How to Generate Extra Power Off the Tee

Rickie Fowler, One of the Game's Better Control Players at the Tee at the Correct Stance Getting Ready for Take Off (Credit: Golf Digest).

Rickie Fowler, One of the Game’s Better Control Players at the Tee at the Correct Stance Getting Ready for Take Off (Credit: Golf Digest).

So, you want longer shots off the tee? Want to show off in front of your buddies out on the course? Want to show everyone the macho man that you are in your pursuit for world domination (Okay, maybe a tad too far)? Well my friend, I will tell you a couple of little juicy tips I learned from a former teacher of mine. So, first off, when you at the tee, be sure you’re up right in a good position and try not to bend over too much, instead, try to keep your straight, not completely straight but enough where you feel more balanced. Once you’re in position, make sure your head is aimed behind the tee and your left foot (Right foot if you’re left handed) is closest to the golf ball as illustrated in the above image of Rickie Fowler. This insures a smooth follow through which will generate more power off the tee. Next thing you want to do, and this is important, is to make sure when you first begin lifting the club up during your backswing, that your arms are straight out and then once you get to the top of the backswing, keep your left arm straight and right arm slightly bent, and this is also important for control players as well. This insures accuracy and pure impact on the ball.

John Daly has One of the More Unique Backswings in Golf with his World Famous "Grip and Rip it" Swing.

John Daly has One of the More Unique Backswings in Golf with his World Famous “Grip and Rip it” Swing.

Also, another thing of note on the backswing, make sure you take a nice and steady backswing, try not to go too fast as this will make your swing go off plane which could result in shanks and slices and hooks (How about that combo eh?) and we don’t want that unless of course it makes you feel like a ninja or a master samurai that’s king of hitting the ball in different directions. Here’s my favorite tip right here; during your follow through, try turning your hips first before turning your upper body for the swing. This is a powerful tip and it will help hit long shots because it’s as if your lower body is trying to pull your upper body to finish the swing and it’s a powerful kind of pull and this will most certainly improve your swing speed which is huge in trying to hit long shots off the tee. One final tip I’ll give, and this is for the golfers who want a higher trajectory in their swings. Before you swing, be sure to try to aim where the top half of the driver club face hits the bottom half of the golf ball while the bottom half of your driver club face is aiming at the tee. This will help increase to height of your shots and if the wind is in your favor then this is a great opportunity to add extra distance on your shot. So, I hope this helps you guys and if you’re still unsure, then feel free to email me with questions or you can check on YouTube where there are many excellent demonstrations on how to gain distance off the tee. On that note, I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day and enjoy this Sunday as well, great day to hit the golf course!

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