The PS4 is in the hoouussee!!


The PS4 is coming out around the holiday season and it should be exciting!

I surprised how soon it was announced but it’s cool too! Orgionally it was suppose to be out in 2015 but now we have a reason to speed up to the holiday season again.

Oh by the way, did I mention that this is my 10th post? HOORAY!! Ok, back to PS4 goodness! they never released photos of the actual system not that I know of anyway, but the controller has a photo and it looks AMAZING (Pictured above) in my personal opinion.

it has a touch pad AND buttons. Buttons and pads! the perfect combination….well maybe. But the gripping of the controller looks TIGHT and looks like it will be smooth to play with.

A lot of new games will come exclusively for the PS4 like the game I’m looking forward to which is Watch Dogs, a game that is in an open world environment and takes place in the city I love which is Chicago.

The graphics?….Oh the graphics look like as if you or me are in the game. So look for more news on the PS4 and I will be sure to write another post on this historic gaming revolution.

Doesn’t that controller make you wanna drool in gaming goodness? You know it waters your mouth! That controller is so awesome that I would put it on a chain to put around my neck! True story!!

Till next time, PEACE, ADIOS, SIANARA! And be sure to tune in to my golf radio show, the Windy City Golf Connection every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 7:30 PM CT on (Including tonight)!

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