Will EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour be Back?

A Screenshot from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Featuring the Great Arnold Palmer.

A Screenshot from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Featuring the Great Arnold Palmer.

A Screenshot of One of the Popular Fantasy Golfers in the Legendary Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 game Taking a Swing at One of the Mini Games.

A Screenshot of One of the Popular Fantasy Golfers in the Legendary Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 Game Taking a Swing at One of the Mini Games.

Well, the rumors are out there saying that the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game series by the ever popular EA Sports company may not be made next year. There have been 15 or 16 games in the series since Tiger Woods got his name on it and has seen major success since it’s launch. The only other game that was in competition with it was the Hot Shots Golf series and may be more popular but it’s not a golf simulator like the TW series. When you think about though, there hasn’t been any competition with the TW series besides the Links series which only lasted until 2004 and that game received very high praise from golf gamers. The game however has received it’s share of criticism in recent years with many fans saying that every game after the release of Tiger Woods 10 was not very good with some going as far as saying that the game was bad after the the release of Tiger Woods 2005 onward. I will say, the earlier versions of the game (03, 04, 05) had a better and fun environment with some fun mini games, fantasy courses, characters and awesome music and they were hard games to put down. I still enjoy the Tiger Woods series and I got it every year since 08. I didn’t play 03, 04 or 05 until I started playing 08 and onward because I was still new to the game at the time so I wanted to try previous versions and I was not disappointed. The game since those years have been fun but they took out key aspects like the great music, the addicting mini games and goofy broadcasting of David Feherty and Gary McCord although David is back in the game but he’s now with Jim Nantz who is a great broadcaster but it takes out some of the humor. Also, there were many great courses in the older games that never returned to the series like Couer D’Alene, Paradise Cove which was a very popular fantasy course and Kapalua Plantation course.

Tiger Woods Featured in the 2004 Version of His Own Game Playing on the Very Popular Emerald Dragon Fantasy Course.

Tiger Woods Featured in the 2004 Version of His Own Game Playing on the Very Popular Emerald Dragon Fantasy Course.

There are so many things that have changed since then making it a bit more boring but I will say that Tiger Woods 14 is a great game, the best one arguably since 2010 which was also a fantastic game but TW 14 has its share of bugs however. Tiger Woods 11 was popular with the fans mostly because of the True Aim feature which gave the gamers a true golf experience and really led you to strategize your way around the golf course and that was a sweet feature but that game was one of the lowest if not the lowest selling game in the franchise’s history likely due to Tiger Woods’ off course issues but for the people who did play it like myself, I though it was solid especially having the Ryder Cup and the beautiful Celtic Manor course in their for the first time (Celtic Manor was built exclusively for the Ryder Cup that year by the way). Although I have enjoyed the recent games, I still think it could be like the earlier versions because it made golf look really appealing to non fans. And people wonder why a lot of sports fans think golf is boring. With the recent versions people will think that, I didn’t see nothing wrong with the fun and goofy way the game was played back then. You still had your golf fix but it had a bit of flare and vibe to it and was a deep game full of features. So that leaves us with the questions, will we see the release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15? Will it be on the PS4 or Xbox One or maybe even the sleek Ouya system? Or will we be stuck without a golf game for the following spring? Will another developer step up and create a great golf game? Who knows but this is why it is an exciting topic too because it really gets your minds wondering what will happen.

It’s like reading a great book and closing it for the night after you read the latest chapter. What’s next? Or will things be like how they were in the previous chapter? Only time will tell but it will be really exciting to see what happens especially since we got the brand new game systems on their way and with the Ouya already being released back in June on the day of my birthday (The 25th). Trust me, mark your calenders for any month between November and January because it is around that time where things start leaking out with the announcement of the Tiger Woods game usually around December, maybe January. You would thin k this would be bad news of the likely hold off of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 but it’s really exciting for those of us who have curiosity in what will happen. Plus, this gives the opportunity for other game companies to put out a great game with a true golfing experience because let’s be honest, it sucks when there’ only one simulation golf game on the market. So, all of the game companies, it’s time to release from your shells and create a golf game and NO you do NOT need the PGA Tour license to make a heck of a game because I feel that if the Tiger series does return, then there should be some fun competition too. So we will see what happens if Tiger Woods PGA Tour will be ready for next year or not or if they do come back, will they have new friends to play with? Stay tuned.

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