How 2K Can Make the Greatest Golf Game of All-Time

2K Sports' World Famous Logo

2K Sports’ World Famous Logo

The EA Sports World Famous Logo

The EA Sports World Famous Logo

2K Sports has created terrific sports games such the legendary NBA 2K games and the popular NFL 2K which are no longer around and now, their latest project is WWE 2K14, will release in October and seems like it will be fantastic with the physics that 2K uses on their games. The “Links” golf series was a product of Take Two Interactive and was a very popular game but was overshadowed by the success of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour Series which has become a major mainstream success, not only in America but in the world. If 2K can make a golf game then it can really battle with the Tiger Woods series because, think about the endless possibilities of features 2K can have as well as throwing that incredible world famous 2K physics and mechanics into the game. 2K can easily define the beauty of golf through a video game made by them. One of the things I hear a lot is that they don’t have the PGA or PGA Tour license (PGA and PGA Tour are two separate things for those of you that are new to the game of golf) because EA has it and now EA has Augusta National in the game (Tiger 14 is a great game). Really though, 2K does NOT need the PGA or PGA Tour license to make a high quality golf game. If the game doesn’t have any bugs and it the gameplay mechanics are beautiful which 2K is terrific at doing then it will be a great game. Besides, there are SO many other legendary courses that aren’t licensed with the PGA Tour like Carnoustie in Scotland, Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois and Pine Valley Golf Club. Speaking of Pine Valley, that reminds me, EA doesn’t have a license with Pine Valley GC which means 2K can try and take advantage of having the former NO.1 ranked course (Now, 2nd behind Augusta) in the world in the game.

A Screenshot from Links 204, the Latest and Last Version of the Game.

A Screenshot from Links 2004, the Latest and Last Version of the Game.

That will bring fun competition to the video game world and will give golf fans the chance to choose between EA, the game with Augusta, or 2K, the game with Pine Valley. That would be a very fun thing to go by for customers and would make a great advertisement. As for players, almost nobody uses players in the Tiger Woods game because everyone wants to use their created golfer. The only exception is this year’s game which features some of the greatest legends in golf history such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Seve Ballesterios. The legends they didn’t include were Gene Sarazen, Walter Hagen, and Byron Nelson. Those are legends that can easily be featured in 2K’s golf game and those, alone are some very good players and some other players that can be featured are Payne Stewart, Nick Faldo and Harry Vardon. That’s six already, just add Old and Young Tom Morris and possibly Chi Chi Rodriguez (Not a major winner but he has hall of fame numbers, mostly coming from the Champions Tour however) and you have nine popular legends right there, can’t keep Billy Casper out either. The mechanics of a 2K golf game would be incredible so I don’t understand why they can’t make a golf game or could have just continued the “Links” series under their license. In all honesty, it’s boring to see no competition out on the market when it comes to golf video games and a much as I enjoy the Tiger Woods series, I am a huge fan of 2K Sports and they do such a great job with the NBA 2K series that I feel it’s time for them to make a game that will truly put the realism of their games to the test because no sport shows the combination of art, beauty and drama like this game we all love called golf. The courses, and designs would fit perfectly with 2K sports’ style and vibe.

The soundtrack could be a variety as there’s no specific music for golf, like there is for football (Hip Hop & Rock), baseball (Mostly Rock but a little Hip Hop), basketball (Mostly Hip Hop but a little bit of Rock) or hockey ( All Rock but maybe a tad bit of Hip Hop every once in awhile). Golf has different styles and 2K is known for creating amazing soundtracks so the possibilities are endless when it comes to music in 2K’s golf game. The game could bring back the “Links” name and call it “Links 2K14 (Or 15)” as well making sound unique instead of just “Golf 2K14” but then again they can take a certain player and name it “John Daly’s Golf 2K14” as an example (Got to love JD) but the reason why the “PGA Tour” isn’t featured in the title because as I mentioned earlier, the PGA Tour license is in the Tiger Woods game. I hope 2K would really take this idea into consideration because it gets tiring seeing no other authentic golfing games out there on the market and I feel 2K would be the best fit for having golf on their repertoire of games because they’re lacking games right now after getting rid of the NHL 2K series, College Hoops Series and the NFL 2K series. So now, I think it’s time for a savior 2K because the MLB 2K games are getting blown away by MLB the Show series so I think a 2K golf game could actually be competitive out there and would make a lot of golf fans happy.

2K can make this happen and I think now’s the time especially when we are in a unique time in the sport as more players are winning majors and a more diverse group of players are coming out of college. Dear 2K Sports, the time is NOW. Make the greatest golf game to hit the market, AT LEAST propose the idea. There’s no better time than now to make a great golf game with deep fresh features and fresh new legends and courses while also having a deep customization feature. A course creator idea would also be amazing. If a course creator is made then the sales will sky rocket because that is a highly demanded feature in golf video games. Golf gamers everywhere are counting on you 2K. Your friend, Colin.

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The Fued of Sergio and Tiger is Finished, Done, Over

Tiger Woods, Looking Like...Tiger!

Tiger Woods, Looking Like…Tiger!

Sergio Garcia Looks Upset!

Sergio Garcia Looks Upset!

The last couple of weeks has been pretty hectic since Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia went at it at The Players Championship, and to be fair, golf is not the sport for players to whine and moan at each other. They make plenty of money traveling the world and playing on beautiful courses for a living, similar to all of the beefs with rappers like when Nas and Jay-z used to go at it and I happen to be a fan of both, it’s like shut up and tear up the mic. Same thing with the golfers, shut up and swing, the tradition of golf is that it’s supposed to be a “gentleman’s game” well you didn’t see that with these guys and same applies with other golfers like Vijay Singh and Rory Sabbatini who always seem to be jerks. Of course, Sergio’s latest stupid thing is the mention of fried chicken when asked if he would invite Tiger to dinner, and of course he’s going to say “We would have fried chicken”. That comment he made was offense to me because I’m half black so it definitely made me angry, and I know it offended others as well. I love how some people just assume all of us black and half black people just eat fried chicken. So do white people, so do Spaniards, so does everybody else, chicken is delicious food that we all love to eat and is a great topping on many other foods as well.

Like in burritos, on pizzas, in Chinese food, chicken is just a great kind of food and it great, fried, baked or grilled. So Sergio just needs to shut his mouth and worry about getting his first major championship BUT hold on here, I’m not letting Tiger off the hook either. Tiger made me angry also because this is at least the fourth or fifth time he has had something racial thrown at him and he hasn’t stood up to it. I had people tell me that t’s a good thing that he’s staying quiet but I’m not saying he should yell at Sergio and call him names, I just think he should “politely” stand up for his people.

You are arguably the most powerful African-American figure in the world, when someone throws racial slurs at you, STAND UP, don’t just let it slide because that’s a disgrace to your people. I honestly don’t think he appreciates his culture and where he came from. Example, in the forward of the book “Uneven Fairways” (Excellent book by the way, very well written), which is a book about African-Americans in the history of the game of golf, Tiger never mentioned ONE single thing about his black side. That whole forward he never brought up the side that helped him get into the game in the first place. The side where many of his ancestors died for him. I mentioned this same thing on my radio show on I just don’t think he appreciates his culture and that’s terrible considering how powerful of a figure he is in the black community and he doesn’t want to stand up. Again, don’t yell at Sergio and call him names, just stand up and say you don’t appreciate it is all.

I would say the same exact thing if it was the opposite. Example, I love both my Polish and African-American side. If he always mentioned his black side but never his Asian side then I would say that he doesn’t appreciate his Asian side and that would be a problem also so I’m not just defending the one race. I’m defending those who aren’t getting appreciated, like some blacks that aren’t appreciated due to Tiger’s lack of supporting his people. The more he stays quiet, the more racial comments he shall receive. He may still receive them but AT LEAST he stood up and gave African-Americans something to clap for. This goes beyond the game of golf. Tiger needs to realize how powerful he really is and that he can inspire many young black kids all around the world and standing for who he is would be a big step and I think a lot of people would appreciate it. On that note, to all of the children around the world, never EVER forget who you are and where you came from, no matter how successful you become. Don’t change for NOBODY, not even the president of the United States of America. Be yourself, stay true, love who you are, and nothing will stop you because God made you who you are because you’re very special and he will have a plan for you if you appreciate yourself and set goals for your life.

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Fresh New Sound is Here!

Gary McCord's Interview can be Found in the "Audio" section of the site!

Gary McCord’s Interview can be Found in the “Audio” section of the site!

Hey all, hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day supporting our troops who served this great nation! There are two EXCLUSIVE interviews in the Audio section of the website. One was my interview with legendary hall of fame golf course architect Pete Dye, creator of legendary TPC Sawgrass which I mentioned a couple of times on this site and popular golf analyst and writer Gary McCord who parterned with David Feherty for a long time. So head on over to the Audio section to enjoy the interviews everyone! Share if you would like!

Have a blessed day!

– Colin Mieczkowski
– Site Owner

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Is the Players Championship the Fifth Major?

TPC Sawgrass's Beautiful "Major Like" Clubhouse

TPC Sawgrass’s Beautiful “Major Like” Clubhouse

TPC Sawgrass's Legendary 17th Hole

TPC Sawgrass’s Legendary 17th Hole

Each year, fans all over the world come together to watch the Players Championship and it never fails to excite. The beautiful pete Dye designed golf course, the Florida breeze, the tough competition, they all blend in together to make one of the most exciting and popular tournaments of the year but the one question that people ask, “Is the Players a fifth major?” all comes to mind. I personally believe it is because the tradition of it that makes it special. In a way, it has similarities to the Masters because each tournament is played at the same course each year which is the legendary TPC Sawgrass and it’s palayed down south like the Masters and both feature the biggest names in golf. The only thing that’s different is the fact that the Players doesn’t have a trophy that is as recognizable to the world as the Green Jacket at the Masters. The astonishing thing about TPC Sawgrass is how quickly it became a successful course.

It has only been around for about 35 years while some courses have been around for almost 100 years and the way Sawgrass gained popularity at such a fast rate is what’s incredible and now look, people are considering it the fifth major and the 17th hole is considered the most famous hole in the world, at least the most famous par 3 in the world. Many legends have came to play at Sawgrass as well and that’s why it’s one of the most legendary courses in all of golf. It’s hard not to argue that it is the fifth major. This again goes back to the “tradition of the game”. Well guess what, all four majors didn’t become majors in the same year so what does that tell you? The tradition is constantly changing so people need to stop bringing up “tradition” because the game never started with the British Open, U.S. Open, PGA Championship and The Masters so the tradition changed a long time ago so I see no reason why The Players Championship shouldn’t be a major, if anything it will make the game more exciting and that gives more exciting major championship golf to look forward to each year and as we know, nothing makes the game more exciting than the drama of major championship golf.

Plus, I think Pete Dye, a man who has helped change the game with all of his game changing courses deserves to have a major championship on arguably who most popular masterpiece. The players really get into the tournament and the setting is perfect, it feels like you’re in a coliseum watching golfers preparing to duke it out with thousands of fans watching their every swing. The course is beautiful and challenging and is unique from anything else in golf. Plus, it can easily boost up TV ratings because with it being a major, even more fans will watch and they’re already getting good numbers right now so making it a major just makes it that much sweeter and it gives the writers a bit more to write about. If The Players Championship became a major then everybody who appreciates this wonderful game will be very happy.

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Three Cheers for the Red, White and Boo!

Boo Weekley, Your 2013 Crowne Plaza Invitational Champion and 2008 Ryder Cup Hero

Boo Weekley, Your 2013 Crowne Plaza Invitational Champion and 2008 Ryder Cup Hero

Once, a beloved Ryder Cup hero, pulled off a victory at Colonial for his third career PGA Tour victory. Doesn’t seem like a lot but he has been finishing fairly strong in tournaments throughout his career so he could have won at least two or three more tournaments. He’s a very good golfer and has great touch around the greens. He’s not a great putter but his approach from 200 yards out is terrific as he ranks 20th on the PGA Tour in that category. If his recovery and putting skills can improve then he will win many more tournaments on Tour but those are arguably the two most important skills to have and he doesn’t have them right now but is very good in every other area. Although his putting as a whole isn’t the best, his putting out of 25ft is phenomenal.

He’s a terrific ball striker and hits his irons and wedges well. He’s also extremely accurate off the tee and the more fairways he hits the more he’ll take advantage of his incredible Ball Striking skills. He’s 4th on Tour in Ball Striking and 18th in Driving Accuracy Percentage which shows how good of a player he is. Despite only having three wins, he is easily one of the most under rated players on Tour. He’s nearly masterful at skills a lot of other players don’t have. His putting just isn’t up to par. If he was a much better putter then he would be very dangerous on Tour. He’s 185th on Tour in Putting/Strokes Gained.

If his putting is improved then he could rise up in the ranks on Tour unless other skills start to fall off but when a player’s Accuracy and Ball Striking is as good as Boo’s, it’s almost impossible not to finish in the top 25 almost every tournament. He’s also terrific with Eagle opportunities, he’s 3rd on Tour with eight Eagles this season. He defeated another very accurate player and defending champion in Zach Johnson and an all around player in Matt Kuchar who then was the highest ranked player in the field. He’s finished in the top 10 three times this year, ranking tied for 8th, tied for 6th and 2nd respectively. The Tampa Bay Championship, where he finished 2nd, could have been his third victory before his victory at Colonial but just came up short.

He also has never finished worse than 70th all season with the exception of two missed cuts, one being at the Sony Open at the beginning of the season and one just last week at the HP Byron Nelson Championship ironically. So keep an eye out for Boo this year, although he’s still a very popular player, he’s an under rated player this year so keep an eye out because his latest victory in five year could be a momentum booster and the season is still fairly young.

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The New GP Golf Report

Pete Dye, one of the Greatest Figures in Golf History

Pete Dye, One of the Greatest Figures in Golf History

Hello all, proud to announce that is now! This is a huge step for the site as having your own domain name means that the doors are open and everything looks more professional. Still will write about golf whether it’s national news or my opinions on the game, the GP Golf Report will remain the same. Stay tuned, as I will have some treats in the audio section of the site also. I had the chance to chat with former CBS golf announcer and funny guy Gary McCord as well as have a chat with hall of fame golf course architect and only the 6th winner of the PGA Lifetime Achievement award, Pete Dye. So welcome to the fresh new domain of the GP Golf Report! Thank you for your support everyone! Now let’s reach 1000 hits shall we? Thanks again!

– Colin Mieczkowski
– Site Admin

Please feel free to email me at with any questions or comments.

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The Players Championship 2013: Another Year, Another Classic Tournament

ThePlayerLogoHole 17 Sawgrass

Well, The Players Championship has finished and Tiger Woods ends up coming out with the victory for his fourth win of the season. He and Sergio Garcia both led the tournament while having a not-so-friendly exchange of words making it a heated and entertaining battle coming down the stretch.

At the beginning of this tournament it was Roberto Castro who led the way with a record tying performance making it arguably the most dominant opening round in Players Championship history. However, he quickly fell down the leaderboard and ended up finishing tied for 19th with a slew of players including Luke Donald, Zach Johnson and Jason Day, so in the end he still had a strong finish overall and his game should be appreciated and that just shows that there is so much talent on the PGA Tour and Castro is a perfect example of that, even on a course that is a Pete Dye design which is always a challenge, he still managed to play at a high level until Garcia and Woods both charged up the leaderboard and TPC Sawgrass eventually got the best of Castro.

Surely the hall of fame architect Dye appreciates the great competition that has been seen over the years at TPC Sawgrass and have a hole that is arguably considered the most famous in all of golf at the 17th at which Garcia failed to execute when it mattered. Woods has won four tournaments this year with his victory at the “Fifth Major” but still needs to win a major to be the tiger of old. If he didn’t win so many majors back then, then Tiger is in fact back, but the reputation for him grew largely because of his wins at the majors so he will never be back unless he can win a major almost every year like he did back then, he’s just a very good golfer now, but he’s not back to original Woods form like back in the early 2000’s, not even close, especially when Rory Mcilroy won five tournaments just last year including a major.

So it’s still going to take a lot before he’s “back” so appreciate how he’s playing now, don’t worry about him being “back” as those days are gone. Look ahead with the Woods that’s out there now and see how things turn out. He will win tournaments but it’s definitely uncertain when he will win another major, the closest he’s ever gotten was at The Masters and the competition is extremely more fierce than ever before as more and more players rise to occasion to finish strong in majors so Woods has a lot against him and there a lot of very talented players hungry for their first major championship like Kevin Streelman for example who has been playing out of his mind for someone who only has one victory this year.

In almost every tournament Streelman is always towards the top of the leaderboard and he finished second at The Players. If there’s one guy that has a very high chance to win a major this year then it’s definitely Streelman. The Chicago native has proven that he’s the real deal on tour and can compete with the best of the best including Woods and Garcia. Streelman could have had at two or three wins this year and that’s how good he’s played and it kind of came out of now where although, he already proved he was a solid player last year but this year he has come into his own and it’s amazing to see. With the U.S. Open coming around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity for him to finish victorious and get that first major.

Guys he needs to look out for are Jason Day who seems to always be in contention at majors and is very hungry for his first title and Lee Westwood who finished strong at TPC Sawgrass and is also hungry for a major himself. Others that finished in the top 10 at The Players are former Players champion Henrik Stenson, long hitter Ryan Palmer, long putt master and “Golf Boy” Ben Crane, former world number one Mcilroy, the ever talented Martin Laird and Brandt Snedeker who still remains a trooper out there.

This was another exciting year of The Players Championship and next year looks to be just as fun and full of memories and maybe even more trash talk if Woods and Garcia are in the top ten again next year.

(Credit of this article goes to a piece I wrote on

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Is Golf Media Rising or Falling?


As golf starts to get more popular as time goes on, the media remains a huge part of the action on and off the course. The question that must be asked is, is it rising or falling? If it’s rising then this
would be great for the game because without great media coverage, the game of golf would be nothing as with any other sport, but golf media is unique because to cover so many different events all around the world and that’s what makes it awesome because every approach of the coverage is different from another because each enviornment is changed and so does the list of players in the event. There are a lot of great broadcasters and writers in the golf industry and it shows with many great stories and analysis. The one thing that most people who think the game is boring may find interesting is that play-by-play on the radio for golf sounds better than ont TV even though, nothing against play-by-play on TV but the radio is just better because the broadcaster is more descriptive than on the TV because the action is right in front of his or her face.

The listener can just hear the swing of the club from tee to green and the sound of the wind blowing on a blade of grass not to mention it sometimes seems like there’s two color commentators out there as the play-by-play man will give his thoughts as well and be precise on stats and hole history at a certain just like the color guy although the color guy of course is extra precise on his thoughts. The writing side of golf media is like poetry, it flows with words and phrases that only golf can bring to writing. Fairways, greens, off the tee, touch around the greens, etc. Words or phrases like those help shape the way sportswriters write and that’s why golf media is so beautfiul and that’s way it should keep growing. The combimnation of great players, courses and tournaments make the game unique already, but throw in a guy with a microphone or somebody with a pen or laptop and fans get some of the best coverage in sports anywhere.

Golf media is very under rated and it’s obvious but the way the game is evolving , it looks to open the doors for future golden mics and platinum pens and keep the game as beautiful as it already is.

(Images above, David Feherty and Jason Sobel, writer for

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Long Putter Really Does Not Make Much of a Difference


Players have won many tournaments using long putters and three or four of the last five majors. However, many fans and players of the game dislike the long putter and feel that it’s an advantage more than anything. Many believe that it kills the pressure that a regular putter has because of the seperation of the hands but let’s be honest. It’s about the player him or herself. If they are poor putters then it’s not going to matter what putter they use. If anything, using a long putter would be a challenge once the player makes the change because the way it needs to be gripped is somewhat uncomfortable compared to normal putters. Yes, players can get used to it but just like when they first picked up a short putter. Same thing, had to get used to it. Adam Scott’s a guy who uses one and took him awhile to get a major but finally got one at the Masters.

It totally depends how good the player is at putting in general because if the long putter was such an advantage, then why haven’t they won every tournament? Because they haven’t so that right there alone shows the over reacting to the long putter. Some say it kills the tradition of of the game of golf and it’s like okay, then why isn’t anyone really saying anything about the hybrids? I like hybrids but I’m just saying, why isn’t anyone talking smack about those? They want to rip on long putters and they do absolutley nothing to improve your game, it’s just a prefereance and everybody should have the right to use them. Period. As a matter of fact, long putters are actually fairly tough to use for long putt so therefore, it brings a challenge and again it depends on how good the player is as a putter. If he or she sucks at putting then they won’t do anything with either putter.

It just takes practice, just like any other part of the game such as driving and ball striking. Besides long putters have been around for a few years and people are just starting to rip it now? Bernhard Langer used it all the time on the Champions Tour and still does. He was one of the most dominant players on the Champions Tour but it wasn’t because of his long putter. He was consistant with his iron shots and had sof touch around the greens. A putter is a putter folks. It doesn’t matter what putter you use, you will miss putts and make putts.

I’m not saying everyone should use a long putter, I’m saying everyone should have the right to use one and not take all of the beatings through social media that it gets. It’s fine to criticize, that’s what makes this country beautiful is opinions, but the way some people have acted over these putter is a little rediculous. And although the long putters will be banned in 2016, some people still want to complain. That’s cute. Everyone has a right in the United States of America’s golf courses.

You can contact me anytime at

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