the guy who where’s the coolest, flashiest pants ever (I said that in my Tommy from the Rugrats voice) and well, he’s at it again and I must say, I’m not a big comic book guy but I absolutely love these pants! I’d probably rock them to wear something different and unique out there. Way to go JD!

He made his debut wearing these sweet pants during the Alfred Dunhill Championship and I have to say that the folks over at Loudmouth did a great job with those pants. If only there was a way to get a customized pair. That would be awesome, I’d spray GP Golf Report and Prince Colin all over those bad boys! So, what do you guys think of his new pants? Too colorful? Too cool? Or just too lame? As always you can let me know in the comments section and again thank you so much guys for helping the site reach over 1,000,000 hits!

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PICTURE: What Made John Daly Freak Out Real Bad?

Fan favorite and two-time major champion John Daly is known for toughness and coolness out on the course and is also widely regarded as the greatest hitter off the tee in PGA Tour history (Only Jack Nicklaus is considered better). But one thing that he fears is one thing that most of us fear. Snakes. On November 25th, JD got a rude awaking from a slithery little friend in South Africa and he had to get some snake exterminator dudes to clear the place of the snake. According to JD on his Twitter, it’s supposed to be a Mozambique spitting cobra and can spit venom on its prey. Cobras are believed to be the second most dangerous creatures in the world behind mosquitoes (Yes, mosquitoes). I’d say John doesn’t look to happy in the picture below now does he?

I don’t blame him though, I’d freak out too but anybody that knows me knows that I have a fear of spiders. Although I think spiders are quite interesting creatures, I just can’t deal with them personally but I’ll watch them on TV, sure! As long as they aren’t in the same room as me then I’m good. As you saw on tweet, he has a phobia for snakes and I’m sure he really flipped once he knew what kind of snake it was. Heck, I’d be terrified if I EVER saw a spider spit ANYTHING out of its mouth! Fortunately, John’s OK and he’s ready for more golf action, you the man JD!

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Jason Dufner Booty Grab,Sammy the Squirrel Nominated for Best Viral Moments, Who Won?

Sammy the Squirrel (left) was put on Tiger Woods shoulder by girlfriend superstar skier Lindsey Vonn  while on the right, Jason Dufner does the now very popular "Dufnering" pose.

Sammy the Squirrel (left) was put on Tiger Woods shoulder by girlfriend superstar skier Lindsey Vonn while on the right, Jason Dufner does the now very popular “Dufnering” pose.

With Thanksgiving Upon us, I thought it was only fitting to get a little laughter into our souls before we enjoy the family, friends and grub and the good folks over at GolfDigest.com cooked up a nice little “viral moment” contest which featured some of the funnest moments of 2013. In the blue corner, we have Sammy the Squirrel! In the red corner, we have Anything that Miguel Angel Jimenez does! In the green corner, we have Jason Dufner squeezing his wife’s booty! Finally, in the yellow corner, we have Dufnering! Who won? Well, let’s just say it involves a certain major champion and his wife. Yup, that’s right, Jason Dufner grabbing his wife’s booty was voted as the best viral moment of 2013. Way to go Duff! Even on the first four comments on Golf Digest’s Facebook page voted for the almighty Duff’s booty squeeze as the winner as shown in the picture below.


So congratulations to Jason Dufner for his bold move on the wifey and we can’t forget how awesome he was at the PGA Championship now can we? Rounding out the final three nominees, Dufnering finished second, anything Miguel does finished third and Sammy the Squirrel finished last. For those of you who missed the almighty Duff’s squeeze, check out the video below courtesy of YouTube user ReporterofTruth!

So, what do you think? Who do you think should have won? Let me know in the comments as always and I also want to say that I’m very thankful this Thanksgiving for you guys, the readers, as the GP Golf Report has reached over one million hits and it would have never been possible without you guys and I really appreciate the reading and comments you give me because I think it’s extremely important for the readers to get involved because to me you guys aren’t just readers. You’re great golf fans with great passion and I love all of you for the awesomeness you bring to this website. So please, keep on reading and do NOT hesitate to contact me or leave comments on articles because I really enjoy your opinions and without you guys, I’m absolutely nothing so thank you again and have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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Singh’s Lawyers Want Other Players Busted for Drugs, Who They Want Specifically


Remember when hall of famer Vijay Singh got busted for the deer antler spray thing? Well, now he’s trying to seek his revenge after feeling like the Tour did him wrong in busting him for drug use. He felt that he was done wrong because the Tour didn’t look into any other player but him and now his lawyers are taking action. An action that Vijay has been looking for as they want the Tour to investigate other players for breaking the drug policy in order for Vijay to prove that he was done wrong. The players his lawyers wanted the Tour to investigate are: Doug Barron, Mark Calcavecchia, Scott Verplank, Dustin Johnson and Matt Every. Barron, Calcavecchia, and Every have all been caught for something before and that’s why Vijay’s lawyers are after those guys. The request doesn’t elaborate on why Johnson and Verplank were included in discovery however and neither golfer has ever been officially linked to a violation according to GolfChannel.com. This makes you wonder, does Vijay not have soft spots for the two popular Tour players?

The Tour denied many of Singh’s requests, including information about Barron, Every and the others, claiming it is not “relevant to the issues raised in this action,” and doing so would violate the players’ right to privacy according to GolfChannel.com. I don’t know a whole lot about this situation but Vijay can kind of be a jerk sometimes and although he got caught for something, he still wants to complain and get other players in trouble who were already in trouble besides Verplank and Johnson. Why he wants to get Scotty V and DJ in trouble is beyond me but to me it’s like focus on the crap you got yourself into and not what guys are doing who didn’t get caught for anything. That’s how I honestly view the situation, keep the players who haven’t done anything out of this. Obviously we don’t know if Scott and Dustin did anything or not, it’s possible nowadays but right now they haven’t been seen or caught with anything or at least not that we know of so that’s why he should back off. If Vijay didn’t use the deer antler stuff in the first then he wouldn’t be in this mess now would he? Stay classy Vijay, stay classy! Read the original story here!

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WATCH: Cheyenne Woods Attempts Moonwalk

Looks like the Woods chick is at it again as she’s been seen more frequently lately. Tiger Woods’ niece Cheyenne Woods attempted to the Michael Jackson’s iconic moonwalk dance on her driveway and well, she gave a good effort while rocking the Nike kicks! She’s obviously not afraid to go viral and that’s cool, there’s no pressure! Credit to GolfDigest.com as well for the vid!

So what do you guys think? Do you think she’s getting too much attention or do you like her? Did you like her impersonation of the great Michael Jackson? I tell you what, I like her and I liked the moonwalk! She seems like a real nice girl and would get along with a lot of people plus she does some journalistic work as well so I got to put my fist on my chest as a salute to her for her awesomeness. She also seems like she would stop and chat with fans as well because she just seems that nice and that’s always something great to see in golf where you do have your share of jerks here and there although pretty much all of them are on the men’s tour but you never know, some LPGA chick may come out as mean so for Cheyenne to as cool as she is, that’s just awesome for the sport. Keep being cool homegirl!

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The Female President’s Cup Streaker is Back and Her New Pictures Will Catch Your Eye

Remember the streaker babe from the President’s Cup, Kimberly Webster? Yeah, well she’s at it again, this time she’s showing off a couple of pictures for all to enjoy. The pictures show her covering up her naked body with the ever so bright and colorful American flag. Of course this will catch the eye of all us dudes and if you have a wife or girlfriend then she might just smack you in the face if you decide to save it as a wallpaper. Just tell her it’s a tribute to our United States golf team! Here’s the pictures below and thanks to GolfDigest.com for them!


Oh and the craziest thing is that she’s selling these pictures on her own website for $25 each. A steal for sure! I think there just cool pics because it’s a unique way to represent the US of A and is a reminder of what was a pretty solid President’s Cup earlier this year. You can check out her website here and for those of you who missed the footage, then here it is.

Let me know what you think!

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Bubba Watson Plays a Round of Golf……With One Club


Well, Bubba Watson is likes to swing sticks at balls and hit them far. Normally, he has up to 14 clubs in the bag but this time, the 2012 Masters champion played a round at Pelican Hill Golf Club where he only used a hybrid as his only sword to battle against the course which rocks the name of the furry bird known as a pelican according to GolfChannel.com. Not only did he have just one club in his arsenal, he had only three balls in his pocket but knowing Bubba, he’s one to not fear a challenge and that’s why he won the Masters last year. I’m sure he was licking his chops during that amazing shot last year. That’s why he’s known as the “Master of Escape” as to where Ian Poulter and at one point my homie Anthony Kim were also great escape artists. Bubba loves challenges and that’s why he’s so much fun to watch not to mention he hits tee shots like he’s using a gamebreaker power up. Sure, he’s had a down year but he’s still a fan favorite and is still a solid golfer.

The only issue I had was when he got mad at his caddy, to me that was unnecessary because the caddy’s not going to be perfect bro let’s get that straight. Other than that we love Bubba and the way he views everything as a challenge and his latest stunt is no different. Oh, and did I mention he shot an 81 during that single club round? That’s not bad for someone using one club. Now if only can can shoot better than that with 14 clubs so we can see the same Bubba we saw when he won the Masters last year. I feel confident though, because he can get to the green with ease due to his power and his recovery is key as well. Doing more stunts like that will definitely attract a crowd! I guess Bubba said “All I need is One Club” So, as always, what do you guys think? Would you play with one club? If so, which one? Sadly, there’s no video or gif but as soon as one hits then I’ll post it so keep it locked here!

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Michelle Wie, Others Featured in Golf Digest’s Bracket Style Hottest Golfer Contest

Well, looks like Golf Digest decided to celebrate the NCAA March Madness tournament a few months early as they put together a nice little bracket that features different seeds of golf’s hottest players and there’s a men’s division and a women’s division. This is the second year Golf Digest has done so and it has overall gotten its share of comments already. Some of the most popular golfers from both the PGA and LPGA Tours are featured on this bracket. Some choices may shock you, some seeding may surprise you as well. You may also be surprised by who and who isn’t on the bracket. So, feel free to view and print the bracket below ladies and gents and let the November Madness begin! To view the full bracket, click on the picture.


So, what are your thoughts on this bracket? I must say I’m very disappointed not to see my girl Paula Creamer in there. I would also throw Amanda Balionis in there as well but she’s a journalist, not a golfer so therefore, I declare a war of words with Golf Digest for the madness that is them not featuring the very gorgeous Paula Creamer on this bracket! Shame on you GD! All kidding aside, this is quite interesting although I’m not filling out the bracket because well…I don;t feel like it. But you guys could fill it out if you want! Who do you have in the final four? Who do you think should have been on the bracket who isn’t? You can either print and fill out the bracket or you can vote on Golf Digest’s website by clicking here.

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Has EA Sports Found Their New Tiger Woods?

Here's a picture of the tweet courtesy of a fan on the EA Sports forums, sadly I wasn't able to get the actual tweet but I knew it WAS there and now it's not.

Here’s a picture of the tweet courtesy of a fan on the EA Sports forums, sadly I wasn’t able to get the actual tweet but I knew it WAS there and now it’s not.

As we all know, Tiger Woods is no longer the cover boy for the EA Sports’ golfing franchise and left many of us asking the question, what’s next? Well, I did some digging around and it looks like Ian Poulter is a possible candidate as the new poster child of the legendary golf video game. There was a tweet all the way back from August that Poulter sent that went as follows: “Doing a little work for @EAsportsgolf this morning.” Although the tweet is old, I haven’t seen any other articles written about it and it could possibly hint that Ian could be the next cover boy for the game unless it’s just regular work. But if it was just regular work then why are they working so closely with him two years prior to the new game? That could be a sign because I’d think they’d be working with the cover athletes the most since they’re the stars of the game.

If this is true then I think Ian’s a solid choice since he’s a great competitor and he’s fantastic with the Ryder Cup which is arguably the biggest golf tournament in the world. Yes, not everyone likes Poulter but his competitiveness is fitting with the game and may possibly mean an inclusion of the European Tour as well as Poulter has those connections. So, is Ian Poulter going take the throne from the almighty Tiger Woods? What features would the new game have? I think it would be pretty cool seeing the home courses of some of the top players featured in the game or seeing Pine Valley and Cypress Point in there for the first time. Or neither, just have a course creator and that’ll be the icing on the cake alone! So, what do you think of the possibility of Ian Poulter being the new cover boy for the popular golf video game? As always, let me know in the comments section!

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Guess Where Dustin Johnson Was on Sunday?

DJ and Paulina at the AMA's, thanks to CBS Sports for the pic!

DJ and Paulina at the AMA’s, thanks to CBS Sports for the pic!

On the golf course! No, for real though, he and his fiance that all the guys drool over (Paulina Gretzky) were at the AMA’s last night as Paulina presented the award for Favorite Male R&B/Soul artist which went to Justin Timberlake who spotted Dustin Johnson in the crowd and performed a pretend golf swing on stage according to GolfChannel.com. Now, I didn’t see the AMA’s because honestly I don’t really care. I was watching football as my Chicago Bears played the Rams (Sadly ending in a loss) and then I listened to the Patriots vs Broncos game on the radio and I was also on here writing because I love doing it and I love the fact that you guys read the work and share your thoughts! Anyway, it was good to see that DJ and his girl had a good time because sometimes, Tour life can be a grind but then again seeing someone like Miley Cyrus on stage could be a stressful sight to the human eye (hope she gets her act together) so maybe it’s still a grind but other than that it’s a nice night out and a chance to spend time with the lady. Could his relationship with Paulina effect his play on the course? Because I’m sure she’s one of those spoiled rich daughters that runs with a rich athlete.

I mean, she’s the daughter of arguably the greatest hockey player of all-time so you know she has to be spoiled, you can’t say that she isn’t a little. I mean, I’m sure she’s nice and all but you know she’s walking with her nose in the air a little bit. I mean, the pictures she takes, the random popularity she’s gotten, that tan she has (Why do white people get tan anyway? No offense, I love you guys!), etc and sometimes a spoiled girl can effect one’s job but only time will tell. I’m not trying to be rude but sometimes that’s the case you know? So, what do you think? Did you see DJ and Paulina at the AMA’s on Sunday Funday? Was it a shock to see her present an award or did you already know she was going to do so? On a golf note, do you think there relationship could effect DJ on the course or do you think it’s no big deal? Let me know in the comments as always!

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