Columnist Criticizes Tiger Woods, Woods Speaks

Brendal Chamblee is known for criticizing Tiger in his columns and commentary.

Brendal Chamblee is known for criticizing Tiger in his columns and commentary.

In the world of golf, Tiger Woods doesn’t get criticized too often but just recently, Golf Channel analyst and columnist Brendel Chamblee criticized Woods for the violations he had this season accusing him of cheating. This doesn’t come as a surprise as apparently, Chamblee has said bad things about Woods before. Woods eventually came out and spoke to the media about Chamblee’s column. “All I am going to say is that I know I am going forward,” Woods said according to Sporting News. Of course, many fans are angered at Chamblee for the column after he gave Woods an “F” grading in his column despite Woods winning the Player of the Year award. Look, I’m not a fan of Chamblee, I mostly read guys like Jason Sobel, Shane Bacon and Michael Collins. I also, am not a fan of Woods either and I’ve made that clear before.

So basically, my attitude is that Tiger should just suck it up and quit whining because if he can’t stand the heat then he should get out the kitchen because this kitchen cooks gourmet grub, not hamburgers. This is the same Woods that never takes offence to racial remarks whether it was Kelly Tilghman’s “lynching” joke or recently with Sergio Garcia’s “chicken” joke yet he’ll get all upset when someone gives him a poor rating. The guys just brushes off racial stuff like it’s no big deal and that’s one of the main reason’s I never respected Woods and it’s a shame because he’s a great golfer but if you’re going to cry and moan about something that you’re supposed to ignore but you ignore something that you should take some type of action to, then something’s not right. Look, if you’re going to ignore racial comments then you should ignore this too, that’s all I’m saying because writers tend to criticize, it’s kind of part of the job.

Tiger Woods did speak out on the issue. Thanks to Sporting News for the quotes.

Tiger Woods did speak out on the issue. Thanks to Sporting News for the quotes.

Nobody has to be forced to bow down to you if they don’t want to. It’s obviously working for Chamblee isn’t it? It’s garnering attention right? Even Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg spoke out, “I’m all done talking about it and it’s now in the hands of the Golf Channel,” Steinberg said also according to Sporting News . There will always be a columnist that will criticize and being from Chicago, I’ll always see some type of criticism in writing as well as in other big cities like New York, L.A. Dallas, and Atlanta but that comes with the territory and it’s one of the reasons we enjoy reading certain columns because you know they’ll write something that’ll stir up some conversations. Of course not all columnists are going to criticize, and we love them too but I’m saying that the controversial pieces are the ones that get the juicy attention. Of course unless the writer is a racist scumbag like Phil Mushnick then that’s going a bit too far. That dude should be fired but anyway, I can’t feel bad for Woods at all because he rarely gets any criticism and when he does, everyone loses their minds and it’s quite “eye rolling”.

The man has gotten nothing but good fortune and has been pampered all his career. Even when he wasn’t playing well, experts picked Woods to win tournaments and he’s received mostly positive media attention. So what, the man can’t get criticized? I think that’s silly because it’s a part of sports and always will be and it’s one of the best things about it. and another thing; Tiger Woods wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for the media and I just wanted to pint that out. It’s nearly impossible to get rich and famous without some kind of media attention, it just is. Media is what makes the stars and I’m going to stand by that until someone tells me why it’s not true and please friends, feel free to do so, I’d love to get your opinions on this and this situation as a whole.

So basically, I’m not trying to exactly trying to defend Chamblee but I’m defending media as a whole. The people who criticize are just doing their jobs. It’s their opinion and I mean come one, if everybody agreed with everything and just kissed every athlete or celebrity’s toes then life would be kind of boring. So in all honesty, Tiger and his agent should have never spoke a word because they never took action on any of the racist comments so there’s no reason for them to say anything on something as minor as this. Suck it up Tiger and Tiger nation and I say this in a friendly way because I love everyone and besides, Chamblee apologized anyway.

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Phil Mickelson 'Likes" this!

Phil Mickelson ‘Likes” this!

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Tiger Woods and EA Sports End Partnership, What This Could Mean for Virtual Golf

A picture of arguably the coolest cover in the history of the franchise with Tiger Woods (left) representing the U.S. and Rory Mcilroy repping Europe.

A picture of arguably the coolest cover in the history of the franchise with Tiger Woods (left) representing the U.S. and Rory Mcilroy repping Europe.

Well, it looks like Tiger Woods and gaming juggernaut EA Sports have ended their relationship as EA looks to move on in a different direction putting Tiger in the rear view mirror. This is a very interesting time for EA to do such a thing since they have announced to postpone releasing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 to work on the development of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 which has been confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One barring they resemble the last couple of nightmarish postpones that the NBA Live series went through. Woods has been the the feature star of the iconic video game since EA brought him on board of the virtual golf cruise ship back in 1998-99. It has featured some of golf’s biggest stars and legends such as John Daly, Rory Mcilroy, Anthony Kim, Vijay Singh, Bobby Jones, Old Tom Morris, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, etc. There have also been some of golf’s most legendary golf courses in the game such as the ever beautiful Spyglass Hill which was the first real golf course to be featured in the game until it’s sister course, the iconic Pebble Beach and St.Andrews followed shortly after. The game has featured many fun and interesting things during the time of it’s early years such as exciting mini games and goofy fantasy characters.

EA Sports has been the exclusive developer of PGA Tour golf games for almost 30 years.

EA Sports has been the exclusive developer of PGA Tour golf games for almost 30 years.

There have also been some very interesting fantasy courses that were a lot of fun and EA looks to continue those into the next generation of gaming consoles. Even the music had more variety as there songs by artists such as hip hop legends DMX and Nelly which personally I thought was real cool and made the game much more appealing. From 2006 onward, the game seemed to drop slowly in sales until Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 released which garnered tons of sales despite the many complaints of bugs and glitches. To this date however, it was Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 that seemed to have the most positive responses despite not selling the same amount of copies as Tiger Woods 08 did. Many people still choose Tiger Woods 2004 for the most part though as it was arguably the most feature rich game of the series. Eventually in 2011-2012, the game featured the Holy Grail of golf video games with the Masters tournament and Augusta National being featured in the game for the first time in golf game history. Regardless of the addition of Augusta, there have been complaints of bugs in the latest addition of the game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 which is the third straight installment in which Augusta has been featured in.

Many fans have also taken to the forums with their suggestions and complaints in order to try to improve the game. Is the steady decline caused by EA focusing a little too much on Tiger rather than the game itself? In some cases, it’s possibly true, and this is why it’s such a huge story. Not only is EA taking a year off to get it’s game ready for the PS4 and Xbox One, but they get rid of their cover star. Could this help EA improve the game and get more fans? It’s very possible because now, since Woods is gone, they can focus on the core gameplay rather than Woods and that will be huge. Not to mention, the PS4 and Xbox One will be a year old by the time the game releases, so they’ll already be more familiar with the software of the console to try to make a great game. Rumors say that the game will have “more customization” and that could possibly mean a course creator which EA’s sometimes partner in crime, HB Studios is working on their own golf game which will indeed include a course creator and will also be featured on the next gen consoles but will release much sooner unless further notice.

This all could mean a lot for golf games because this gives other companies like 2K Sports to really come out and create a great game. A company like Sony who created the very popular MLB The Show series can also step up to the first tee on the virtual golf course. That’s what makes this an exciting story, because I believe that a lot of companies were afraid to tee it up because EA had the power of the “Tiger”. But now that that reign is over, this is a chance for other companies to come out of hiding to start developing golf games. This would be great for golf promotion and golf gaming because it’s hard to promote golf through video games when there’s only one main golf game on the market.

This panda looks kind of excited about what's going on don't you think?

This panda looks kind of excited about what’s going on don’t you think?

So overall I think this the big step in the right direction if you’re a golf fan who loves golf games. Also, with golf being in the Olympics for 2016, this could possibly mean the addition of some kind of Olympic mode in the game, you just never know. Here’s a link to what EA had to say: There’s supposed to be more info on the new Tiger Woods game coming out soon so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the GP Golf Report to receive more news and opinions from around the great game of golf. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter as well @ChiGolfRadio!

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A GP Review of GTA 5’s Version of the Links

The cover art of what many already consider, one of the greatest games of all-time.

The cover art of what many already consider, one of the greatest games of all-time.

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out a little over a month ago now and the game has received very high praise as expected. It is one of the highest selling games of all time and features a very large are to explore. The one feature however that was a major hit with fans is the golf game that is featured in the game making it the first time in Grand Theft Auto history that a player can tee it up for a full round of golf. Right off the bat, I must say, it is very well done and is kind of addicting. The course looks beautiful over looking the L.A. resembling Los Santos, the graphics are phenomenal, the swng animations are nearly spot on and you can drive a golf cart to your next shot which is awesome. Yes, you can choose to cause rampage on the course but you will be kicked out right away if you do so. There are three main characters in the game and you can choose to call one of them to play a round of golf as two players. You can also complete mini missions where random people may need your help while driving around and there’s one guy who can be chosen as a golfing partner once you helped him escape the depths of his angry wife after she finds out that he’s cheating on her. He tells you to drop him off at the golf course and that’s how he becomes a golf pal. Between the three main protagonists, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, I use Franklin the most because he’s the most cool, calm and collected of the three anti-heroes. Plus, he also brings back memories of the legendary Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas who was voted by the Guinness Book of World Records as the 22nd greatest video game character of all-time.

A screenshot of GTA Online's version of golf.

A screenshot of GTA Online’s version of golf.

Each player has there own “Special Abilities” but these don’t apply to the golf course. As I’m playing a round, I noticed that there some similar features to the Tiger Woods series such as using the analog stick to swing and using spin on the ball while it’s in mid-air. Everything about the game is smooth such as the swing and how the course plays. My only main issues with the game is that the ball flies as if it’s a crumbled and balled up piece of paper. It doesn’t seem like the ball has weight to it. Another thing that’s a bummer is that there is only one golf course and it’s only nine holes while there are seven tennis courts for golf fans who may be into tennis as well. It’s still awesome though because Rockstar Games didn’t have to put golf in there at all but they took the effort to do it and it’s great for many golf fans out there who are gamers. Players can also play golf online with friends with the new “GTA Online” feature which gives players the ability to create their own character and freely roam around Los Santos and join races, play tennis or of course play golf. I must say, it’s a lot pf fun playing golf online as it’s a great way to level up your character while meeting some new people to play with (Note: Playing tons of golf will increase your player’s stamina and strength since you are taking part in an athletic activity).


My latest score. Hey at least I'm under par right?

My latest score. Hey at least I’m under par right?

Another awesome thing about golfing online is that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is in the city to play so if it’s night in the city, when you play, it will be day time again as to where to story mode, you have to come back to the course at a certain time to play. The only main flaw with the online mode is that you can’t drive golf carts like in the story mode but I’m sure that would cause all kinds of havoc as players will probably hold up your game by driving around the course like a maniac and screaming “Woo Hoo!” through their mics and headsets or they might set you up by getting you on the course to play but then they try to beat you down with the golf club so they can take your money. It’s still a tons of fun online to play as your own created character plus, it doesn’t cost you any in-game money to play like in the story mode. So, GTA 5’s golf experience is definitely a fun one and is a great holdover until HB Studios releases their new golf game for the PS4 and Xbox One or until 2K Sports possibly comes out of no where to make a golf game. Overall, I give Grand Theft Auto 5’s golf experience a 8 out of 10 and the great swing animations, course and multiplayer experience add to that. Subscribe to the GP Golf Report on the left side of your screen for more news and opinions on all things golf! Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! Also, below, please enjoy gameplay footage of GTA 5’s golf courtesy of iMacGamers!

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President’s Cup: U.S. Squad Wraps Up Victory with Strong Finish

U.S. captain Freddy Couples wins another President's Cup making it an impressive 5th time in a row.

U.S. captain Freddy Couples wins another President’s Cup making it an impressive 5th time in a row.

The U.S. team grabs its eighth President’s Cup title in 10 tournaments thanks to the clutch putting on the American side during the singles matches. Due to the great play of Steve Stricker all week and Zach Johnson today with an impressive win over Brandon Grace while PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner had a solid win himself knocking off Brandon De Jonge who is always a dangerous player on the course. Tiger Woods clinched the tournament winning match defeating Richard Sterne by winning 1 UP. It seems like the International team was trying to make a slight charge after they were making their share of clutch putts on the tough greens of Muirfield Village. Overall the day was won by the International team but they had to be nearly perfect today if they wanted to comeback and complete the upset. Jason Day was spectacular as he was able to beat Brandt Snedeker 6 & 4 and “Sned” put up a heck of a fight.

If Louis Oosthuizen had knocked off Webb Simpson and if Richard Sterne had beat Tiger Woods then it would’ve been 18 to 17 rather than 18 to 15 as both matches were very tight. This President’s Cup was much closer than many expected but thanks to great play of the U.S. team on Saturday’s foursome and four-ball matches which helped them stretch the lead out leaving the International team having to nearly have a perfect round of golf on Sunday. This was another great President’s Cup and it’s like the fun more laid back version of the Ryder Cup while still having some prestige to it as the U.S. team once again raises the President’s Cup in triumph.

Jason Dufner was a key factor in team USA's President's Cup victory.

Jason Dufner was a key factor in team USA’s President’s Cup victory.

There was some great golf this week and now we look ahead to the next season and what it will offer. Yes, there are still golf tournaments but the primary events are pretty much in the books so next season we’ll have a lot of cool things to look forward to like the rise of Jordan Speith, the comeback of Henrik Stenson, Jason Dufner looks to be up to par with his potential as a lot of people (Including of myself) thought he was going to have a stellar season but was quiet until he eventually won the PGA Championship. So now that the President’s Cup is in the books, what will we expect now? Let me know in the comments section below! Again, this was a great President’s Cup, especially after my beloved Northwestern Wildcats (Note: I did not attend Northwestern, just a big fan) lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes in a stunning football game on Saturday. Here’s the final scores of the President’s Cup: On that note, keep it real all and please subscribe to the site if you enjoy it and please follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio! By the way, my President’s Cup MVP is Steve Stricker. He was phenomenal all week.

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President’s Cup: Rain Stops Play Yet Again

Jason Day and Graham DeLaet who have been playing some solid golf look to try to bring the International team back to give them the lead.

Jason Day and Graham DeLaet who have been playing some solid golf look to try to bring the International team back to give them the lead.

Well ladies and gentleman, it looks like golf’s biggest fan, Mother Nature is at it again. For the second straight day, rain stops play at the President’s Cup. Maybe the Phil patting Keegan on the butt thing stopped play? Maybe it was because of Amanda Dufner or Amanda Balionis’s good looks that made it rain? All kidding aside, rain delays, although they suck, could lead to potential momentum swings or make the team that’s leading even stronger or lead to both teams falling apart. I say this because some players may start losing confidence in their swings especially if they were off to a hot start. It’s tough to maintain a hot streak after a delay. However, team USA did in fact maintain their lead after the two-hour and 30 minute delay but play was stopped for the day due to darkness and the rain delay obviously had a major effect on that. Can team USA keep it going on Saturday leading into the final round Sunday? Or will the International squad make a comeback?

As I mentioned before, although the International team has some President’s Cup rookies, they are still a very solid team with Adam Scott, Jason Day, Ernie Els and Angel Cabrera on their side along with some fresh talent.I still think the US squad will pull it out though because they still have too much fire power. If Keegan Bradley, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar can keep up their play then there’s no doubt the President’s Cup will be over in a hurry. Steve Stricker and Jordan Spieth also have been playing some great golf and a lot of fans were wondering if Jordan could come out and have a great round or two. Of course you got the typical Tiger heads that probably could care less for the kid and want to call everyone else “Tiger haters”. Well, let’s get this straight, people are going to dislike Tiger for certain reasons, especially because he gets talked about when he shouldn’t but in this case he’s playing solid golf. People that call others “Tiger haters” are likely people who only follow Tiger and watch no other golf.

Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson look to help the US squad keep their lead.

Keegan Bradely and Phil Mickelson look to help the US squad keep their lead.

That’s we call in the sports world, a “casual” fan. I’m not a big fan of him because I don’t think he remembers where he came from and the one thing that I learned that is extremely important in life is NEVER forget where you came from and I’ll leave it at that, I would’ve been a big fan otherwise but he’s definitely playing some great golf out there with “Kuch” no doubt. Anyways, Tiger, Phil, Keegan, Kuch and the rest of the US squad look to continue their winning ways as they go into Saturday with the lead, 4 1/2 – 3 1/2. Let’s see how Saturday’s round turns out! Here’s the latest look at the scores:–golf.html. On that note, hope you all enjoy round three of the President’s Cup and keep it real, from Chicago with love. Also, be sure to subscribe on the left side of your screen and please follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio and please share the site with friends if you enjoy it! It’s greatly appreciated.

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The GP Links of the Week: Part 2

Links! After all, sharing IS caring. Right Barney, BJ and Baby Bop? :)

Links! After all, sharing IS caring. Right Barney, BJ and Baby Bop? 🙂

Hey all, it’s time for another edition of the GP Links of the Week and this week instead of just putting links to articles, I’m just going to flat out give links to the blogs I think you should check out. Now, I’m going to be honest and tell you that almost all of these are from sites that I used the last time BUT those were just links to articles, this time I’m giving you links to the FULL site for you to explore and enjoy. These sites are some of the best of the best golf blogs in the world and I think it’s time for you to see what I mean by that. These are all very informative and thoughtful blogs that help bring the game of golf alive in words you dig what I’m saying? They say a picture is worth a thousand words but these blogs feature articles with pictures and words so….I guess 1000 words combined with 1000 word picture is 2000 so…you’ll get plenty of info in your golf filled brains of yours!

If you love golf and if you love good golf journalism then these are the blogs for you! So, on that note, I hope you enjoy and if you enjoy this website then PLEASE subscribe on the left side your screen and please share with your Facebook. Twitter, etc! It would greatly be appreciated and I know we can grow the site further as I’ve already reached over 4,000 hits in just two days! So, let’s keep it going because the more the site grows the more opportunities I’ll have to give back to readers and fans! So thank you guys and keep it real! From Chicago with love! Also, you can always follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

As promised here are your GP Links of the Week:

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Team USA Captain Couples Says Johnson is Good to Go

Zach Johnson, arguably the best control player on Tour is ready to go for this year's President's Cup.

Zach Johnson, arguably the best control player on Tour is ready to go for this year’s President’s Cup.


After Zach had suffered the flu, President’s Cup team USA captain Fred Couples says that Zach Johnson is ready to go and ready to help lead team USA to victory. Many wondered if Zach would be ready after suffering his flu like symptoms and now many American fans can rest easy now as arguably the king of accuracy is back on the course. Now, some people may think that he’s not a big part of the team but for one, you hope the guy is alright and two, he is a HUGE part of the team because although the US squad is loaded, you would have been missing your best control player and it’s very important to have a great control player in a team event. Without a great control player, your team will have to rely and power and that’s not always what you want.

You want guys who guaranteed fairways and greens on almost ever swing and that’s what Zach’s capable of doing. `He’s also a very solid putter and keep make birdies at will and when you have that on your team, the chances of you winning are even greater. So, having him on the team will be a plus against a young International team that although on paper, doesn’t look good, can potentially give a solid fight against team USA and it helps when you have Adam Scott, Ernie Ells, Angel Cabrera and the ever dangerous Jason Day on your team so I don’t think the International team will go down easy so that’s why having Zach for team USA is a boost. Freddy didn’t see Zach but did talk to him a few times and says that he’s OK so that’s a good sign plus, Zach told Freddy that he wants to head to the course and work on his chipping and putting and that’s a great way to start practicing.

It’s always best to start around the greens because it’s the most important aspect of the game because it can save you from total disaster if you hit a bad tee shot and have to hit a good recovery shot to reach the green. So, when you reach the green, you can get out of there with a par or bogey rather than a double or triple bogey. So, now that team USA is at full strength, will they run away with this year’s President’s Cup or will it be a battle? Let me know in the comments section and please share this post if you enjoy it! Here are the full President’s Cup rosters: Keep it real all, from Chicago with love.

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