The Most Over Rated Player in Golf?

Who's the over rated golfer? Read on to Find Out More..,Unless you Skipped This Caption then Whatever.

Who’s the Over Rated Golfer? Read on to Find Out More….Unless you Skipped this Caption then Whatever Bro.

What has Spongebob Learned so Far from this Post?

What has Spongebob Learned so Far from this Post?

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, cats and dogs, Bears and Packers (Hey, the NFL season starts tomorrow so I just had to troll like that!). I present to you, the most over rated player in all of golf! His name? His name features that of an animal. Alright, you should already know by now who I’m talking about. Congratulations to none other than Tiger Woods for being the most over rated golfer in the world. Yes I understand he’s done a lot in the game and has won many tournaments and majors but the way the media talks about him is ridiculous in my opinion. He’s a favorite in every tournament and it’s just eye rolling. He’s had a great season but a favorite in every single tournament? Come on now son, that’s poor picking. The guy’s not going to win every tournament he plays in, the dude hasn’t even won a major in 7 years now (It will be 7 once 2013 is over) and people act like he’s back. Well he’s not folks. If he wants to be his original self like in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, then he has to win a major or two because that’s what he did, so that’s what he has to do. I’m just tired of people saying “He’s back” and I’m normally not a big ranting type of guy but it’s ridiculous. One of the other things that really bothers me is the fact that when someone wins a PGA Tour tournament, the first thing someone writes or mentions is “Tiger shot a 75 in the final round” or something like that. Ummm…excuse me, I would like to know who actually won the tournament here, not how Tiger Woods did.

They say you should always throw Tiger’s name in there first even if he wasn’t the winner of the tournament because “That’s what people want”. Alright, fair enough, but not everybody is a Tiger Woods fan and there’s some who can’t stand him. Honestly, if you seriously believe he’s the first name you got to put up there in every article or every story you mention on radio or on TV, then that’s bad journalism in my opinion and mine only. Give the player who won, a chance. If Tiger won the tournament then great, let’s talk about it but don’t ram it down people’s throats. If Matt Kuchar wins the event, you talk about Matt Kuchar first then the other players. If Henrik Stenson makes a phenomenal charge to win a tournament, then you should talk about him first then the other golfers. Because to me the key thing that every true golf fan wants to know is “Who won the golf tournament” not “How did Tiger do?”, not right off the bat anyway. Like I said, if he won, then that’s awesome let’s talk about his victory and talk about how the rest of the leaderboard fared.

Look, I love and appreciate everyone involved in golf media and have had the chance to interview some great golf media personalities but the obsessive Tiger talk and picking him for every tournament is getting tiresome. There are so many great golfers on Tour that a lot of people will miss the chance of seeing how good they really were because they were overshadowed by the endless hailstorm that is Tiger Woods. I also understand that some people talk about him a lot because he’s a revenue builder for the networks and such but I think talking about the players who are in the lead at the tournament matter the most at the time unless it’s Tiger in the lead. Obviously, a lot of the big network radio hosts who talk about all sports talk about him because they aren’t big in golf but need to talk about golf if it’s a major. They’re getting paid for it after all. Now sometimes, I hear things from people saying that some of the media talk bad about Tiger. I don’t think I never heard anything bad said about Tiger in the media. Whatever bad someone said about him, it must have been very harmless because if the media’s talking crap about him then how come he’s picked to win in almost every tournament? It’s silly and they say ratings go up when he’s playing. Really? Well I believe when Rory Mcilroy was playing out of his mind last year, the ratings were very good over at Golf Channel, one of the highest ratings they ever received if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, I hope the golfing world knows that there’s more to golf than Tiger Woods, so let’s cherish this beautiful game and what it has to offer on all levels and not just cover it up by talking about one person 24/7 365 days a year. Because last time I checked, the winners of the tournament matter.

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