The GP Early Morning Ryder Cup Captain’s Picks

Brendon Todd

Brendon Todd

Now, a lot of us love the Ryder Cup and with the Captain’s Picks coming up today, I felt it was only right to post some pick predictions for both the U.S. and European squads! You ready? I hope you are! You don’t look ready….you aren’t ready. Oh well, I’ll pick anyway! Let’s gooo!

Team USA Picks:

Keegan BradleyThe 2011 PGA Championship winner has quickly become a threat in Ryder Cup play, especially when he’s with Phil Mickelson as proven at Medinah in 2012. He’s in the top 20 in three categories on the PGA Tour 2014 including driving distance (17th), scoring average (14th) and scrambling (14th). With the U.S. squad being loaded with accuracy/control style players, Tom Watson could definitely use Keegan’s pop off the tee….and his Air Jordan shoes.

Brendon ToddThe HP Byron Nelson champion has quietly become a solid player on Tour. He had a solid showing at the U.S. Open but got overshadowed by a historic performance by Martin Kaymer. Brendon is a putting machine, ranking sixth in strokes gained and is very accurate off the tee ranking in the top 50 in driving accuracy. The putting sold me on this pick. The U.S. won’t win if they can’t putt, and the would be Ryder Cup rookie would get the job done. He ranks 116th in Greens in Regulation but if he hits the greens, then he’ll be a major threat.

Hunter MahanThis was kind of a tough choice with guys like Chris Kirk, Ryan Moore and Steve Stricker still on the board but Hunter is still one of the best golfers in the world. He’s impressively ranked in the top 50 in almost all of the key categories including Driving Distance (47th), Scoring Average (42nd), Driving Accuracy (37th), Greens in Regulation (32nd) and Strokes Gained (39th). Hunter is the whole package. Some may remember is down fall in the Ryder Cup in 2010 at Celtic Manor against Greame McDowell but Hunter is back and is looking to redeem himself and now I feel he’ll be dangerous with the extra experience he has.

Team Europe Picks:

Stephen Gallacher - A born Scotsman, Stephen has been playing some solid golf all year and deserves his spot on the European Ryder Cup squad. With multiple top 10′s on the European Tour, Stephen has become a very consistent player in golf. He also is a terrific driver averaging 296 yards off the tee in 2014 while also being a solid putter as well. He has two key aspects in golf that he’s fairly good at it. Paul McGinley wouldn’t be disappointed with this pick and with Stephen being at home, it gives him a major boost.

Luke Donald
The golf superstar who represents England and Chicago is another solid pick idea for captain McGinley. Although he’s been quiet in most aspects of his game lately, he’s still one of the most dangerous putters in the world and he’s a true pro who can also be somewhat of a leader out there for team Europe. When Luke is drilling putts, and driving with accuracy, he’s hard to stop. His flatstick who heat up annnyy minute.

Ian Poulter - Well duh, this has to be the most obvious choice of all of the picks. Hate him or love him, he brings an energy and excitement to team Europe that most players have never seen before. The Ryder Cup is where Poulter is at his best. He hasn’t had a great season on the PGA Tour in 2014 but in the Ryder Cup, he turns into a monster. Anytime Poulter is on your team, you know he’s going to put on a show. Ignore his stats, when he’s in the Ryder Cup, he’s a whole other animal. He is also one who has amazing putting ability when he’s on top of his game. His recovery isn’t too shabby either.

So there you have it! Who do you have for YOUR Ryder Cup picks? We’ll see the Captain’s Picks later today! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Video: This 3-year old with one arm is a great golfer

This is a reason to love golf. It has no boundaries and nothing can limit you. Certainly nothing limited 3-year old Tommy Morrison who was born with one arm.

Despite his size, he hits the ball over 100 yards which is astonishing for a 3-year old. Rory Mcilroy hit 40 yard shots at age 2 and that was a big deal.

This kid is 3 and has one arm and he crushes it. He says his favorite player is Bubba Watson and with that power, it’s not a surprise he is! Here’s the video below of this amazing young man.

I actually can’t wait to see how far he’ll be hitting it when he gets a little older! Right now though, he’s a fun 3-year old golfer! Tee it high and let it fly buddy!

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Credit: Biz Pac Review & Fox News

Video: Bear causes trouble on driving range

Woah! Wait what? In golf, there will be a time where you see Mother Nature’s beautiful creatures roam around on the course. In this case, bear was seen causing trouble at a driving range. He’s seen trying climb over the fence and is failing miserably. Two gentleman in a cart look on like “What is that bear doing?”. The other dude’s like “I don’t know but, it looks like he’s doing it better than how we swing the golf clubs!”. Here’s the video of this wild bear.

Man, he must really dislike that driving range. Probably trying to escape from errant tee shots!

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Credit: Golf News Net

Video: Tiger Woods Helps Mark Rolfing With ALS Challenge

NBC Sports’ Mark Rolfing, who has been a big part of NBC’s golf coverage during its U.S. Open days, accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Tiger Woods did the honors of pouring the bucket on the golf journalism legend.

Ray Halbritter, CEO of Oneida Nation Enterprises also got splashed, but by Golf Channel broadcaster and former PGA Tour pro Notah Begay III. Check out the video below!

As I might of mentioned before, I met Mark Rolfing and will say he’s a totally cool dude. Very friendly with a great sense of humor. I also think he does a great job reporting during NBC golf broadcasts and I’ve said that before meeting him so I’m not being biased *wink*.

Again, it’s awesome that all of these guys are taking part in the ALS Challenge. From the Tom Watson challenge, to the entire U.S. Ryder Cup team challenge, to Tiger and Rory and now Tiger, Mark, Ray and Noatah. Just wonderful stuff!

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Photo: This is what Amanda Dufner’s butt looks like up close

This pretty much sums up everything about the life of Jason Dufner’s wife Amanda. In this Instagram picture, she is seen lounging in the pool. However it’s not exactly her, where the camera is.

It’s on her booty. The one thing that brought her out to the world (Thanks to Jason Dufner). Her butt is featured right there on her Instagram. You already knew the dudes were howling!

Here ya go.

I’ll just leave this here too:


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Picture: Michelle Wie does the famous Jordan dunk

Michelle’s at it again! This time, she’s trading in her golf shoes for Nike basketball shoes. In one of her new Instagram pics, Michelle is seen doing a solid replica of Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” dunk which became the logo of the world famous Jordan brand.

There’s absolutely no surprise that this picture was taken because as we know, MJ is one of the biggest golf enthusiasts in the world so why not have a major champ attempt to perform your dunk?

Plus, Michelle is pretty freakin’ tall too (6’1″)! Allen Iverson was dunking at 6’0″ so I don’t see why Michelle couldn’t throw it down. Here’s the pic below.

She practically nailed it! As a big Bulls fan, I can appreciate this and I know fellow Bulls fans will agree! All she needs to do is stick the tongue out!

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Video: Man uses machete when golfers hit shots on his lawn

Wow! Now this is what you call “shanking it” by the golf course. A man who lives by a golf course gets quite angry when golfers hit their shots on or near his property.

He also gets mad when golfers drive their golf carts around his lawn. So, what does the grumpy course home owner do? He pulls out a full size machete.

Perfect! That’ll solve alll your problems Mr. “Get off my lawn”! The video was shared on Facebook and then on YouTube. In the video below, the man is seen with the machete in hand.

Dude, if you don’t want golfers going near your lawn then don’t buy a house by a golf course….with a fenceless yard. Maybe he bought the house on purpose so he could pull the machete out and make it look like he’s a badass.

If anything, I call it stupidity. Don’t. Get. A house. By. The. Golf course! Am I missing something here? You decide. Leave your thoughts and comments below! You can also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Credit: Golf News Net

Tiger Woods Ends Relationship With Coach Sean Foley, Will go Coachless

Well, this almost came out of the clear blue sky. According to his official website, Tiger Woods has ended a four year relationship with his swing coach Sean Foley. This was his third coach after Butch Harmon and Hank Haney.

It’s interesting because although he wasn’t playing top of the line golf like he used to, he still won Player of the Year honors last year. That’s why it’s surprising because maybe Tiger thought things were going to click eventually.

Unfortuantely, Tiger has dealt with injuries all year. Tiger will go without a coach for now. Here’s his statement from his website:

“I’d like to thank Sean for his help as my coach and for his friendship,” Woods said. “Sean is one of the outstanding coaches in golf today, and I know he will continue to be successful with the players working with him. With my next tournament not until my World Challenge event at Isleworth in Orlando, this is the right time to end our professional relationship.”
“My time spent with Tiger is one of the highlights of my career so far, and I am appreciative of the many experiences we shared together,” Foley said. “It was a lifelong ambition of mine to teach the best player of all time in our sport. I am both grateful for the things we had the opportunity to learn from one another, as well as the enduring friendship we have built. I have nothing but respect and admiration for him.”
“Presently, I do not have a coach, and there is no timetable for hiring one,” added Woods.

Very curious to see how Tiger does without a coach. This is a first for his career. Tiger has always had a coach. Most golfers do. It’s possible he may have another coach before he even gets back out there however. You just never know!


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Video: Phil Mickelson Hits One of the Coolest, Strangest Shots Ever

During the second round of the Barclays, Phil Mickelson hit a wild tee shot that ended up in the hospitality area of the course. Wondering if the ball might have landed behind the green, Phil was looking around and had officials help. Eventually, the ball was found on the patio of the hospitality area where a ton of fans were gathered.

Fortunately, nobody was hit but Phil had to make an interesting decision. Either to hit the ball off of the patio or not. Fans were urging him to do it and finally he decided to do it. The crowd went nuts. Here’s the video below courtesy of

Leave it to “Phil the Thrill”!

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Picture: Man creates Tiger Woods statue made of golf balls

Kevin Pingel, a man from Iowa who lives on a golf course, has been playing golf since he was a child. Since he lives on a course, he would collect errant shots from other golfers if the balls landed on his property. He decided to use the balls to make a statue of what appears to be a golfer in the middle of his backswing. His friends urged him to do so last November and the result would be this:


According to Kevin, it’s suppose to be a statue of Tiger Woods. Although it doesn’t look like Tiger, that is an unbelievable effort and looks quite cool. Here’s a comparison with Kevin’s statue and Tiger.


Well done Kevin, keep up the golf ball collecting sir! I should hit some on your property on purpose just so you can collect them and make mini statues for all of my lovely readers!

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Credit: Golf News Net

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