Video: Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy Appear on Tonight Show

On the ultimate appearance of golf superstars on a TV show, Tiger Woods AND Rory Mcilroy appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon who is a golf nut himself (He played on his high school team).

No, they weren’t just there to chit chat either, they actually played a game. The game was called “Facebreaker” where a player hits golf balls at screens with different faces on them (Inlcuding Fallon’s face). This is quite similar to what the Big Break TV show does, when they break glass with their shots. Here’s the video courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

I’m sure Mr.Fallon loved when Rory hit him in the face! Snooping around Bookface (AKA Facebook), you see a lot of different reactions from Tiger lovers, Tiger haters, Rory lovers and Rory haters. Some in paragraphs, some in two to three words. Interesting how this is now.

However, this was a very rare opportunity to get two of the world’s most popular players on a hugely popular show. Great for golf! I’d say Inbee Park is definitely better than both of them right now though.

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Video: Dog is the best caddie in the world, saves golf ball

Want a great caddie for your round of golf? Well, here he is! Yes, a dog named Murphy jumped into the water to retrieve a golf ball after someone threw it in there. Murphy, with his mad swimming skills was able to grab the ball fairly easily from the bottom of the water. Now THAT’s a caddie you can trust all the way! Here’s the video.

Too bad he can’t read yardages and greens for you though but he can help you save a ball! Keep all of your balls in the bag because you’re only going to be using ONE today! Murphy has your back!

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Video: Lexi Thompson Rocks Bikini in New Ad for Puma


LPGA superstar Lexi Thompson as well as track star Usain Bolt and soccer/football pro Mario Ballotelli starred in a Puma commercial titled “Calling All Troublemakers” which promoted their new campaign called Forever Faster.

In the ad, Lexi is seen in a hot tub with two dudes who look like they need to shave and get hair cuts while holding a golf club over her shoulder which matches the color of the bikini she’s wearing. Here’s the ad below.

Hmmm, I’m sure Rickie (Fowler) would have loved to been in the commercial since, ya know, he practically bleeds Puma. Excellent exposure for Lexi though, love her!


Ohhh Rickie!

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Credit: Golf News Net

Donald Trump dislikes FootGolf, will host it at his own course

Donald Trump had some choice words for the hit new sport of FootGolf a short while back when he said the following:

“We’re bringing the game down with these 15-inch holes and ‘let’s play soccer golf,’” Trump said according to “Golf should be an aspirational game. We should keep it a high level and not bring it down because a group of people want to sell some more golf clubs or golf balls.”

OK Mr. Trump soooo you dislike FootGolf or “Soccer Golf” but you’re going to have an event for it at one of your courses? This is Donald Trump we’re talking about here. Usually when he says stuff, it seems like he means it. Well, I wonder who or what convinced him. For those of you that don’t know what FootGolf is, it’s like traditional golf except you’re kicking a soccer ball and aiming for a larger hole.

Here’s a tweet for the event for those of you who may be interested:

I totally disagree with Trump on his comment by the way. If you really want to grow the sport, you have to try different things and I think FootGolf is great for the game.

It’ll take more than just lowering prices and offering less holes to play. Yes, those would help but you need to do more. Mind you that I think golf is still in solid shape but it doesn’t hurt to make it grow into a world sport power and FootGolf contributes to this.

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PHOTO: You won’t believe what kind of tattoo this golf fan got

Well…somebody REALLY loves them some Tiger Woods! This dude just put Tiger’s entire freakin’ face on his arm! I mean, even cameras can’t give him that much face time! As we know, Tiger won’t be on the U.S. Ryder Cup squad and won’t likely be seen until December. Smart move by the way. I guess you could say that this was the perfect tribute to whip out for Tiger on his absence. Feast your eyes friends!


Well, here’s a tip for you, kids. No matter how much you love a golfer, don’t pierce his or her entire mug on your skin. There’s no mulligans yo! Thanks to Golf News Net for the find!

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PHOTOS: This Golf Hole is Absolutely Insane

Man…and you thought Legends Golf and Safari Resort had the craziest hole. Well, that would be incorrect as New Zealand has rivaled the “Extreme 19th” of Safari Resort. This hole in New Zealand is 4,500 feet above sea level and has a whopping 1,476 foot drop from the tee.

This a larger drop than the aforementioned Extreme 19th in South Africa. Over the Top Helicopters and Eric Faesenkloet who owns New Zealand’s Golf Warehouse teamed up to make this happen.

The helicopters take you to the top of the tee which looks both awesome and terrifying. Then you whip out your driver and take a super, mega, ultra, veins popping out your skin type swing while screaming because this baby is a long 311 yard par-3.

Therefore, this swing requires a lot of power. You tee off from Cecil Peak, one of the more beautiful mountains in New Zealand. This hole is located in the Southern Alps on South Island while overlooking Queenstown.

So, if you want a true golf test, well, golf dream chasers rejoice because this is a golf experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life! Now get out there and tee it up!



Nice swing!

Nice swing!

Dat impact!

Dat impact!

OH MY GOSH! It's so freakin' BEAUTIFULL!

OH MY GOSH! It’s so freakin’ BEAUTIFULL!

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Tiger Woods is Now Working With a New Video Game Company


Several months ago, EA Sports let the biggest name on their label go when Tiger Woods was released from the company. Now EA will resume making golf games as EA Sports PGA Tour will be making its debut in the spring of 2015.

Judging by the game’s trailer, Ian Poulter could very well be the new face of the game (Although Rory Mcilroy is usually in the game so I don’t see why he couldn’t be the face). Zynga, the popular mobile gaming company has signed a deal with Tiger to create a mobile style golf game according to USA Today.

The partnership between Zynga and Tiger is a multiyear deal in which the game will launch in 2015.

“We perceive him to be the most iconic athlete in the world,” says Zynga CEO Don Mattrick according to USA Today. “When he’s participating and competing, everyone watches and pays attention.”

It’ll be interesting to see how well Tiger and Zynga work together on this game. To be honest though, as a huge golf game fan, I was hoping Tiger would have signed with 2K Sports so 2K could FINALLY make a golf game.

That would been a whole lot of fun! For all of us that game, we would be sleeping with three golf games by our side. Those games being EA PGA Tour, The Golf Club and 2K golf but instead, no 2K golf and we have to sleep next our phones…with the game on.

Although The Golf Club looks to be digital only so would have to either put your laptop next to you or your PS4/Xbox One controller. This is a solid move for Tiger though because there are a lot of people that are on the go and want to get their golf fix on the road.

Plus, it would also be a great price because mobile games are pretty darn affordable instead of dishing out to typical $60 for a console based game. At the same time, it was a terrific opportunity for the most well-known athlete in the world to go up to 2K Sports who make fantastic basketball games and say “Hey, I’m interested in making a golf game with you guys”.

Would have made the golf game community go crazy as it would go from a two game race (EA PGA and The Golf Club) to a three game race. Something never truly seen before in the golf game industry but you never know, maybe Tiger will shock us down the road.

For now, this may be a nice consolation prize. Now if only the game comes out for the Windows 8 store, that would be a great for all of the laptop users out there!

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WATCH: Rory Mcilroy Saves Wanamaker Trophy Like a Champ

On Sunday, Rory Mcilroy won his second PGA Championship and second straight major. Well, when PGA of America president Ted Bishop was about to give the Wanamaker trophy to Rory, Rory attempted to go in for a handshake when Ted accidentally tipped the trophy over and almost dropped until Rory with his amazing golf like reflexes (Golf like reflexes?) saves the trophy.

As we know, the Wanamaker might be the prettiest trophy in golf, but it’s also the heaviest. So, it’s no surprise that Ted nearly dropped it. Here’s Rory’s great save!

He’ll be playing for a much lighter trophy in a couple of months when he’ll be playing with team Europe in the Ryder Cup. Let’s just say this time that Rory made…a nice par save!

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Rory Mcilroy Wins PGA Championship for His Fourth Major Title, Second of the Year


Rory Mcilroy won the PGA Championship Sunday for his fourth major title and the second of the year. He becomes the third youngest player to win his fourth major. The other two youngest are names you may be familiar with.

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Rory finished at -16 with three of golf’s all-stars, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson right behind. Henrik had one last shot on 18 and had the biggest pressure at the time as he had it was his only hope to tie for second at -15 and the chance to win depending on Rickie, Phil and Rory’s outcome.

Instead, Henrik finished at -14. Phil hit an unbelievable chip shot on 18 which would have tied him for the lead while Rory was in the fairway bunker.

Phil finished with the runner-up finish yet again in a major tying him third all-time for major runner ups behind Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Rickie had a chance to make a long eagle on 18 but hit just a bit too hard.

He had a chance for a birdie to finish -15 but missed that putt as well. He ended up finishing at -14. Rickie was playing out of his mind on the front 9, hitting a chip in hole and beautiful putt as well.

In the end, it was Rory who prevailed yet again for his third straight win and second straight major. He made a clutch putt on 16 which pretty much gave him a the title. Rickie and Phil also pulled off a classy move and finished out the 18th quickly before night fell giving Rory his chance.

It was his to lose and he made sure that didn’t happen. The PGA Championship was by far the best major of the year.

Most people consider the PGA the worst major of the year but this year, it was the king. A true battle between four golf superstars and an unbelievable player pulls it out. Rory Mcilroy, your 2014 PGA Championship winner.

Below is the video of Phil’s amazing chip on 18:

Here’s the putt that gave Rory the ultimate momentum:

And here’s the winning putt from Rory to claim his second PGA title:

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Rory Mcilroy Says Breakup With Wozniacki a Big Part of His Success


In a previous article, I said that Rory breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki has helped him out. Sure enough, he came out and said it himself according to the Daily Mail in the UK.

‘I think what happened has been for the better in terms of my golf, Rory said.

‘I’ve put a bit more time into it and it has refocused me. I mean, what else do I have to do now?

See there. A relationship CAN get in the way of your career. Especially if your lover is almost as busy as you are. It’s a lot of thinking and then they were talking about marriage?

Heck yeah that was a distraction! Nothing wrong with love, but it just all depends on what kind of relationship you’re in *In Dr.Phil voice*.

If you’re in one at that young of an age and you guys are both very busy people then it kills you mentally because he/she is always on your mind. Talking about getting married certainly didn’t help either. Some may deny it because they may be in good working relationships.

However, it’s mighty funny how Rory was playing like Bubba Watson when he still had a clothing line at Steve & Barry’s (Oh, how I miss you!) and play like a golf great after.

Rory did say previously though that the relationship had nothing to do with his struggles.

You can see that video below.

It’s pretty obvious why he said that. He didn’t want to get in hot water with Caroline so it’s very understandable. You could say “Heck yeah, that girl got me going crazy! Hitting my balls all sideways and crap!”

but then the relationship would have been over right there and then. Then Caroline would call him and be like Hawk Harrelson: “Rory, this relationship is OVAAAA!”.

This lesson Rory learned just turned him back into the Rory we were hoping he would be and it’s great to see. Maybe Rory should have relationships with women and break up with them more often because he is on firrree! RORYSHAKALAKA!

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