Matty Matt Wins WGC Match Play & Down Goes Poulter! Down Goes Poulter!


Everyone’s favorite kind of Matt wins the Accenture WGC Match Play….like a BOSS!

He defeated defending champ Hunter Mahan today with a 2 and 1 victory in Arizona.

I love Hunter Mahan, but I really enjoy the way Matt Kuchar plays.

He goes out there with confidence and it shows with every hole he plays.

He isn’t an all around player but is good in many fields like his approach game. If there weren’t so many talented players on Tour right now, Matt Kuchar would be a furry & ferocious beast with sharp fangs and foam mouth.

There was a time however where Matt was the hottest American player on Tour. But now that role is being filled by Brandt Snedeker but you can easily putt Kuchar back in the picture again after a solid performance today.

Also, how about Mr. Poulter? You know, that guy that wears all of those funky clothes?

Yeah well, that dude is normally the best “funking” Match player in the game of Golf, maybe even one of the best in the history of the game.

The only reason why he probably wouldn’t rank super high is because he is still young and hasn’t been on Tour long enough. I like Ian Poulter.

His attitude is “Ok” but he can be a heck of a player at times, esspecially with these Match Play tournements.

At one point in time he was 6th in the world rankings and got very close to no.1 until gentlemen by the names of Kaymer and Donald came flying in with their capes, one with a picture of Frankfurt Germany on his back and the other with both a picture of London and Chicago on his back.

Eventually, Poulter said “DERP!” and took off and made way for the two other golfers and then well, we knew what happened when a certain “Mcilroy” came along.

Anyways, Matt Kuchar is already on his way to becoming one of American golf’s elite as he has the talent and is hungry for more wins as he only has a few wins on his resume with no Major titles.

It will be very interesting to see how he does down the road this season. With Matt, Snedeker, Tiger and Phil, American golf may just bring sexy back ya’ll! Til next time, PEACE, ADIOS, SIANARAA!

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Brandt Snedeker Could be a Monster on Tour This year

_[500-500]_Snedeker_1Brandt Snedeker, Mr. Bridgestone. The putting machine. The Man!

Brandt Snedeker has had an amazing season so far on the PGA Tour and I’m not talking about wins.

He’s been in the top 5 in almost every tournement this year and that’s terrific not to mention he did just pick up his first victory of the season at Pebble Beach yesterday.

He’s 3rd on Tour in putting, and is in double digit or less when it comes to all of his stats. The only stat that falls into triple digits is his Driving Distance. Other than that he is having a pheonomenal year.

His putting has been helping him out the most as I said before he is third in putting and has also been accurate with his drives. He has quickly become an all around type of player and will definently win a couple more tournements if he keeps this up.

His play is absolutley disgusting and nasty and definently has opened a few eyes.

Brandt has always been a solid player and a popular one at that but right now he’s on fire and I’m not sure if this is just some early season heat wave or is he really this good?

Either way, it’s a lot of fun to watch and it’s good to see someone from the south rise up again. Although I am a Chicagoan, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the south side not to mention they gave us Myrtle Beach.

which in my opinion is the mecca of American Golf.

Snedeker has been so good this year that he easily could be a favorite to win a major. He has all the tools to do it. The only that could possibly haunt him is his driving distance.

But he’s so accurate with his drives that it doesn’t really matter how far his drives go.

If Brandt can keep this kind of play up, we may be seeing a potential Major champion and Player of the Year on Tour.

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Why Free Realms is Awesome

thCAGNCK8ORecently I downloaded Free Realms on my PS3 and I gotta say I really enjoy it.

It’s a great online only experience that features an open world enviornment kind of like that of Skyrim.

The open world experience in my opinion is what makes it such a sweet game because you get to do whatever the heck you want in a big world that also includes tons of fun games to play as well.

They even have jobs. What I mean by jobs are, you can run around in the game as a Chef, Soccer player, Archer, Wizard, Ninja or even a Brawler! Now some jobs won’t allow you to fight but a lot of them will like the Ninja, or Brawler.

But the Socccer player and Chef obviously can’t fight (I wish). There’s also racing games, cooking games, etc. After completing these games, you recieve rewards and it’s cool because it uses a “Spin the Wheel” type of approach to your rewards which is nice becuase it gets you excited for the prize and what prize you will end up getting as appose to just getting a reward.

The games are fun and you also meet a lot of people along the way and can add them as friends or even challenge them to a duel.

You start off as an Adventurer which is basically a dude or girl in street clothes. You can level up on each job by completing goals and in the case of a fighter, the player can level up by completing combat missions and an Adventurer can level up by finding hidden collectibles all around the 8 different enviornments which is pretty cool.

As I said, there are 8 different enviornments to explore and they all look great. After awhile it might get a little boring once you seen everything and played every game but it’s so deep that it’s amazing. You can use your time to level up you jobs or meet up online with friends which adds to Free Realms’ replay value. It’s a free to play game as well.

There some games and weapons you can’t use if you don’t get a subscription but the free experience is very deep. You can also purchase different types of weapons which add to the experience. The only drawbacks are the fact that I haven’t seen any sort of update or news updates of upcoming features or enviornments.

If Free Realms can have updates on any new features in the game then the replay value will grow to even greater hieghts. Hopefully we will see something like this in the future.

Otherwise, Free Realms is a great experience with great online features and has beautiful areas with easy navigation and you can even watch the sunset, sunrise, and go down as you can hang around these areas at night.

So go ahead and download Free Realms either on your PC or PS3. It’s free after all. Till next time, PEACE, ADIOS, SIANARA! Oh yea, I forgot to mention you can choose to play as a human or a fairy!

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Predictions for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14’s “Legends of the Majors” mode

35654A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 video game.

I mentioned most of the cool features that will be in the game this year and now, There was a recently released video regarding the new “Legends of the Majors” mode which I will post in the video section soon and from the looks of it, you start off in the 1880’s and play all the way to the present day and the legends you play against are, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Seve Bellesteros, Slammin Sam Snead and Tiger Woods in his prime.

Looks like you will be able to replay some of the classic major championships that were won by each of these legends except you have to take them down and make sure they lose these majors. Example: You can play against Tiger in the 2008 U.S. Open (Last time he won a major) with your created golfer and beat him to make sure he never gets it in the first place.

I wonder though, would we have to beat both Rocco Mediate AND Tiger Woods? Or just Tiger? It will be interesting to see. One of the little things I noticed in the “LOTM” menu screen is that when you navigate through each time frame, it will play music from that era, like when you are navigating through Bobby Jones’ era, you will hear piano music and when you navigate through Tiger woods’ era you will hear more modern sounding music. That’s pretty cool! I will post new info as I hear it. But right now, I have a soccer game to cover (don’t know alot about soccer but it’s just cool to cover :D). So I will see ya’ll on the next post! PEACE, ADIOS, SIANARAA!

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MLB The Show 13 White Sox Predictions


As a diehard Chicago White Sox fan, I know what it’s like to feel victory (You know who you are 2005) and heartache (Thanks, 2012). But, in the minse of it all, I still love to play a game of baseball in the MLB The Show series.

The first game released in 2006 and the White Sox were considered the defending World Series champions in the game because they were the world champs in 2005 beating the Houston Astros 4 games to none which included a dramatic home run by Scott Podsednik which is considered to be one of the greatest postseason home runs in baseball history.

Pods ended the regular season with zero homers which is one of the reasons that the game 2 home run was so dramatic not to mention he hit the home run off of Brad Lidge in his prime. The Sox were 4th place in MLB 06 The Show behind the Oakland A’s (3rd), Boston Red Sox (2nd) and New York Yankees (1st). In MLB 13 The Show I think the Sox will be ranked 14th in the game considering how well they played last season despite choking down the stretch to the Detroit Tigers.

They have one of the best pitching staffs in the American League which will give them a high pitching rank.

I believe their pitching rank will be 3rd, especially when John Danks comes back. Combine John Danks, Jake Peavy and Chris Sale and you got yourself one of the tougher pitching staffs in baseball as well as a solid bullpen. As for their defense, I think they will be ranked 13th in that category as their outfield play has improved and they still have one of the best 2nd baseman, shortstop combinations in all of baseball with Gordon Beckham and Alexei Ramirez.

So they will overall be a solid defensive team in MLB 13.

Hitting is the one rank that had me asking questions. The Sox hitting has been up and down.

There was some bright spots and dark spots. Paul Konerko was on fire and out of his mind at the same time earlier in the year nearly getting up to a 400. Average getting on base all the time and was an early MVP canidate. He started to fall a bit during the 2nd half of the season.

Adam Dunn had one of the best seasons of his career belting 41 home runs and playing solid defense when replacing Paulie at 1st base. Alex Rios had a cereer year as well showing why he is considered a 5-tool player in baseball. Kevin Youkillis was also a good player last year when he came over to the White Sox from the Red Sox but obviously he’s o longer a White Sox as he is now a Yankee but with the addition of Jeff Keppinger, they get a player that rarely strikes out and hits for good average. He also provides more speed then what Youk had.

The only flaw for Keppinger is ability to it for power but if he can get on base then that’s what’s important.

I think the Sox will have a hitting rank of 18th especially with A.J. leaving the team. Now, I will give my predicition for the top 5 players on the White Sox roster in MLB 13 The Show.


White Sox Roster with overall rating:

1. Chris Sale

Overall: 96

Fielding: 87


2. Alex Rios

Overall: 90

Right Power: 82

Left Power: 85

Fielding: 95


3. Paul Konerko

Overall: 88

Right Power: 88

Left Power: 91

Fielding: 98


4. Jake Peavy

Overall: 86

Fielding: 95

5. Dayan Viciedo

Overall: 82

Right Power: 84

Left Power: 97

Fielding: 74 



So there you have it! Those are my rating predictions for the White Sox in MLB 13 The Show. I hope you guys are just as excited as I am for this game’s release!

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T-Dub 14 should be Happy Fun Times!!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is coming out next month and it looks to be one of the best game releases of the year with legends beinng featured in the game such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer (Cover Boy) and my main man Bobby Jones.

I look forwad to seeing how the swing mechanics are as well because they are suppose to have the ACTUAL swings of the players including the legends and I’m looking forward that because the last couple of years, every single player including my created golfer (me!) had the same exact swing and that is totally unrealistic.

Another I noticed was a full putting stroke even when I’m like, an inch away from the hole! What kind of bleeping bleepingness is that?! Those putts should be TAP INS not full putting strokes. I miss how players had the ability to chose from a variety of swings including my favorite, the John Daly “Grip it & Rip It” swing.

Having Jim Furyk’s swing in the game would be fun considering it looks so off balance and I think it would look hilarious.

Nothing against Jimmy Furyk but I’m just saying so please don’t destroy my soul and throw it in a hole Furyk fans! There’s going to be 24 swing types in the game letting gamers choose from a wider variety than in previous versions and no I’m not talking about YOU TW 12 and 13! You guys were jerks in that category!

Tiger Woods 14 looks to be really deep this year because not only are there legends and different swing types but there are more choices for times of day including night golf! How cool is that? Playing Augusta at night would be a blast in the game I think because some things looks real pretty with the night sky’s moon beaming down on the course.

I caught a peak of what TPC Sawgrass looks like at night and I gotta say I was impressed on how it looked! There’s going to be a illuminated golf balls as well when you’re playing at night so it looks more fun. Everybody likes glowing balls that fly in the sky right? I think yes! Oh yea, how can I go about talking any video game without mentioning onnline play? The online mode of TW 14 features a match where you can play against 24 other players on te sam course! That’s right, you heard me (Or well.., read me..). Two,four.

So that’s more players for you to give a whooping! I really look forward to that because it gives the game that “party like” atmosphere. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch all 24 players. You just watch where they’re shots land by seeing the lines of the shots. Easy! So you can go as slow or as fast as you want (Well, there is a time limit but you know what I mean).

With the combination of legends, night golf and sweet online play, this year’s Tiger Woods game should be the best of the series. Looking forward to when it drops on March 26th. Hopefully we can start hearing about the demo soon! Till next time, peace, adios, sianara!

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