Tiger Woods cheated on Lindsey Vonn with Amanda Dufner, apparently not true


Remember when we learned that Tiger Woods cheated on Lindsey Vonn? Well, it turns out he was cheating on her with Amanda Boyd, 2013 PGA Championship winner and fan favorite Jason Dufner’s ex-wife.

Amanda gained fame after Jason’s 2013 PGA victory where he was seen tapping her booty when they hugged. Many saw her as totally en fuego (Basically many thought she was hot) and she used Instagram as kinda her weapon of attraction and worked as many dudes looked at her bikini pictures.

According to USA Today’s The Big LeadTiger and Amanda had a “steamy” Louisiana Hot Sauce kind of relationship. Amanda also apparently was flirting with many other PGA TOUR pros as well.

Despite all of this, Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg has came out and said that everything was a complete “lie” and Tiger never had an affair with Amanda.

If that’s the case then that’s a good thing for Tiger who already has his own problems…..on the course. Off the course, I think ol’ Tiger is doing juu$$$$t fine (See what I did there?) !

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Source: The Big Lead

Phil Mickelson Illegally Betted on Sports

Phil Mickelson is one of the richest golfers in the world. Thanks to five major wins including three Masters title, the World Golf Hall of Famer has made plenty of gwop.

Yet apparently, Phil isn’t too careful with how he uses his money. According to report from ESPN, Phil spent well over $3 million betting on sporting events through an illegal gambling operation.

Mickelson hasn’t been charged with the crime just yet. However, a man who was a sports gambling handicapper took part in the illegal gambling operation and pleaded guilty just last week for charges of laundering $2.75 million.

That $2.75 milldo? It belonged to non-other than Phil Mickelson himself.

Gregory Silveira, the dude who pretty much ran this illegal gambling operation pleaded guilty to three (Yes, Thwee!) counts of cash laundering from 2010 to 2013  from an unamed “gambling client”
Well, according to ESPN, the unamed “client” was Phil who won the Masters in 2010 and the Open Championship in 2013 at Muirfield. Silveira is scheduled to be sentenced to 60 years in prison on October 5th but according to ESPN, the sentence will likely be much shorter.

According to documents, Silveira accepted a wire transfer of $2.75 million in which Silveira pretty much had a ball with and decided to split it up into his 1000 and one bank accounts (OK, three). He first transferred the money into his Wells Fargo Bank account and then transferred $2.475 million as well as another $275,000 into another Wells Fargo account (Y’all getting confused yet?) then finally, he transerred the $2.475 million into his JPMorgan Chase Bank account.

Remember too, just last year Phil was being investigated for “illegal trading” which you can view that article here.
And now here we are once again. But Phil is known as a heavy gambler and would even bet on practice rounds.

He has the money to do it, it’s just being careful where you place it. One of the things you always learn about the internet is to be careful where you send information and making sure a place is safe.

Same thing with betting and I’m no gambling expert but know that there are a lot of operations out there that would do anything to get money in their pockets. Gambling can be fun too with games like poker, balckjack, casino war (Easiest game ever! Played it on a video game a few times), etc but you defintiely gotta be careful where you do these things.

In Phil’s case, this could like kinda ugly for his legacy since his name has already been brought up twice in both the illegal trading and illegal sports betting. Sure, he wasn’t charged and isn’t under investigation but could leave a bad taste in some fans’ mouths.

But, perhaps like fans have gotten over Tiger Woods scandal in 2009 and have started to love him again, maybe fans will get over the Phil Mickelson situation.

Let’s see how this effects Phil’s play mentally down the road here.

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A wild end to a terrific U.S. Open

Well, there you have it folks! One of the most highly anticipated U.S. Opens in years has concluded and if anything, concluded in stunning fashion.

The day began with Jason Day and Dustin Johnson leading the tournament. Jason, who had suffered vertigo the day before, showed nothing butbpure toughness throughout despite falling out of the lead.

DJ was en fuego with the driver hitting all of the fairways while in famous Dustin Johnson fashion, booming it a long way. However, his putter was fresh out of the bag ice as he three putter couple of time during the round but despite that, was still in pretty good shape.

Meanwhile, Rory Mcilroy was off to a flaming hot start going -6 which included an incredible 72ft putt. Many thought perhaps Rory would make push for his 2nd U.S. Open title but ultimately finished his day at Even par thanks to a couple of bogies.

Jordan Spieth made a push and would lead the tournament by two shots. I thought it was over then because the “Texas Microwave” is hard to stop when he’s up by a couple of shots.

With a couple of holes left however, Jordan double bogeyed and ended up being tied with 2010 British Open champ Louis Oosthuizen at -4.

Louis had just finished his round when Jordan dropped. Then DJ made a push and he was -4.

It looked like it could’ve been a thre man playoff. Four man playoff if Branden Grace hung on.

But then, Jordan Spieth birdied the 18th at Chambers Bay to take the lead. DJ had other plans and had an excellent chance to win it or send it into an 18 hole playoff on Monday after two glorious shots to reach the green.

He had a chance to win it with an eagle putt but missed that. Then had a great chance to extend the tournament with a four footer but missed that leaving him with a three putt and lose in heartbreaking fashion to Jordan who would capture his second straight major title.

With Jordan’s win, it just shows just how strong the talent in golf is today. Rory Mcilroy and Jordan Spieth have now won all four majors in 2014 and 2015 combined (Rory won the Open and PGA last year while Jordan won the Masters and U.S. Open this year).

As Peter Allis’ parody Twitter account (Also known as Tweeter Allis) said, “splendid”. Splendid indeed.

Everyone wants someone to carry to torch for golf which is why so many fans are desparate about Tiger coming back and playing at his best. Well, I think Tiger can rest easy knowing the young kids like Rory and Jordan are carrying this torch.

Both players are gentleman as well which is very important. Jordan went on to say how DJ should have been hoisting the U.S. Open trophy instead of him.

PGA Tour golfers just don’t say things like that. It’s always “I played great today and was dialed in” without giving any credit to the opponent.

That’s just pure class on Jordan’s part.

The U.S. Open ratings weren’t high this year but it could have simply been the new broadcast team and fans weren’t used to it, causing them not to watch. Besides, if guys like Jordan Spieth, Rory Mcilroy, Dustin Johnson (Currently the top 3 players in the world in no particular order) continue to play at the level they’re playing, golf’s ratings will rise. Just go back to last year’s PGA Championsip.

Remarkable ratings and thia was the PGA which is usually “number 4″ and sometimes number five in some fans’ mind behind the Players Championship at the iconic TPC Sawgrass.

Yet, the PGA last year had one of the best ratings in years. That’s a great sign of things to come.

I think the people who only wanna watch Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are missing out on the greatness we’re witnessing here.

Would I love to see Tiger, Phil, Jordan, Rory, Rickie Fowler and DJ all tied going into the back nine of a major? ABSOLUTLEY and who wouldn’t?

But guys like Tiger and Phil aren’t the only reasons I’m watching. I’m looking for greatness and if guys like Rory and Jordan win again, that to me would be as great as Tiger getting his 15th major or Phil getting his 6th.

Because you’re witnessing the new generation of greatness. I think golf is in awesome shape with the strong roster of talent.

Sure, I think another major for Phil and Tiger would be more important in terms of legacy but seeing the young bucks win is terrific.

It’s a little unfair to guys like Jordan that we continue to talk about Tiger’s struggle or Phil’s runner-ups at the U.S. Open rather than a player who’s on his way to a potential grand slam.

As for Chambers Bay, I think it could be terrific PGA Championship host course as the PGA always has some great tournaments when played on links courses like Kiawah Island and Whistling Straits (Both are Pete Dye designs) which will host this year’s PGA.

Here’s looking forward to what could be an outstanding Open Championship. Don’t be surprised if Dustin Johnson turns St. Andrews into his power playground, especially after that tough loss in the U.S. Open.

The question that’s being asked is, “Will DJ come back with evengance or will the loss haunt him?”. It’s anybody’s guess at this point but if he could put the loss behind him, he could shred the Old Course, especially because he’s proven that he’s good at links courses.

After two great majors this year, it’s to look forward to the oldest major of them all at golf’s oldest course. Should be an exciting one!

St. Andrews is ALWAYS a treat!

Leave your thoughts below on who you think will win at the Open Championship at St. Andrews this year!

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ICYMI: Rickie nearly aces par-4 at U.S. Open

So, there was this. Rickie Fowler came close to a hole in one on a par 4 at Chambers Bay. REAL close.

Had Slick Rick made the shot, it would have been the first par 4 ace in U.S. Open. Ballin’ deadeye!

Here’s a video of the amazing shot on the Darth Vador like green!

Rickie ended up missing the cut so it just shows, that even when you’re not playing well, you can have that one great shot and on the Chambers Bay greens, that’s am achievement!

The way the balls are bouncing on the greens like a Charlie Haeger knuckleball, who knows if or when we see another shot like that this weekend!

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Gary Player on Chambers Bay: “Might be the worst golf course I’ve ever seen”

During an interview with Jason Goff and Matt Spiegal on WSCR 670 The Score in Chicago, Gary Player had some words for the Robert Trent Jones Jr links design.

The Black Knight mentioned that Chambers Bay is “the worst golf course I’ve ever seen”. He’s not the only one, as Chambers Bay has quickly become arguably the most controversial course in U.S. Open history.

Some other things that Gary mention were about Tiger Woods’ struggles and how golf needs him. Due to the great young talent in today’s game, I disagree with Mr. Player. If Tiger’s doing well, and in the hunt the that’s just a bonus although I like seeing different winners.

He also mentioned that golf courses need to be shorter and quicker to play which I agree 150,000% with. The USGA has been doing a terrific job promoting the enjoyment of playing nine holes instead of 18 which is a huge plus.

Take a listen to the interview below by clicking the link:


Gotta love Gary Player man and yes Jason Goff, who wouldn’t want to have Gary on every week to talk about life and how to bring the extra swag out to the course?

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WATCH: Jason Day collapses, finishes 18th hole like a boss

A scary moment for Jason Day at Chambers Bay at the U.S. Open. On the 18th hole, Jason collapsed to the ground, rolling in pain.

Turns out that the 3-time PGA Tour champion Aussie suffers from vertigo. Thankfully and incredibly, Jason got up and finished the 18th hole like a true warrior.

I’m writing from my phone so I couldn’t embed the video unfortunately but here’s a link to the video courtesy of our (Yardbarker writers) mother network Fox Sports:

Jason’s hanging around towards the top of the leaderboard along with Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reed, Henrik Stenson, Dustin Johnson, Brendan Grace and rookie bomber Tony Finau among others.

Here’s hoping J-Day stays healthy going into the weekend!

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WATCH: European Urban Golf Championship Looks Amazing

Now THIS is how you get more people into golf! In May, Europe had their annual European Urban Golf Cup which was held at Queen Elizabeth Park in beautiful London.

France came out on top in the 10-team tournament. Other countries represented were Germany and Ireland among others.

What’s Urban Golf you ask? Some call it Cross-Golf and some simply call it Street Golf. Same rules as traditional golf except the world is your golf course and that’s what makes it so awesome.

It’s steadily starting to grow just like other golf related sports such as Disc Golf and Footgolf. Usually, players aim for targets such as fire hydrants, bike tires (As long as it’s your own bike), walls, or any friggin’ thing else that seems like a good spot to aim a golf ball at.

You use your imagination and create your own course. Think like a golf course designer and ask questions.

How am I going to draw around that little cabin? Should I punch a shot through those trees at the park?

These are the same principles as playing on the real course. Except with Urban Golf/Cross-Golf, you have much more open freedom.

Now if you want a more realistic golfing experience, you can get some golf targets and place them all around the park, town, village, etc and design your own track for your Urban Golfing pleasure.

The balls most Urban Golfers use and what the players in the EUGC use are Almost Golf balls which play like real golf balls but are much softer. They were created by Rob Peterson who now owns Glow Gear which sells glow in the dark golf gear.

On a personal note, I’ve been playing with Almost Golf balls for 5 to 6 years. They are amazing for Urban Golf.

Urban Golf is actually how I got into golf. I got lessons at Randall Oaks Golf Club in the Chicago area but would practice on my own time hitting balls around the elementary school so I always enjoy seeing cool things like this.

What’s makes Urban Golf so wonderful is that it’s so accessible. We all love traditional golf but can be quite expensive making it difficult to introduce it to younger audiences.

I’m not trying to scare anyone off from playing regular golf. Go for it!

But, I think Urban Golf is a wonderful way to get more kids to play golf. It’s so cheap to play.

All you need is one club (preferably a pitching wedge. Sometimes you might need a putter as well if you want to include putting in your rounds/matches), a few soft golf balls and some targets to aim for. That’s it!

It also brings a whole new perspective to the world around you and can be quite adventurous. It’s pretty fun when you start to imagine the possibilities of what can be a golf course in your world.

Sports like basketball and soccer are extremely popular because they are both very easy to pick up and play.

Basketball: Grab basketball, find court.

Soccer: Grab soccer ball (Or football if you’re in another country), find soccer field. If not, use other things as goals such as cones.

Urban Golf/Cross-Golf: Grab golf club, grab golf balls, find spot to play (Which is practically anywhere you freakin’ want within reason. As long as there’s enough space and is not super crowded).

To all traditionalists out there, I know most of you hate things like Urban Golf because it’s not real golf but I have some news for you. Golf was created in the STREETS! That’s right!

Dutch sailors came off a boat and started hitting a stone around the town of St. Andrews and they started counting their strokes. THAT’s how golf came to be.

Eventually, Musselburgh Links was born an then the first 18 hole course, St. Andrews Golf Links.

But it all started with some dudes hitting rocks with sticks around town.

The only issue is Urban Golf is that, like Brian Giuffra wrote for Skratch TV, the U.S. needs an Urban Golf organization and championship PRONTO! If anything, have a National team so we can have a squad to root for on their way to the EUGC title. All you need is some shirts, hats, etc for the fans.

C’MON U.S.! Let’s get this ball rolling and get an Urban Golf organization started! Would be an excellent opportunity for high schools and colleges to start Urban Golf clubs as well!

Check out info on the European Urban Golf Cup at eugc.org!

USGA? Golf 20/20? PGA? We Are Golf? Video game companies? Y’all listening?

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Source: Skratch TV

ICYMI: Ewart-Shadoff, Watson sink incredible sideways putts

OK there some things in professional golf that just show how incredible some of these players are. Jodi Ewart-Shadoff nails an unbelievable sideways putt and gets nothing but cup at the Women’s PGA Championship.

She wasn’t going to win the tournament but with a putt like that, she needs the “Deadeye” award!

Here’s the video of her amazing putt:

You thought I was done there huh? Ha! Well, you were wrong as Bubba Watson also hit an incredible sideways putt during a practice round at Chambers Bay. This just really shows you what the players will face out there!

It’s just crazy how these could read these greens like that! I can’t even read the slope of my bedroom floor like that (OK, that would be a problem)!

It’s just simply amazing what these players can do with the flatstick and it just shows how important putting is!

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Sources: Golf News Net, Skratch TV

Fan creates Facebook page to help Fred Couples’ U.S. Open bid

As we know, the U.S. Open is a few days away and it will be at the unknown, yet beautiful Chambers Bay in Washington. The Robert Trent Jones Jr. track is not too far from Seattle and who’s the most famous and popular golfers, maybe athletes period to come out of Seattle? Fred Couples!

Freddy has a low chance of getting into the U.S. Open this year but a fan named Craig Strand says “Not so fast my friend!” as he created a fan page to help Freddy get an exemption into Chambers Bay. Problem is, according to Golf Digest, there hasn’t been a special exemption for a U.S. Open in five years.

The U.S. Open trophy will be displayed at Freddy’s home course, Jefferson Park Golf Course, a municipal track right outside of Seattle. Like any smart young kid, Freddy and his boyhood friend would hop the fence of the course to avoid greens fees. I actually laugh because I used to make my way into my local par-3 course without getting caught.

The Facebook page has 500 likes at the moment but don’t be surprised if it gets another 500 soon because everyone loves Freddy Couples. It’s fair to say that Fred Couples is one of the most recognizable players in golf history. There are quite a few casual fans who know who he is.

If you want to check out Craig’s Facebook page, then here it is: https://www.facebook.com/boomboom2015?fref=ts

I’d be thrilled to see Freddy get in, a lot of us would but it’s a heck of a mountain to climb. I give Craig a lot of credit for his effort though!

The beautiful story of Ryan McGuire will make you a huge fan

Ryan will play 100 holes for his friend Danny Nickerson (Right)

I think in many ways, golf is truly one of the only sports that can really touch lives. Ryan McGuire, a 6-year old in Kindergarten who lost a classmate and friend Danny Nickerson who died of a pediatric cancer called Diffuse Insintric Pointine Giloma , had decided to take a great stance for a great cause.

Ryan will play 100 holes of golf in one day to help raise money on June 17th for Cancer research in Danny’s name. He will be playing at MGM Links in Norton, Mass for this incredible cause.

The money raised would be for Dr. Mark Kieran’s research at Dana Farber.

Ryan’s goal is $15,000 and the really cool thing is that with 18 days left in his Golf Fights Cancer campaign, he’s already at $10,000! I’d say that this caring young man will reach his goal and then some.

So, if you want to donate to this great cause, you can visit Ryan’s Golf Fights Cancer page here: http://golffightscancer.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1134411&supid=422835851

If you are unable to pledge then spread the word and share the page! Share it with friends and family across social media. I’m sure Ryan would really appreciate the help and support.

Ryan’s grandfather, Vin “Bear” McGuire who is a cancer survivor will be his caddie for this beautiful occasion. Ryan’s classmates will be there as well, cheering him on.

Here’s a video of Ryan’s story from CBS WBZ in Boston:

And here’s a more in-depth story of these outstanding young men courtesy of Golf News Net.

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Source: Golf Digest

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