Brandt Snedeker’s Victory in the RBC Adds to his Resume

Matt Kuchar's performance This Season Makes him a Favorite at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill.

Matt Kuchar’s performance This Season Makes him a Favorite at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill.

RBC Champ Brandt Snedeker Pumping his Fist After a Great Victory. Hunter Mahan Led the Tournament Until he Withdrew Due to his Wife Going Into Labor.

RBC Champ Brandt Snedeker Pumping his Fist After a Great Victory. Hunter Mahan Led the Tournament Until he Withdrew Due to his Wife Going Into Labor.

Brandt Snedeker who has been really good this season and his victory at the RBC Canadian Open has just added to his already very solid resume. He now has six PGA Tour victories and eight overall with 4 of his six PGA Tour wins coming in back to back years in 2012 and this year in 2013, This is a sign of a golfer who is really starting to get into a zone. Four wins in two years? That’s always impressive and not only that, he has eight top 10’s in 16 events played, missing only four cuts. The only thing that’s holding him back from being one of golf’s modern day greats is the fact that he hasn’t won a major. If he can get at least two majors under his belt and at least eight wins then he’s a surefire hall of famer. He has gotten really close in majors so it won’t be a surprise if he either wins at the PGA Championship or in a major next year. I don’t think he’ll win the PGA Championship this year BUT it wouldn’t honestly be a surprise if he did win it. He has two wins this year so he knows how to win golf tournaments so the PGA wouldn’t be any different plus like I said, he’s placed very well in majors but here’s the kicker.

Brandt’s best finish at the PGA was in 2007 where he finished T18th and which is solid but it’s his worst finish in a major and it’s not even close to his best finished in the other majors (T3rd at The Masters, T3rd at the British Open and T8th at the U.S. Open). So it will be very interesting to see how he does at the PGA or even in the next tournament because for him to overcome an injury and finish 6th at The Masters and 11th at a very tough British Open is absolutely astonishing to me. Matt Kuchar, arguably the best American player on Tour, was one of the runner ups in the RBC and he’s also a guy to look out for come PGA Championship week which is just two weeks away. Matt, like Brandt, has six career PGA Tour victories with two of them coming this year. He however, has one more overall win than Brandt, giving him nine total wins and his best finishes at the majors are better than Brandt’s also with all of Matt’s best finishes in the four majors being in the top 10 (T3rd at The Masters, T6th at the U.S. Open, T9th at the British Open and T10th at the PGA Championship) with two of those top 10 finishes coming last year (At The Masters and British Open). So you have two of the best American players in golf not named Woods to look forward to at this year’s PGA Championship along with many other great players so let’s hope the last major of the year is a classic.

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A GP Golf Report Quickie: Simple Tips for Good Putting

Ben Crenshaw is Widely Considered the Greatest Putter of All-Time.

Ben Crenshaw is Widely Considered the Greatest Putter of All-Time.

An Example of a Mallet Putter. This is the Same Exact Putter I Use by Top Flite.

An Example of a Mallet Putter. This is the Same Exact Putter I Use by Top Flite.

Hey all, as we know, putting is the most important aspect of golf but is also one of the trickiest especially when you’re facing tough greens. Don’t you want to feel good after making a beautiful long putt as the ball rolls into the cup? Of course you do! Here are some basic things to know when on the greens. First off, and this is a no brainer, always try to read the greens to see where the slope is on the green so that way you get where you need to aim your putt. This doesn’t guarantee that you make the putt but you will likely get it close with the right amount if touch. Another thing I found out that was good is trying to take a shorter backswing on your putting stroke so this way, you don’t accidentally move your hands which will take your backswing off plane.

While taking this short backswing, make sure your follow through is longer since you had a shorter backswing and this will help on longer putts. This is why mallet looking putters have the line on the top of them to help you line up your putt and to keep your stroke on line on your follow through. Finally, it’s always a good strategy to aim past the hole because if you are just aiming directly at the hole, then you may hit it too soft, coming up short, after all, putting is a state of mind. When you aim past the hole then your mind will tell you to hit past the hole which will give you enough power to hit a putt that will roll right in the cup but aim just right behind the hole, not way past the hole.

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Why the LDA Should Get More Popularity

The Long Drivers of America Was Founded by the Great Art Sellinger Who is the Best Long Driver in History.

The Long Drivers of America Was Founded by the Great Art Sellinger Who is the Best Long Driver in History.

Jamie Sadlowski is Currently the Longest Hitter in the World. Despite His short Height of 5"7, it is Said That His Longest Drive   Was Around 480 Yards.

Jamie Sadlowski is Currently the Longest Hitter in the World. Despite His short Height of 5″7, it is Said That His Longest Drive Was Around 480 Yards.

Ahhh yes, long driving. Golf’s most showboated skill. It’s the one thing that we all love about this game is when we see guys bomb a beautiful 300 yard tee shot down the middle of the fairway. Some of the greatest players in history were hitting incredible tee shots such as Jack Nicklaus, John Daly, Sam Snead and Charlie Sifford who had a nice little blend of power and accuracy off the tee and today we have some of the best of the best like Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Robert Garrigus and Luke List. These are the guys that make golf more fun more than it already is to begin with and the driver is arguably the most celebrated club in all of golf. Not only is it fun to hit a long tee shot down the fairway and shout “Boomshakalaka!” but it’s also that first shot of a round of golf, that first shot on that legendary course you may be playing on, the first time you see the sun rise that day (Unless you play on a par 3 course in the evening like I do *Wink Wink*). A tee shot is one of the true symbols of the game and it’s what makes this game so beautiful, hearing the ping of the driver is like music and poetry in motion (Unless you hit the rough then it’s like a scratched record or a poem of random letters). This all leads to my topic.

The LDA otherwise known as the Long Drivers of America and I’m here to tell you why it deserves more popularity although it’s already featured on “The Four Letter Network” known as ESPN. First of all, the LDA Championship only airs on ESPN2 and Golf Channel once a year and that normally lands on Christmas day or around it which is cool because it gives the golf fans something fun to watch on the holiday. However, I think more LDA events should be aired because there are several to choose from like some of the junior and senior events and the Texas Shootout. One of the problems is that although there are a decent amount of events, there aren’t enough and they all are pretty much in places like Texas and Nevada. If LDA events can reach big cities like Chicago (My beautiful home) or New York, then I think the popularity will grow in a hurry and more networks will want to air the events and more writers will want to cover them, giving the LDA more exposure and I don’t think you can find a finer owner than Art Sellinger who is arguably the most legendary long driver of all-time. They already have great players including the short but powerful Jamie Sadlowski who has well over 8,000 followers on Twitter.

They just need to expand and reach some of the bigger cities and then they will be on their way because as we all know, these big time cities love their sports and long driving is certainly entertaining. Now, the field that the golfers play on is the length of at least five football fields but there are plenty of spots in places like Chicago or New York that have a ton of space. If not, then the cities can make fields exclusively for long drive events and I’m sure it won’t cost much either, kind of like when they made Celtic Manor exclusively for the 2010 Ryder Cup, yeah remember that (BOOM baby!)? So the same can apply here but obviously the cities would have to allow it which I’m sure they would if they could (Oooh, nice rhyme!). I hope Art Sellinger and the crew can extend the LDA because although they have been around for 18 years, I still think it would really be great for the game of golf and introduce golf audiences all over the world to something fresh, fun and unique. Oh and another cool thing is, they do a lot of the LDA events AT NIGHT under the lights. How cool is that? That would be perfect for a place like Chicago. You can find the LDA’s website here.

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The Epic Battle: Power VS Control

One of my All-Time Faves, John Daly Has Been Widely Considered the Greatest Power Hitter of All-Time With Some Saying Jack Nicklaus was the Greatest as he Was Also Terrific Off the Tee.

One of my All-Time Faves, John Daly Has Been Widely Considered the Greatest Power Hitter of All-Time With Some Saying Jack Nicklaus was the Greatest as he Was Also Terrific Off the Tee.

Lee Trevino Was One of the Greatest Control Players in Golf History. His Amazing Accuracy Led Him to 6 Major Titles.

Lee Trevino Was One of the Greatest Control Players in Golf History. His Amazing Accuracy Led Him to 6 Major Titles.

Alright golfers and golf fans, it’s time to pull out your clubs and hold them in the air like swords as it’s time for an epic battle in the great game of golf! Power and control are probably the two most important aspects in the great game of golf and it has shown over the years how important they are however, the majority of the time, a player is a control or a power player and not both. So, which type of player has the advantage out on the course? Well, sometimes it depends on what type of golf course the players are playing on. If the fairways are narrow and the greens are tight then I’d give the advantage to the control players but if there are a tone of longer holes or short par 4’s where players can nail the green in one then I’d give it to the power players. Oakmont is a perfect example of what I just mentioned. It has a unique mix of short and long holes with one of the longest par 3’s in the world but also one of the shorter par 4’s around. Your first thought would be, “Oh, control players automatically are better because they’re more accurate” but the thing is, they lack the ability to score eagles due to the lack of power.

However, they are extremely accurate most of the time and are good with recovery shots. On the other side of the lake, power hitters have the ability to get within 50 yards to the pin on a 600+ yard hole and have the ability to hit long distances out of the rough to land either on the green or at least get really close regardless how deep the rough may be. Most of the time, control players are better putters but their approach shots aren’t always really close if it’s from a long distance in the fairway, leaving them with a tough putt. The power players can get closer approaches from longer distances giving them easy putts to make and who knows, they could be eagle putts. And if it’s windy out on the course then the control players can use the wind to their advantage if it’s going in a certain direction such as left or right.

They can use their fade and draw skills when this occurs but power players can take advantage as well because if the wind is straight then that gives the power players even more distance than they already had, making their approach shot a simple pitch on an average length par 4 or have a short iron approach on a par 5, giving them an excellent eagle opportunity. So, to wrap things up, the power players are crowd pleasers while the control players are fun to watch for those who love the art and strategy of the game. On that note….the best type of player in golf is…the…wait for it….hold on, I’ll be right back……alright I’m back….the best type of player in golf is….the power player because some of the best power hitters also have great touch around the greens which is a huge advantage and some of the best players in golf history were power players although they were considered all-around players. I love control players though, they’re really fun to watch because they tend to hit some amazing approach shots that always make he highlights and they are very poetic with their swings as if a golf swing speaks 1000 words.

So I chose the power hitter. who’s your pick in this epic battle between distance and accuracy? Let me know in the comments or email me at or send me a tweet @ChiGolfRadio.

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Tips for Aspiring Golf Journalists

Myself and the Legendary Sportswriter and Broadcaster Michael Wilbon (Left) at the Legendary Chicago Theater.

Myself and the Legendary Sportswriter and Broadcaster Michael Wilbon (Left) at the Legendary Chicago Theater. He has Covered Numerous Golf Events Including the Ryder Cup

Hall of Fame Golf Writer and One of Greatest Figures in Golf History.

Dan Jenkins: Hall of Fame Golf Writer and One of Greatest Figures in Golf History.

Journalism, to me is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s a combination of art and science and truly puts one’s words into the hearts of thousands, maybe millions worldwide. The way a writer puts his or her own words on to paper or on a webpage, it’s like looking at beautiful painting but, in the form of words where the reader will put pictures in his or her own head. The way the radio and television reporters report and speak through the mic. It’s like poetry. Probably the best feeling in the world is when you publish get an article published on a website or in a newspaper and when you do a radio show and you did some good producing and research before the show, to do a rich informative show for listeners and then when you book a guest on a show. When I was able to get legendary golf course architect Pete Dye (Creator of TPC Sawgrass) on, that was an incredible moment for me and I will never forget that for as long as I live.

Another great feeling is when you do a podcast and do some good producing with it to make it sound extra crisp before you send it out to the Program Director at the station like when I did some of my first Hot Corner Report podcasts and then to hear it live is an chilling feeling but in a good way and still get the joy to this day when I do the Hot Corner Report podcasts. The only thing I haven’t done yet but really want to do is film myself interviewing golfers and putting the videos up on YouTube (Hey, stay tuned *Wink Wink*) which I think would be cool and fun. But then you have a lot of people who dislike media. Oh really? Well, all of your favorite celebrities and athletes (Or so called future boyfriends and girlfriends) wouldn’t be NOTHING without the media, because how would they get themselves out there? They get discovered and the media puts them on TV, in the papers and on blogs. They would still be at home if it weren’t for everyone in the media who bust their butts off to do their jobs. Plus, people still read, watch and listen for news anyway so give it up, you’re addicted to what the media has to offer in your daily lives (Heheh!). One of the coolest thing about journalism is the fact that there are some sweet perks, for example, I went to cover a sports radio anniversary roast at the Chicago Theater for online radio station

The ticket was between $50 and $100 I believe and I was able to get in for free with my credential. So, here I am, an 18 year old boy, just walking into one of the most legendary theaters in the world like “Hey! What’s good homie?” (Ok, I didn’t say that of course), seeing all of these big name sports journalists like Michael Wilbon of ESPN and Dan Mcneil (Who was the host of the event) as well as New York comedian Bobby Collins and NFL legend and Chicago Slaughter head coach Steve “Mongo” McMichael, and I’m just walking around like it’s no big deal and of course people were staring at me and I loved it. Was I nervous? Absolutely, but once I interviewed a few of the guys including Michael Wilbon and Dan Mcneil, it was getting comfortable to me and I was able to enjoy the roast for free which was a blast. Anytime, you see a big star in your journalism career, you’re going to a little nervous on the approach but when you go up to them, stay professional , do not get star struck because they’re people just like you and be respectful and have thick skin at the same time. Also, be aggressive with your interviews.

Don’t be afraid to get as many interviews as you can because sometimes you may not get the best answers from certain people and need better quotes for an article and the same goes for radio, get good soundbytes (quotes on the airwaves) as this helps readers look at what others have said with different thoughts in a sports article and gives the radio listeners a different voice in there and gives YOU, the host a bit of a break because you can save your breath when you play an interview or soundbyte from an interview which by the way, interviews are a great way to throw other voices and opinions on your radio show, podcast or YouTube show or vlog. You can also write blogs on sites like WordPress (Hmmm, never heard of that place before), Blogger and if you want to do your own podcasts, you can get USB microphones from places like Best Buy or Radio Shack and use websites like Pod-O-Matic where you can upload shows that you recorded on Adobe Audition or other sound recording programs or you can try Blog Talk Radio’s website where you can host a show through there.

Also, social media is very important when hosting a podcast, online radio show or blog because it extends your show or blog out to other networks which can build your audience. So even if you think you’re just a writer or radio host, try using YouTube for video reports, interviews and vlogs because YouTube is great with monetizing and building your audience but be sure to put links of your blog and/or podcast in the description after each upload so that way when people look at your videos, then they may spot your links and want to take a look, after all, new readers, listeners and viewers want to know more about you and if they like you then you never know, those readers, viewers or listeners could be potential employers. If you plan on doing interviews through YouTube, I’d say be sure to use a recorder while you interview your person even if the audio on your camera is good because it’s always good to have audio so you can put it on Adobe Audition for producing. Speaking of audio, Sound Cloud is a great way to upload any audio you recorded so you can share through social media sites and your blog and if you haven’t noticed yet, Sound Cloud is what I use when I upload sounds to this blog and it comes out nice and crisp.

You can also use Movie Maker to place a picture with your audio so you can save it as a movie file to upload to YouTube as an audio file but if you can, try to keep it 3 minutes or less since YouTube is meant for visuals, people may not want to hear ten minutes of just talk unless your audio becomes successful on YouTube then you can probably extend it because people want more. As for the writing side of things, try to write at least two to three times a week so you can keep your blog fresh for readers to come back for more of your writing excellence. Also, another thing you can do is have your own domain name so that it makes your blog look more professional and will look GREAT on business cards. The WordPress “Learn WordPress” link at the very bottom of the screen is a great way to learn how to build an audience and get more hits. Wait, what’s that? You want to get a gig right away? Ok, well, what i recommend is that if you’re into writing, contact your local newspaper and see if they let you cover golf for the local high schools or cover some local amateur tournaments which is a great way to cover fresh young talent that could be PGA Tour stars in the future.

They might also possibly let you write part time for their website but if you email them, be sure to give them anything you have, writing samples, demos, links to your blogs, resume etc. Show them why YOU are a good candidate so you can definitely contact the local paper’s sports editor to see if you get a shot at covering local area golf which will eventually build to bigger and better things and if they tell you that you have to cover other sports too then do it because you may end up covering golf anyway and this is a great way to network with other writers which can open the door to the next level because they know you and they can let their bosses know that you’re a good person to call or email for a sweet gig. As for radio and TV, the best way to get your foot in the door is contacting a local radio station or TV station to see if they would let you intern with them which can eventually lead to you covering golf if you let them know where your interests are and like with working with newspapers, this is a very good network opportunity.

The interning duties at a radio or TV station may include different tasks that aren’t wanted such as getting coffee for the hosts or doing other errands but then there are other great opportunities too such as helping out with production. Small town stations are a GREAT way too get a lot of hands on experience and get great contacts. Don’t get me wrong, interning at a big city station is great too because it gives you good city station experience and also gets you great contacts but you will get more hands on experience in a small town station and will probably get just as great of contacts as the bog city stations but if you want to contact a city station for an internship then go for it! There’s nothing wrong with it whatsoever. Finally, before you finish your internship or part time gig with a newspaper, website, TV or radio station, make sure to grab as many phone numbers (From employers and not hitting on girls…well maybe that too), emails, business cards and any other info possible from the people you worked with because they may have connections that can lead you to another great job and be sure to work hard and give %1781889919188 so that the employers you worked/interned for will remember you because they respected your hard work and effort. TRY YOUR BEST! Also, be sure to get info from the person who is in charge of sports at your newspaper or station because they may have connections with GOLF MEDIA PERSONALITIES and/or WRITERS and that’s what you wanted right? Sweet!

And while you’re at your internship/part time gig, be sure to enjoy it and have fun! This is a fun and rewarding business and remember that you’re blessed to be in the position that you’re in regardless if it’s a local newspaper or radio station because eventually you’ll rise up in the ranks anyway. So, try your best, work hard, persevere, NEVER let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do, never give up and always stay humble and the reward will be big. I hope this helped, I know this was a long post but I really want to get this out there for aspiring golf journalists and journalists in general because this really is a great industry and there are so many ways you can get involved with it and touch so many lives with the stories you write and the words you choose. Stay fresh WordPress. Colin, out.

Do you have questions in regards to this post? Do you need advice about your journalism career? Then please do not hesitate to email me at or tweet me on Twitter: @ChiGolfRadio

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Where is Phil Ranked Among the All-Time Greats?

Phil Mickelson: A True Golfing Legend

Phil Mickelson: A True Golfing Legend

Phil is Also One of the Classiest Players in the Game.

Phil is Also One of the Classiest Players in the Game.

Phil Mickelson, known by his famous nickname as “Lefty”, has really put himself in the same list as some of golf’s all-time greats such as Billy Casper, Byron Nelson, and Lee Trevino. Why did I mention those players specifically you might ask? Because Phil has two more majors than Billy, as many as Byron and is only one behind Lee, so he’s in the same boat as those guys who are all legendary names. Phil is also a hall of famer like those guys too. So, where does “Lefty” rank among the greats in the game? He has five majors, 51 wins worldwide, 42 of those on the PGA Tour where he ranks ninth all-time in wins, is one of the best short game players in golf history and is a hall of famer. I probably wouldn’t say he’s in the top 10 but, if he can get maybe one or two more majors or get at least 5 more wins on his resume then I’ll throw him in the top 10 without question. Hes a top 15 player though, there’s no question about that.

He’s been an all around type of player his whole career whether it’s his great driving ability, ball striking, recovery and chip and pitching game, he has been top notch. We have also seen him make some amazing putts and recovery shots because how can we not forget that incredible shot he made on the 13th at Augusta in 2010? That was a fun Masters too that featured a charging Anthony Kim (Where are you AK?). He’s so close to being top 10, its like a putt you hit that stops right by the lip of the cup (That’s when you either A. hope the wind blows it in or B. swing your club right round right round! While making angry screaming sounds that nobody can understand).
Phil has what it takes to be not only top 10 but top five. Who else has been better than him the past 10 years other than that Tiger Woods dude? I’d have to say nobody.

The closest to him would be fellow World Golf Hall of Fame member Ernie Els who has two majors in the past 11 years as to where Phil has all five of his majors just in the past 10 years. Simply remarkable when you look at it, he won THREE Masters in one decade including a PGA Championship title while getting his first Open Championship this past weekend which was his first of the new decade (2010 to 2020). For him to dominate as a left handed golfer for all these years is amazing considering you don’t see left handed golfers as often on Tour. So, on that impressive note (for Phil, not me), I think Mr.Mickelson is 11th all-time on my greatest golfers list. Where do YOU rank arguably the greatest left handed golfer of our time? You have FIVE SECONDS to decide, no I’m just kidding!

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Phil Wins His First Open Championship

Happy Phil Holding a Happy Claret Jug!

Happy Phil Holding a Happy Claret Jug!

Lee Westwood Was So Close!

Lee Westwood Was So Close!

I Love That Putter Grip!

I Love That Putter Grip!

After collapsing at the U.S. Open yet again, Phil Mickelson made an incredible comeback to take the Claret Jug home for his first British Open title after finishing -3 beating the rest of the field by a solid three strokes with former world top 10 player Henrik Stenson finishing in second. Lee Westwood was very close to winning his first major but collapsed again down the stretch to finish fifth, making Lee’s major record fall to 0-62. There’s no question, Lee is one of the best players in the last 10 years or so worldwide and he’s ninth all-time in wins on the European Tour with 22 but if he wins a major, then that will just add to the success he’s already had and place a dent as him being of Europe’s all-time greats.Phil has had his share of upsets too, but with the U.S. Open.

His Open victory at Muirfield will definitely help him forget his U.S. Open collapse and build him more confidence going into the PGA Championship which is the one major that a lot of people say is the player’s last shot at glory and Phil Mickelson looks to try and win two straight majors as he’s already had a terrific year. With Lee Westwood’s collapse, this marks the second straight collapse at a major where a player had the lead going into the final round but failed to finish.

Lee looks to try take away anyone’s chances at winning arguably one of the most beautiful trophies in sports. The Wanamaker Trophy which is what a lot of people picture of when they vision the look of a trophy. Big, round, with two handles on it, and I’m sure Lee would like to do nothing better than raise that trophy for his first major.

Big ups to Phil though, very well deserved and he was able to get through a very tough Muirfield course where no player finished under par except for Phil himself. This is also the second straight time we’ve seen almost all of the players finish even or over par but Phil obviously was the only one who finished under par.

Phil ended up with an impressive -5 round on Sunday to seal his victory for his fifth major title tying him with Seve Ballesteros and Byron Nelson and if he wins a U.S. Open next year which, as we know he’s very capable of, then he will be only the 7th player in history along with Gene Sarazen, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods to have the career grand slam.

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A GP Golf Report Quickie: My Open Championship Pick

The Oldest trophy in Major Championship Golf

The Oldest trophy in Major Championship Golf

The Great Luke Donald. Chi-Town's Own

The Great Luke Donald. Chi-Town’s Own

The Open Championship is right in our sights and I hope everyone enjoys watching this great legendary event with friends and family. Meanwhile I’ll probably be following the action on the radio after they did such an excellent job with the Open coverage on the radio last year. I think it will be a tough field with a lot of great players that are hungry to hold the oldest major trophy in golf.

My pick is a guy who has been one of the best putters in the game and is arguably one of the most accurate players in golf history. Maybe other than Lee Westwood and Steve Stricker, nobody is as hungry for a major title than him. He is Chicago and England’s guy Luke Donald who has quietly been solid this year but is still looking for that first major.

He is a guy who will destroy you on the fairways and he is one of the all-time greatest when it comes to sand saves and that will be huge as the Open Championship courses tend to have some of the toughest bunkers in golf. So Luke Donald will win this year’s Open Championship and he will finally get his chance to place himself among the all-time greats in the game.

He’s already proven how good he is over the years and the defying moment of him hoisting the Claret Jug will build his confidence at a dangerous rate which could lead him to even more majors. He will be hall of fame eligible if he pulls off a victory at the Open OR at the PGA Championship.So remember that I said Luke Donald will take the Open crown this week but other than that, everyone enjoy Open Championship weekend!

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