PGA President calls Ian Poulter a “Lil girl” on Twitter

Ooohh shots fired! Quick! Man the cannons! We’re steering the ship the other waaay!

President Ted Bishop who is known as one of the more expressive presidents in sports, gave Ian Poulter a slap in the face by calling him a “Lil girl” on Twitter after Poulter’s remarks about Nick Fadlo in his book titled “No Limits”.

Faldo had made some remarks about Sergio Garcia in the 2008 Ryder Cup calling him “useless” and that he has a “bad attitude”.

Poulter said the following in the autobiography:

“It makes me laugh. Faldo is talking about someone being useless at the 2008 Ryder Cup. That’s the Ryder Cup where he was captain. That’s the Ryder Cup where the Europe team suffered a heavy defeat.

“And he was captain. So who’s useless? Faldo might need to have a little look in the mirror. I have always got on great with Faldo in the past and I have a great deal of respect for everything he has achieved but this feels like sour grapes. It feels like a guy who is still bitter that he lost in 2008.Bishop

“Faldo has lost a lot of respect from players because of what he said. There were plenty of things a lot of the players were unhappy with at Valhalla but none of us criticised him. He may find that begins to change now.”

Although the Tweet has been deleted, here’s a screenshot of Ted Bishop’s tweet aimed at Poulter courtesy of Golf Digest:


Look, I know, both Poulter and Garcia can be complete tools and there’s no denying that. Garcia has always been a controversial figure in golf and Poulter is known to say things that tend to anger others. However, as the president of the PGA, you should ALWAYS be professional.

You have to keep those thoughts to yourself. It’s fine what you think about them in your mind but when you have arguably the most important job in golf, you must have a neutral mind about players otherwise people will think you’re favoring other players over each other.

That’s just me. I think it’s best to just shy away from that stuff. Leave that to us fans!

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Credit: Golf Digest

Video: Michelle Wie eats a live squid…again

As we know Michelle Wie is one of golf’s biggest characters and she clearly shows it again with this clip of her eating a live squid. Yup, that’s right, a live squid. This actually isn’t her first time doing so but some people might have forgotten.

Eating live squid is supposed to be a Korean thing much like the type of things you’ll see in several countries including our own. If you don’t get grossed out easily then this is for you.

At least you could look at her face. Although, come on now! Who hasn’t done at least ONE gross thing in their lifetime? You can handle it (Although I would never eat a live squid or live anything for that matter)!

Here you go!

A video posted by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

You’re welcome! Glad I could help!

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Picture: Golf course in China offers $1M for ace.

Getting a hole-in-one in golf is one of the hardest things to accomplish in sports. For some, it’s happened numerous times. Well what if I told you that you could win $1 million just for getting an ace? Sounds easy right?

Wrong. There’s a course in China that would love to give you one mill for an ace however, it’s on one of the toughest holes you’ll ever see. Not only is it a very difficult shot, it’s also one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see in your lifetime. Can you handle the pressure?

Here’s the picture of it:

Whoa, wh-WOAH! So. Flippin. BEAUTIFUL!!

Whoa, wh-WOAH! So. Flippin. BEAUTIFUL!!

So what do you think? Do you think you could pull it off? Maybe get it close? Or would you get distracted by the heights and the beautiful scenery? Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

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Credit: Foursum Golf

Video: Rapper Caleb C puts out another hit golf song

The little homie, Caleb C is at it again! The young rap star has put out another classic golf song and this one is his biggest to date. It features LoudMouth golf DJ and producer to artists such as rapper Bubba Sparxx, DJ Maximus. Caleb has put together a few golf rap videos which usually showcases him on the course playing as he’s rapping about certain aspects of the game. Another usual scene is Caleb in his studio rocking Beats by Dre headphones and rapping though the mic.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube just a couple of weeks ago, it has already received a whopping 67,444 views and continues to rise.

Here’s the latest video of the young MC, Caleb C:

In my opinion, the coolest thing about the video was the fact that they used footage of golfers from all over the country and the world taking swings and showing off the great game. That’s one of the more unique things you’ll ever see in a music video and they executed it to perfection.

Golf is more than a sport, it’s a community, a family, and when I see footage of all these different golfers from around the world, I think “Man, we floatin’ in the same boat!”. Of course, the boat has to be big enough for all of us and our golf clubs! Our boat would be cool.

It would have putting greens, and driving nets all over. A golf cruise! These guys are helping to bring a cool vibe to golf and that’s what I LOVE to see. I remember going out on the range with Converse shoes and another day wearing some AND 1 basketball sneakers!

I’ll usually wear more proper attire on the course but when I’m off, I put my flat brim hat on backwards, throw on my chain, and head out the door swagged out and that’s what I like about Caleb C because he’s bringing that “cool” factor into golf while still being family friendly and that’s just fantastic.

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7-year old predicts 2016 US Ryder Cup Roster


So, it’s been 16 days since the Ryder Cup in which the Europeans won again for the eighth time out of 10 events and all of the drama surrounding the U.S. team seems to never go away, or at least other media outlets believe it won’t go away. But on a more fun note, a young man who is 7-years old decided to create his roster for the 2016 Ryder Cup and the list is not too shabby. Michael Hurley, who you can follow on Twitter @mbhurley72, is the father of the kid.

Here’s his son’s roster:

Kevin Na
-Jimmy Walker
Bubba Watson
Jordan Spieth
-Keegan Bradley
-Jim Furyk
-Gary Woodland
Billy Horschel
Ryan Moore
Brandt Snedeker
Chris Kirk
Matt Kuchar

I like this roster for the most part and the little dude made some nice choices. However, where’s Rickie Fowler? I’d put him back in the mix. Kevin Na would have been a great choice a few years ago when he was one of the best putters in the world. I love the Gary Woodland pick. Gary is one of most consistent putters on short putts which is very key when you’re in a major tournament like the Ryder Cup. If he gets all of his shots close, then most likely his putts will fall.

I bet a ton of people will agree with the picks of Kirk and Horschel and I do too! Chris Kirk, I feel is the one guy who can give Rory Mcilroy a run for his money and one of the few guys that could make him nervous. Chris arguably has one the best swings on Tour.

Billy Horschel would bring and energy and game that Keegan couldn’t bring. Billy put up some nasty numbers in the FedEx Cup playoffs and could have easily squeaked in on the Ryder Cup team.

I’d definitely bring back Matt Kuchar and I’d most certainly get Brand Snedeker back on the team because although he’s a nice guy, he’s a very tough player. He played through an injury at the Masters and almost won the darn thing for God’s sake! He was also a part of the Medinah team that almost won it so I’d take Brandt in a heartbeat.

Finally, I’d probably get Brendan Todd on the team with is amazing putting.

Overall, the team looks great! Maybe Michael’s son needs to be a next captain? Hmmmm.

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Credit: Golfweek

Video: This may be the greatest golfer to ever play the game

This might be the best golfer I have ever seen personally. Even better than Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. His name is Brian and he is the master of any and every shot you can think of. Feel free to watch and be enlightened by Brian’s greatness.

Keep your head up Brian! We were all as amazing as you were once! Heck, I could sure use some more practice myself! Never give up, because golf is one of the best sports out there, helps clear your mind and it makes you look cool too!

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Video: Ian Poulter sells his home for $1.3 million

Although Ian Poulter has never been a world number one or won a major, he’s still one of the world’s most popular golfers with over one million followers on Twitter. He also has been known for his fire and passion for Ryder Cup and match play events. Well, the outspoken European is selling his old mansion according to his Twitter handle and he’s looking for a pretty high amount of cheddar cheese.

Here’s his tweet:

Man, I think he’s looking for more than just the cheddar cheese. I think he wants the whole sandwich! Now, if it was a chicken sandwich then I’d definitely throw some hot sauce on it!

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Video: Rory Mcilroy putts into bunker on “Road Hole”

Wow! How often does this happen? Let alone for the best golfer on the planet? Well, Rory Mcilroy hit his putt into a bunker, yes you heard me right. The world’s best putted into a bunker. He did it on one of the most iconic holes in the world on St. Andrews’ 17th “Road Hole”. See it for yourself below!

Now, a lot of players tend to putt off the greens at St. Andrews just because it’s possible to do and many have made putts off the greens. That’s what makes St. Andrews such a fun course to play. Wide fairways, bunkers all over, roller coaster greens, etc. Let’s take this video as a lesson though. Don’t putt from off the green when the bunker is practically right in front of your face!

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Listen: Golf journalist crashes car during interview on radio

Well, here it is. The craziest thing you’ll listen to alll day! Former golfer, now golf journalist Mark Allen called in to Kevin Bartlett’s radio show to talk Ryder Cup when all of sudden his car crashed. Thankfully nobody was hurt and Bartlett, who is a former Aussie Rules Football star, surprisingly handled the situation pretty well although he was still shocked mentioning how that’s never happened before.

Take a listen for yourself:

So what do y’all thin about this? Pretty insane right? One of the last things you want to happen on the air is someone getting into an accident while you’re doing an interview. Again, thankfully Allen is OK but let this be a lesson to you. If you ever have the opportunity of getting invited to call into a radio show, make sure you stop the car! I don’t care who it is, even if it’s Matt Adams of Sirius XM Radio (Dude’s a beast)!

It’s all good Mark!

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Video: Jamie Sadlowski hits 331 yard tee shot…from his knees

Jamie Sadlowski is the longest hitter in all of golf. He is a World Re/Max Long Drive champion and at 5″10 and 165 pounds, this dude is a Canadian tee ball machine. His latest piece of “wow”? A 331 yard drive…from his knees! Seeing is believing soooo I’ll just leave this here for you to view yourself.

Amazing isn’t it? I’ve been a big fan of Jamie ever since I heard about him some years ago. If anybody’s going to grow the great sport of long driving then it’s most certainly this guy. He is one of those guys who makes golf cool.

When he’s hitting 400+ yard drives, you know you’re a beast. From the knees though?? 331 yards?? A lot of us can’t even hit 300 yards while standing in the perfect posture!

The one thing that’s helped Jamie from what I could tell is his massive swing speed. Being strong is great but this dude relies on his speed and that is crucial for long drives.

Bobby Jones once said that you can build strength simply from hitting a bunch of balls at the range (And sometimes you might hit more than just golf balls if your clubs flies out of your hands). It would be an absolute thrill to see Jamie play on the PGA Tour.

He’d hit ever green under regulation! Who knows how many majors he could win but then again, golf courses can be a pain man. Y’all think it’s just land sitting there that’s not doing anything to you and then BOOM! Bites you in the be-hind!

Trust me bro, I know that feel! Meanwhile, Jamie’s just going to keep being awesome!

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Credit: Golf News Net

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