Michelle Wie takes jab at LPGA’s new dress code with Instagram photo

Offseason = No dress code fines 💁🏻‍♀️😉 #croptopdroptop

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Michelle Wie is never one who is shy to show off her expressive personality. She did it once again by poking a little fun at the LPGA Tour’s new dress code which requires players to basically wear more clothing (although the clothes the players were wearing was fine).


She shared an Instagram post of her rocking a golf skirt and a cutoff golf shirt. She also has her dog with her on the course, with driver in hand.


Although I absolutely love the LPGA Tour, the dress code move was still a head-scratcher. Now, they are getting poked with sticks, first by Lexi Thompson who put together a terrific season, and now, Wie.


There’s no doubt that Thompson’s job looked like it might have been the only one, but Wie waited for the right time to make her move. Who knows if this will be the end of the dress code jabs, but, they’re just a reminder of how bizarre the dress code change was.


I still love the LPGA, but I can definitely understand the slight disdain by tour pros. Oh, by the way, the dog? Best caddy in golf.


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LOOK: Lexi Thompson gets an awesome new car with $1 million

So I decided to get a @nissan GTR 😎

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Life is good for professional golfers, especially when you’re one of the best on the planet right now like Lexi Thompson. Winning twice in 2017, she would also capture the CME Globe which netted her a cool $1 million prize so there’s no doubt that she is making it rain.

She used a good chunk of her million on a sweet all black Nissan GTR car. The new whip costs about $110,000 according to Golf Digest and with its sleek, slightly futuristic look, that doesn’t seem like a surprise.

It’s the type of car that looks like it belongs in a video game like Gran Turismo. And with Thompson being a fan of hip-hop music, don’t be shocked if she starts bumping some tracks rolling up to the golf course parking lot in her new ride.

While Lexi cruises in her new whip, I’ll be riding around a golf cart. Hey, golf carts are cool too!

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WATCH: Golfer goes for his first eagle, gets ruined by friend


The nerve of some people! A golfer was going for his first eagle putt until his friend decided to kick the ball out of the way as the ball was about to roll into the cup.


Honestly, I think this video was totally a set up, but it’s still pretty funny to look it. It’s also slightly cringe-worthy. It’s exciting to get a par for most golfers, but with this dude going for eagle, it had to be exciting.


But again, since this was likely a set up, they probably reset, and homeboy probably drilled the eagle putt anyway (there are no marshals around, so he easily could reset the putt position). This was for an eagle putt, so I can only imagine if it was a potential hole-in-one.


Imagine, you strike your tee shot beautifully and you see the ball head straight for the flagstick. You watch, as the ball rolls towards the hole, just for some random jerk face to kick your ball out of the way….and then he mocks you with a silly dance.


Ohh, what savagery that would be. Anyway, next time you’re on the course, and you’re about to hit a big putt, watch yourself and check your surroundings before swinging.

You just never know who might be lurking around the corner to…..make things bad.


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WATCH: Jeff Overton drills 94-foot putt at Indiana basketball game


This is pretty cool. Jeff Overton, who’s an Indiana University alumni, took the challenge of trying to sink a 94-foot putt at the Assembly Hall during an IU basketball game.


He drilled the putt, and he won a fan a trip to Myrtle Beach, one of the world’s most iconic golf destinations. We’ve seen pros putt on basketball courts before but it never gets old.


Putting on such a hard slick surface has to be a challenge, but it makes all the more fun. But, Overton is a former Ryder Cupper for a reason, because he’s got the skills.


Although he has never won a PGA Tour tournament, for at least a two-year period, he was one of the better players on tour, with multiple top 10 finishes between 2010 and 2011. As mentioned, he made the Ryder Cup in 2010, becoming the only American to make the team without winning a PGA Tour title.


Rickie Fowler, who also was on the team at the time, didn’t win a tournament yet either until 2012 when he broke through at the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow. Overton, like Fowler, became a fan favorite, and there’s no doubt that the Hoosier fans were excited to see him nail that miraculous putt.


Keep that putting stroke strong Jeff!


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Courses: The Causeway Club, a nine hole gem in Maine

Image courtesy of CausewayClub.org


Maine is one of the most beautiful states in the country with its several water views and lighthouses. It also has a lot of great golf courses such as Sugarloaf and Sunday River.

There is also a terrific nine-hole course located in Southwest Harbour that features an amazing combination of water, mountain and forest views. Right away, you’ll feel that the Causeway Club is one of the most beautiful nine-hole courses in America.

The club also has a swimming pool and tennis courts to complement its gem of a golf course. The routing of the course is one of the most interesting you’ll ever see. The first five holes of the Alonzo Yates design are all par-4s and the final four are all par-3s.

Even more fascinating, is that there are only five bunkers on the entire course. Your round starts off with the longest hole on the track.

Hole 1, 393 yard par-4:

The first hole at the Causeway is long, but its fairway is fairly wide. If you have a little pop off the tee, you can leave yourself with a short iron from the fairway. If you have PGA Tour like power, you can leave yourself with a pitch shot.

There are no bunkers to worry about so it’s all about accuracy and power. Mostly accuracy, as you don’t want to end up in Causeway’s pesky rough.

In short, tee it high and let it fly on this fun first hole.

Hole 2, 277 yard par-4:

Ironically, you go from the longest hole on the course to the shortest par-4. At 236 yards, it is possible to drive this hole if you put a little extra hot sauce on your driver or wood.

Short par-4s are always among the best hole designs in golf because of the options. Are you going to put all of your power into it with the driver or are you going to go light with a long iron?

If you think you have enough power off the tee, then go for it. Just keep in mind that there’s some water that you’ll have to carry, which adds to the intrigue of this hole.

Otherwise, going with a 3-iron might be the safest bet. You’ll then have a pitch shot over the water to the green, depending on how far you hit your long iron off the tee.

Either way, it’s an exciting hole that provides a strategic and heroic element. Just don’t let the hazard give you wet nightmares.

Hole 3, 304 yard par-4:

The third hole isn’t as difficult as the second but features a very narrow fairway so your window of accuracy has shrunk. Like many of the other holes, however, there are no bunkers to worry about.

More than ever, this hole requires pure accuracy. The green is small to compliment the skinny fairway. In fact, no other hole at Causeway demands accuracy as much as this one.

Gripping lightly and going with a wood off the tee may be the best play. You’ll be putting for birdie in no time once you hit the fairway….maybe.

Hole 4, 255 yard par-4:

The second shortest hole on the course gives us our first look into Causeway Club’s bunkers (gasp!). Although it’s very short, it is arguably the toughest hole on the course.

Like with the previous holes, hitting it right down the pipe of the fairway is key. If you hit it too far to the left, you can kiss your ball goodbye as it gets swallowed up by Norwood Cove.

Your approach shot will be tricky, with two sneaky bunkers protecting each side of the green. If you hit a long, straight tee shot, then you’ll be able to leave yourself with a short pitch shot to the green, avoiding the bunkers.

However, if you try to play it safe off the tee, you may leave yourself with a longer approach shot, one that’s long enough for the Maine winds to grab onto your ball. To be fair, I’d rather hit out of the bunker instead of teeing up my shot again because I hit my shot far left into Norwood Cove.

This is just another fun hole that presents many challenges. It very well could be Causeway’s best.

Hole 5, 392 yard par-4:

The final par-4 at the Causeway Club is another long one. Although it’s shorter than the first hole, it’s fairway isn’t as generous (and just to think that it’s almost Christmas…pfft).

It starts small, then gets a little wider, and finally, shrinks dramatically towards the hole. Fortunately, the green is fairly large, so your approach has a chance to be a good one.

Hit a solid tee shot, then take advantage of the green. You’ll give yourself a good chance at dropping a birdie.

Hole 6, 142 yard par-3:

The first par-3 on the course has two greenside bunkers and a large green. It’s a short, fun par-3 that gets you to think off the tee.

Your best bet may be to aim more towards the right side of the green as the bunker isn’t as close o the putting surface. In short, the room for error is bigger in that regard.

Pull out your iron and enjoy the track’s first par-3.

Hole 7, 232 yard par-3:

The longest par-3 at Causeway will test your iron power off the tee. At nearly 200 yards, it can sort of reminding you of the famed eighth hole at Oakmont which goes out to nearly 300 yards. Obviously, there’s a difference since Causeway’s par-3 is 100 yards less, but for the average golfer, it may play like the Oakmont hole.

No bunkers here, just press that “deadeye” button on your iron and give it a good swing. Land your ball on the green and you’ll be cooking with gas.

Due to its length, par is a good score here. It could be easy to come short of the green or overshoot it because it may be difficult to judge the power. But, if you get on in regulation, you’ll be in excellent position for par or even birdie.

Hole 8, 175 yard par-3:

This is a hole that you can lick your chops on at the Causeway Club. This longish par-3 features the biggest green on the golf course, so there is plenty of spots to target.

Not only that this is another bunkerless hole. Despite its fairly long length, the eighth is arguably the easiest hole on the course.

In short, breath a sigh of relief, as you near the end of your round with an easy par-3. Have fun.

Hole 9, 142 yard par-3:

Sorry to poop on the easy parade, but the finishing hole at the Causeway Club is not as friendly as the eighth. In fact, it’s probably the second or third toughest hole on the course.

Other than that, it’s a gem of a par-3. It features a large green with the course’s biggest bunker guarding the front side of it.

On the ninth, it’s all about carrying that bunker. If you don’t, you may need to put on your best beachwear to hit out of this tricky sand trap.

Carry the bunker, and the large green should grab your ball. Just be prepare to two or three putt though, especially if your ball lands on the far end of the green.

It’s just a matter of mentally eliminating the bunker. Once you do that, you’ll find the ninth to be easier than expected. Otherwise, it’s a game of club choosing.

Finishing up:

Maine is probably one of the more underrated golf destinations in the country but beautiful designs such as the Causeway Club make it an excellent place to enjoy nine-hole rounds. There are quite a few solid nine-hole tracks in Maine, and Causeway is a leader in that category.


With its perfect blend of bunkered and bunkerless holes, the course has a great deal of design variation. Because of this, the Causeway Club is a must play on your nine-hole golf course journey.

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LOOK: You won’t believe how different Augusta National looked in the 1950’s

Embed from Getty Images

Every golf fan and many general sports fans dream of visiting Augusta National, the house that Bobby Jones built. This is due to the fact that is one of the most beautiful places on earth and hosts one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, the Masters Tournament.


However, what if I told you that Augusta didn’t look as beautiful in the 1950’s? A picture shared by David Poulton on Twiter tells you the tale.



As you can tell, there are no flowers and the rough looks scruffier. The trees are still there, crowding the back side of the green like they always famously do.


The video game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, has one of the coolest features in video game history where you can play Augusta National in 1934, its first year of existence. The course definitely looked different during that time when you play it in the game, as there were fewer trees and hardly any flowers.

Also, the famous Amen Corner consisted of holes two, three and four instead of 11, 12 and 13 like we know it today. It’s astonishing how much the course has changed and now it is one of the top five golf courses on the planet.


Six years after the above photo was taken, Arnold Palmer would win his first major at the 1958 Masters. This began one of the more dominating stretches of golf in the history of the sport where he’d win seven majors between 1958 and 1964.


Augusta National isn’t as old as a lot of other courses that date back to the 1800’s, but its rich tradition makes it one of golf’s most historic venues. Pictures like this take you back in time and give you a visually deep dive into the ridiculously long lore book about the history of golf.


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WATCH: This dude’s putter swing is simply amazing

Putter stinger 😜🐝 I actually hit this putter so well 😂 #golf #golfswing #stinger #tiger #golfgods #golfstagram #trickshot #golfaddict @golf_gods

A post shared by Dave Benford (@dbenford_golf) on

Taking full swings with a putter has become a thing, and it continues. On Instagram, one dude took a swing on the range with his putter, and it was a wonderful “stinger” shot.

In case you don’t know what a stinger is, it’s when the ball has a low trajectory on impact, and then rises as its flight continues. Tiger Woods is masterful at doing this. It’s tough to perform a stinger with any club, let alone a putter.

It would be interesting to see if this guy could do it…..with a wood (gasp!). All messing around aside, this was pretty dope and skillful. Good for you dude.

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WATCH: Man gets attacked by turkey on golf course

If you golf during the week of Thanksgiving, do so at your own risk! 📽: @daaavidfried

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Fall is my favorite season of the year, as we get to enjoy crisp, cool weather, beautiful colorful leaves and, it’s a terrific time to play golf. Unfortunately for one man, his Fall golf dream was made a turndown danger road, when a turkey decided to attack him on the course. Did I mention this occurred close to Thanksgiving?

The dude is just trying to enjoy a round, and then the turkey sees to come out of nowhere to aggressively come towards him. The turkey wasn’t playing around either. The aggressiveness was real.

It wasn’t like an animal was casually chasing him around. This thing wanted to put its claw up this dude’s butt.

Just let this be known; no sport brings us closer to nature than golf, but when nature unleashes its wrath, be ready to run.

Or you can keep the turkey and make your pet, but you would need some A-1 training skills. Otherwise, be careful out there, but be sure to enjoy the wonderfulness that is Fall golf.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! What are your thankful for? Let me know in the comments section or let me know on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio!

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WATCH: Someone designed a golf course on Mars


Who says there isn’t life or golf for that matter on other planets besides our own? In The Golf Club 2, someone used the game’s golf course designer to create a track on Mars.


There’s no Mars theme in the design feature so how did this creativity unfold? Well, the creator took the steppe or desert theme (there are numerous themes in the game to fit your course’s atmosphere and ambiance), made the sky dark, but not too dark, and added little things like craters and such to give it an otherworldly feel.


It’s a lot of fun to play, and it takes fantasy golf to a whole new level. Playing the course, you instantly feel like you’re playing on Mars, minus the zero gravity.


The design of the nine holer features a few split fairway holes which are always popular. On one hole, you even have to hit over the two futuristic-looking clubhouses to reach the green. This is similar to the famed Road Hole 17th at St. Andrews.


Who says you can’t play the Road Hole on another planet?


If you have a copy of The Golf Club 2, then I highly recommend that you check out this course. It’s a fun twist on golf course design, using a powerful design feature.


I’m sure Pete Dye, who is famous for building courses in unorthodox places, would have loved to design a course on Mars if it was possible. Don’t worry Mr. Dye, you can still create a course on Pluto, Saturn or Jupitor…..if you know how to play video games anyway.


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WATCH: Alex Noren hits flagstick twice at Hero Challenge

Alex Noren is one of the top 15 golfers in the world. He showed that at the Hero Challenge, hitting the flagstick on two consecutive shots.

In case you don’t know what the Hero Challenge is, it’s a closest to the pin contest between some of the European Tour’s top players. It’s just another cool, innovative event that that Euro Tour has created to help make golf that much cooler.

On two of his 10 balls, Noren hit the flag back-to-back times. It’s just a prime example of how deadeye accurate these guys are, especially a player of Noren’s caliber.

Although he’s not a greens in regulation machine (105th on the European Tour this season), he can still be deadly with the irons. Noren would end up losing to young China star, Li Haotong in an instant classic of a duel.

Haotong was also obviously insanely accurate with the irons to grab the W. As for Noren, the back-to-back pin seekers make us all shake our head. Time for us to step up our pin seeking missile game!

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