Review: Volvik golf balls add more than color to your bag

The Super colorful Crystal balls

The Super colorful Crystal balls

Volvik has been known for there colorful golf balls and have been a ball of choice for several professional golfers including former Masters champion Craig Stadler and Tim Petrovic. When Volvik balls first came out, it raised some eyebrows and have been successful ever since with some of their golf balls making Golf Digest’s legendary “Hot List”. I had the opportunity to check out Volvik’s golf balls and I was very impressed with the feel of each of them. Here’s my thoughts on each of Volvik’s balls.

DS77 – The DS77, although mostly known for its ability to go long off the tee, is actually a fantastic ball for those always interesting chip shots. While in the rough, I hit a chip shot that nearly rolled into the hole and the ball rolled and stopped beautifully, right where I wanted it. I was left a short putt to finish out the hole nicely and it was a huge thanks to the DS77’s ability to land and roll softly on the green. On a bunker shot, the ball rolled passed the green but that just might have been a bad shot or the green was playing fast. Overall a great ball.

The Vista iV - Volvik’s iV golf ball may be the fanciest looking golf balls around (Even the box is fancy). Once again, Volvik proved to be terrific in the short game category which is extremely important. I caught myself hitting a beautiful pitch shot that barely made the green and this was from the rough. The way the ball rolls on putts is gorgeous and it felt great off of my 7-iron. This baby won’t disappoint.

The Vista iS – The iS proved to be a great ball for those tricky punch shots. In some trouble, I was able to punch the ball out from under a tree and the ball landed beautifully on the green. Still having a long putt ahead of me, I read the green, adjusted my stance, hit the putt, and the ball nearly dropped in the cup. This ball rolls beautifully on the greens and off the tee, the power is solid, especially with irons. This ball is almost the whole package.

Crystal – These beauties are just as the name says. “Crystals”. They feel great off the tee, solid out of the rough and are great when in a pitch shot situation. The Crystal, much like the other balls, are terrific around the greens. I had hit a chip shot that could have kept rolling but it stopped in a solid spot. I aimed a little more to the right, it’s very possible that the ball could have rolled into the cup. These balls really are “Crystals”.

Overall, all of these Volvik golf balls will not disappoint you. They play like your traditional golf balls and also are quite distinctive, especially the ones that are colorful. You’ll play better golf and you won’t have to worry about losing your balls either! These are without a doubt a win win in your golf bag!

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Pictures: Lexi Thompson shows off her modeling skills

OK, I know you like Lexi Thompson both for her game and looks. The 2014 Kraft Nabisco Championship winner shows off her modeling skills with these photos below. You don’t see Lexi model too much but when she does, she does not disappoint. If I’m a female, I’d be like “Man, these dudes think I’m hot enough for a photo shoot and I get paid for it? Count me in!” Here ya go. Don’t look too hard.


What are you doing? Wake up, you’re dreaming, get back to work! Or go back to sleep, whatever works.

I’m sure y’all are like this:


Or like this:

Drool Rainbows HD

Until you realize….


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Nicklaus Design to join forces with Perfect Parallel golf video game

Jack (Middle) discussing the layout for a course.

Jack (Middle) discussing the layout for a course.

Jack Nicklaus’ golf course designing company simply titled “Nicklaus Design” has teamed up with video game company Perfect Parallel to utilize the game’s “Course Forge” software for their real life designs. This is a revolution in the golf course design business as utilizing the software makes course designing much more simpler for Nicklaus Designs.

With Perfect Parallel’s Course Forge, it’s as simple as drawing the fairways, greens and bunkers and can really make a golf course come to life. The fact that Nicklaus Designs will be using PP’s Course Forge is a huge attraction for the golf gamers.

It’s a big deal because this powerful Course Forge software will gain the trust from gamers if they know that Nicklaus Design will use it for their real life courses. Major announcement for golf course designers, golf business people and golfers alike. The future of arguably the most important aspect of the sport is right in front of us and it’s quite beautiful.

As I’ve mentioned, players of the game can take advantage of this powerful software as well, just like Nicklaus Designs.

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Here’s the press release on Perfect Parallel’s website about the Nicklaus Course Designer:


September 16, 2014

U.S.-based video game developer and golf visualization company Perfect Parallel has announced a new strategic initiative with Nicklaus Design, the world leader in golf course design and the global firm founded by golf icon Jack Nicklaus, to adapt three-dimensional (3-D) modeling techniques developed in the gaming and entertainment world to the world of professional golf course design.

Nicklaus Design has adopted Perfect Parallel’s software suite as its official 3-D course design engine, and will be the only golf course design firm with that capability. Nicklaus Design is integrating these tools with its T2Green CAD system to create virtual working models of its golf course designs, which can be viewed in three dimensions and actually played with a golf simulator during the design and construction process.

Although Nicklaus Design has been an industry leader since the late 1980s in the use of CAD systems to design golf courses, adding the Perfect Parallel engine will dramatically enhance the process by generating prototype course designs in a very realistic 3-D environment. These models will give Nicklaus Design and the client the ability to exchange realistic and detailed visual information during the design and permitting process and aid contractors in interpreting the final design during the construction process.

The Perfect Parallel team comes with a global reputation in 3-D modeling and simulation for entertainment uses, including Broadcast TV, sports visualization and simulation, and electronic gaming. Perfect Parallel will drive the joint initiative with Nicklaus Design by licensing the use of its software tools to develop and visualize its golf course designs.

“Forming this relationship was an important strategic decision for our design company, and we became interested in Perfect Parallel based on the realism and accuracy of the cutting-edge golf course models they have been able to produce for broadcast TV and video game products,” said John Reese, CEO for the Nicklaus Companies. “As Nicklaus Design extends its golf course design business to geographical areas farther from home, where the traditional design and construction process is not as well understood, and where technology plays a very important role in local cultures and economies, the ability to demonstrate its reputation for quality with the latest professional-grade visualization software has become critical. In Perfect Parallel, we have found a company that understands the direction golf and technology are heading, and we are confident that the 3-D models we produce will provide graphic evidence of the technical and artistic superiority of our design work.”

Nicklaus Design has created more than 380 courses open for play in 38 countries and 39 U.S states. No fewer than 110 Nicklaus Design courses have hosted a combined total of over 770 professional tournaments or significant national amateur championships. Close to 100 Nicklaus Design courses have appeared in various national and international Top-100 lists.

“We are proud of our position globally, and, in fact, we are currently working projects in 18 different countries,” said Nicklaus Design President Jack Nicklaus II. “The universal language of visual communication allows us to reach across geographical, language and cultural differences and engage our clients in the design process. Our partnership with Perfect Parallel gives us access to tools that will revolutionize our communications by allowing everyone to visualize our designs in a realistic format as they take shape, whether at our design studio in Florida or in a client’s office half a world away.”

Perfect Parallel President and COO Andrew Jones is excited by the mutual benefits and potential of the new agreement reached with Nicklaus Design.

“Prior to the opportunity to work with Nicklaus Design, Perfect Parallel had never looked for a strategic corporate relationship or endorsement deal for our software,” Jones said. “Our focus was licensing our core software suite to end users in the golf entertainment and media industries; however, it became clear early on in our discussions that a broader strategic relationship with Nicklaus Design will help expand our offerings and client base. There is no doubt in my mind that Perfect Parallel and all of its products will benefit from our association with Nicklaus Design, as we collaborate on developing technology and software for golf that integrates real world data with our virtual environments.”

About Perfect Parallel Inc.
Perfect Parallel is a software company specializing in virtual sports gaming, broadcast television, marketing and simulation. All of Perfect Parallel’s software products–including Terrain ForgeTM, Course ForgeTM, Broadcast Suite, and Perfect Golf–incorporate fully geo-referenced spatial data that enables the integration of real world data into their virtual environments. As the consumer and commercial markets surrounding broadcasting, gaming and mobile continue to battle for user time, Perfect Parallel is leading the push to integrate these three platforms into a single experience that will bring the user closer to the action and more integrated into it. The future of sports simulation is not just in making the experience more realistic, it is in making the user an integrated part of it and allowing users to compete against the professionals that are on television at their gaming console, PC or mobile device.

Perfect Parallel Inc. is incorporated in Florida, with office locations in Buffalo, NY; Washington, DC; and Manchester, England. For more information on Perfect Parallel’s visualization services visit http://www.perfectpa…m/visualization or contact them via email at

About the Nicklaus Companies
The Nicklaus Companies is dedicated to promoting excellence in the game of golf, preserving its great traditions and growing the game. For nearly 50 years, the mission of the Nicklaus Companies has been to enhance the golf experience, and to bring to the national and international consumer, golf-related businesses and services that mirror the high standards established in the career and life of Jack Nicklaus. In 2007, Jack Nicklaus partnered with Howard Milstein to help further the growth of the company and to realize the full potential of the brands and branded businesses. Howard Milstein is Chairman of New York Private Bank & Trust and is actively involved in the Nicklaus Companies serving as Co-Chairman along with Jack.

Products and services include golf-course design, development of golf and real estate communities, and the marketing and licensing of golf products and services. Nicklaus-branded products have been marketed worldwide since 1962. The Jack Nicklaus and Golden Bear-branded lifestyle collection of products include: restaurants; beverages; wine; home appliances; flooring; cabinets; apparel; footwear; and golf equipment.

For more information on the Nicklaus Companies, please visit



Nicklaus Companies
Scott Tolley
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Tel: 561-227-0300

Perfect Parallel
Andrew Jones
President and Chief Operating Officer

Review: LoudMouth pants are the most comfortable in golf

Just a model picture, not me wearing them.

Just a model picture, not me wearing them.

Had a chance for the first time to try out some LoudMouth golf pants (Yup, same kind John Daly wears). I decided to go with the Houndstooth design and I will tell you right now that it was probably the most comfortable experience I’ve had out on the golf course (I was on the practice course).

They’re not too tight at all and it has a nice baggy feel and went perfectly with my old FootJoy shoes. It almost felt as if you weren’t wearing any pants because they were so comfy. Yes, THAT comfy. The pants also did a good job of keeping my legs warm as it was a cold Chicago afternoon and these babies did the trick.

With the combination of my Ashworth outer jacket and the LoudMouth pants, I was able to take smooth, full swings (Although I didn’t play too well) without having to worry about my pants feeling uncomfortable. Not only are the LoudMouth pants perfect for golf, it’s great swag to wear off the course and will definitely catch the eye of others.

The houndstooth design is definitely one of the best ones from LoudMouth. When I look at them, the white parts of the pants look kinda like the spaceship from Galaga which is super cool.

It’s a nice blend of loud but fancy. That’s what makes these pants so wonderful. You can look cool, stand out, and feel great while doing so. I highly recommend LoudMouths for any of your golf rounds. They also sell knickers and coats as well!

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Michelle Wie takes amazing photo of herself being totally ninja

Michelle had withdrawn from the Evian Masters (Which 19-year-old Hyo-Joo Kim won) due to a busted finger. Well, she took advantage of her time off and enjoyed the ever beautiful French alps.

In this Instagram picture, it looked like she just kicked the crap out of another woman who apparently works within her camp. In the background you see gorgeous mountains and other sites.

Here’s the picture of Michelle turning going totally Goku on us.

When you can’t use your hands, use your legs! Now give her some Dragon Balls to give her the power to perform Spirit Bombs!

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Video: Dude breaks world record for longest golf club

…..Wait what?! Yup, you saw that headline. A gentleman by the name of Dane Karsten Mass and some of his friends decided to create a super duper long driver to break records, and break records it did. The club is nearly 14 feet long and the longest shot hit was 182 yards.

The club made it into the Guinness Book of World Records and rightfully so. The club can pull him if he decides to swing normally which is why you’ll see him swinging the club continuously around himself. Check, check, check it oouuutt.

Pretty crazy right? Well, it turns out that Dane is a trick shot artist in the world of golf. Dan Boever is a PERFECT example of a trick shot artist. Dude’s nuts with skills. Very good job by Dane and friends! Marvelous effort!

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Video: Rory Mcilroy hits tee shot, lands in fans’ pocket

Well, now this is true aim! During the second round of the Tour Championship, Rory Mcilroy hit his tee shot which at first simply looked like it would land in the rough, turns out, it landed in a fans’ pocket, or at least bounced into his pocket. The fan played it smart and stood totally still because remember, in golf, you play it where it lies so the fan stood where he thought the ball should really be. The tournament official straightened things out, Rory gave the man a handshake, hit the ball, and hit a beautiful shot that landed on the green.

In the end, everyone was happy, the fan got to talk to Rory for a few minutes and Rory hit a great shot. All is good!

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Picture: Michelle Wie looks cool, sexy on Golf Digest cover

Golf fans were furious when Paulina Gretzky was the first woman in some time to grace the cover of the legendary Golf Digest magazine because she wasn’t a golfer. Now, however, it’s a different story. One of golf’s most popular figures, the reigning Women’s U.S. Open champion, Michelle Wie graces the cover of Golf Digest’s latest issue.

It’s a breath a fresh air for those who felt offended that a female golfer wasn’t on the cover. On the cover, Michelle is rockin’ a hat that says “BEAST” while wearing a Nike tank top.

Here it is:


There’s no better time than now for Golf Digest to show the LPGA Tour some love as there are so many terrific players right now such as Michelle, Inbee Park who’s arguably the best golfer in the world of any tour (More majors than Rory, same age) and Stacy Lewis.

Then you have players on the rise like Lydio Ko and Lexi Thompson. So it’s cool to see that this great tour gets some love.

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Picture: 7-year old boy receives ticket for driving golf cart


“Woop! Woop! That’s the sound of da police!”, a wise man (KRS-One) once said. Well, a 7-year old boy, yes a 7-year old boy was ticketed by the police for driving a golf cart without a license. You’d think they’d be ticketing his parents. Apparently not. While on vacation in Texas, his mom let him drive the cart around the island they were on. The boy gets stopped by the police, and the boy was quite scared.

“He made me write my name on the ticket thing,” the boy said according to ABC News 13 in Texas. “I was scared.”

Now, if I’m the parent though, there’s no way I’m letting my 7-year old drive a golf cart by himself. There’s no doors and you can easily fall out of it, even if it isn’t that fast, it’s still a motorized vehicle.

If I let him drive, I’m in the cart with him. However, the police should be ticketing the mom, not the kid. In the end, the police claimed that they made a mistake and will get the situation straightened out if they haven’t done so already.

Here’s the video below.

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Video: Kid goes nuts after getting ball from Rory

This is just too cute and awesome. On Friday during the BMW Championship, Rory Mcilroy gave a kid one of his golf balls. The end result? A very VERY excited kid who was jumping around like a bunny rabbit for joy. Truly a wonderful thing to see because sometimes, the best thing in the world is to make a kid happy!

So what do you guys think of the excited youngster? Have you ever had a moment similar in your life? Did a player give you or your kid a ball? Leave a comment below! Love to hear it! You can also follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

Credit: Golf News Net

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