This is the longest golf hole in the world


OK, now this is golf course design at it’s wildest yet funnest! A golf course in South Korea called Gunsan Country Club features a hole that is 1,100 yards. Yup! You heard me right! 1,100 yards.

What’s the par you ask? Try a par 7! This is definitely like something you’d see in a video game! Oh, and guess what? There’s a par 6 on the course as well.

A par 7 AND a par 6 on the same course? That sounds like something I’d design just to be an evil genius!

It’s only a 9 hole course however (Am I allowed to say “only” in this instance?) so it’s not as long as you think. But with a par 6 and par 7, I’m sure there was no way to build a full 18 holes.

Not only are there two long holes on the course but there’s also water hazards all over the course so if you were to play this track, make sure your mind is on its A game or else you won’t have a very good time! I believe accuracy is major on this course. May have to lay up a few times too.

Oh, and there are two nice little bunkers for you on the right and left side of your possible second shot. Have fun!

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Credit: Golf News Net

Photo: Paula Creamer takes face & butt selfie at same time.

Paula Creamer just got married recently and the newly wed LPGA major champion took this picture of herself in a bikini during her honeymoon. She was taking a selfie yet the mirror caught her butt soooo it’s like one of those mirror selfies you take except she’s taking a real selfie of her face (OK my brain hurts!).

Here ya go. Don’t blame me if your boss asks you why you’re looking at pictures of female golfers in bikinis!


Meanwhile, why a lot of us are freezing, Paula seems to be nice and warm where she is! Go Paula! I’m sure she’s relieved that she’s already gotten her major title since now Inbee, Stacy and Lydia are pretty much rippin’ everything apart right now!

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Picture: Michelle Wie takes perfect modeling picture in water

Michelle never ceases to wow us whether it’s her long drives off the tee on the course, the weird stuff she does sometimes off the course and the pictures she takes. This picture that was taken a couple of months ago shows Michelle in a complete super model like state. This is seriously the perfect picture you’d put on a travel magazine or website!

Check, check, check it ooooutt!

I mean, just look at that hair wave right round! I say Michelle is enjoying being a major champion on the LPGA Tour!

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Review: The Samsung Galaxy S5 is perfect for golf



It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Yup, Christmas is upon us and golfers and golf fans are both the easiest and hardest to gift. Some want nothing more than a sleeve of golf balls and a putter.


Some want full sets of golf clubs with a whole outfit for when they hit the course. But I think there’s one item that golfers may really come to appreciate.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the hottest smartphone on the market right now and features the latest in technology. You’d be surprised how awesome this phone is for golfers and golf fans.


Virgin Mobile, who in my opinion is one of, if not the best service in wireless, carries these phones and has the best service for them. I had the opportunity of checking out this beast of a device.


One of the first things I noticed right away is the battery life, and this is one of the most important things for any smartphone owner. It took very little time to charge and this was something that shocked me as most smartphones usually take a little while to charge.


Then, not just that, the phone is a horse. It lasts for LONG time. It may take several hours before it even needs charging.


The reason why this phone is terrific for golfers, is because the way it handles golf apps on it. They run very smoothly. I downloaded some of the top golf apps according to Google Play.


One of those apps I downloaded was the Golf Channel app and let me tell you, the phone ran that app like a charm and it was gorgeous. The beautiful screen made the videos and stories look great and the navigation is simple and superb.


I then decided to test the phone’s gaming skills by downloading EA Sports’ new mobile golf game, King of the Course. On my old smartphone, I couldn’t even download it. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 from Virgin Mobile, I was able to download it relatively quick however I did need to use my internet connection to speed up the download a bit but once I did, the phone downloaded this huge file of a game with lightning speed.


There’s no need for an internet connection with any other apps as the phone comes with an incredible 4G connection and downloads extremely fast. When I played King of the Course, I was stunned at how smooth it played and how the graphics looked. It was like playing a game on a video game console, but is on a phone!


The game was very fun to play and with that gorgeous screen, I was feeling immersed into the experience of the game. I’ll tell you how powerful this phone is.


King of the Course is a game that’s mostly meant for tablets. This phone ran the game like it was nothing! Like a full size computer in the palm of your hand! This stunned me big time.


I know you always love to get your golf news fix from different golf magazines, etc. So I went ahead and downloaded the digital version of Golf Magazine on the Gallaxy S5.


I was blown away by the clearness and color of the pages, and this was because of the Galaxy S5’s amazing screen and navigation. There were features in the magazine that I likely couldn’t access with any of my older phones.


The magazine was quite interactive with videos, fact buttons (Press them, and they’ll give you info on the picture you’re looking at, I was looking at a picture of the legendary St. Andrews) and even interactive videos, where you can control the player’s swing (Swipe your finger on the screen to make the golfer swing, this give you a slow motion, controlled look of how you should swing the golf club).


The Galaxy S5 took advantage of these features beautifully and really made the reading experience that much funner. Joe Passov’s golf course section in the magazine was a real treat because the phone made the pictures of the courses that Joe was writing about, look so breathtaking. The words looked clear and excellent as well.


The way the phone handled the magazine was one of my favorite parts of the phone. This is excellent for those who are hungry for golf news from their favorite writers.


I tried my hand at the always popular V One golf app with this horse of a phone and decided to try the camera feature out on it. The app used the phone’s camera to record.


The phone’s camera is so unbelievably smooth and clear that i couldn’t believe it. Usually with smartphones, you’re limited to cheap but get the job done quality of recording and picture taking….and then you upload that OK quality video to YouTube for all to see.


But with the Galaxy S5, you can record some unbelievable videos and take some amazing pictures. Sure, it isn’t the quality of the latest cameras out there but it’s a lot better than expect for a smartphone.


You can record some great videos out on the golf course with this camera. Trying to see if your buddy can get a hole in one on that tricky par-3 with bunkers smartly placed around the green? Why not record it? Even if it’s a shank!


Doing instruction on the golf swing? If it’s possible to get a tripod for smartphones, then place it there, press record, and give your demonstration.


The Golf Now app is another terrific option for golfers who get this phone. Some of the features of the app do cost money but it’s great for setting up tee times and using GPS tracking to help you strategize on the course as well as keep track of stats. Easily one of the top golf apps out there. Now, where’s Old Tom Morris with his yardage pigeons?


Golf Course Critic by Golf Digest is a nifty app to have on hand when you’re trying to book that next golf trip. It features a list of the top 100 courses in the world as well as the U.S. plus it gives you a list of the top 100 public courses for those of us who can’t get into those exclusive clubs yet.


The Golf Course Critic also shows you the top course by State which I think is really cool. So if you’re just looking for a local round, why not play the best course in the State? It gives you a short description of the course, who designed it, etc. The Galaxy S5 makes it very easy to scroll through the lists.


Arguably the greatest golf app of all-time, Golf Logix runs amazingly on this phone. Golf Logix is probably the deepest golf app out there as it features golf news, live tweets from golfers, golf writers, golf tournaments, etc and even some tweets from general sports news sources.


It also has a GolfSmith shop where you can get discounts on great golf clubs, balls and other gear. It’s an easy way to shop for golf gear while on the go.


GolfLogix also features fantasy golf for al you fantasy fans out there. Does anyone agree with me that fantasy golf is totally under rated? Great stuff!


The app also comes with the Clubhouse from Golf Digest which is excellent if you’re trying to improve your game. There are lessons for on the range and on the course. You can also book tee times as well in the app through Golf Now (Or you can download GolfNow’s app, either way).


Finally, and this is Golf Logix’ signature feature, their “Play Golf” GPS tracker. This is an excellent feature as all you really need to do is turn on GPS tracking on the phone, then choose the course you want to play, and you have access to almost any course in the world.


Once you’re set up, you’ll get a nice fly over of each hole you play so can use good strategy and your knowledge of golf course design to tackle the course and bring it to its knees. It really is a beautiful feature and the Galaxy S5 makes fantastic use of this and thanks the large screen, you can see the holes you play extremely well.


The Galaxy S5 takes advantage of the Golf Logix app with no issues whatsoever and is a free app to use. Terrific golf app to download on this monster of a phone.


One of the last apps I tried out was the Sirius XM radio app. I was really curious how well it was going to run on this baby. I like to listen to Sirius XM PGA Tour radio when I want to hear the latest golf news and listen to live coverage of the tournaments.


I normally listen to it on my computer and it sounds great. However, then I tried it on the Galaxy S5 and all I have to say is WOW.


I never thought I could hear audio quality that’s as clear as on the Galaxy S5. I could be a good distance away and it sounds like I have it right up to my ear. The sound on this phone is outstanding and is great for listening to music as well.


Probably the best part about listening to the radio, watching videos, or playing games on this phone is that it doesn’t heat up at all. It stays very cool when these high-powered kind of features are operating.


Usually, you play games, watch videos, etc and your phone heats up. Not to dangerous temperatures necessarily but still warm to be cautious. With the Galaxy S5, heating is not an issue. This is probably the most important feature of the entire phone because you can enjoy your favorite apps without the possible dangers of overheating. Truly a remarkable feature of the phone.


Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube operate extremely well on this phone. This is fantastic for those golfers who want to send tweets to their buddies about how they just got that amazing up and down par save out of the deep rough.


There’s even a terrific fitness app simply called “S Fitness” or “Samsung Fitness”. This app is awesome for those of you who are fitness or exercise junkies. It tracks the calories you burn once you press the record button. you can decide if you’re going to walk, run, hike or cycle and the phone will adjust to this when you start burning the calories.


It gives you a goal of how many calories to burn, take in and how many steps your walk or run based on your height and weight. You can even take note of what food you ate and it will add up how many calories you consumed.


This is by far one of the best features of the phone and is one the signature apps of the phone. This is an amazing app if you’re a golfer who loves to walk the course. This app and golf go hand in hand as you can burn up to 2000 calories in one 18 hole round of golf. Up to 1000 for even a quick 9 holes.


This is actually one of the few good times where shanking your ball is good as this gives you more walking time and more calories burnt. See? Shanking ain’t so bad after all!


Even if you’re like me and sometimes like to play golf away from the course and just play in mother nature, this is a terrific way to burn calories using Galaxy S5’s “S Fitness”. Sometimes I’ll just go to an open field and hit golf shots, then I’d walk over to retrieve my balls, come back to the starting point of my shots and repeat over and over. A fantastic way to get your exercise and golf fix away from the golf course. Maybe set up a target out in the field to have something to aim for. Design you own golf course away from the course.


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone from Virgin Mobile is a terrific gift for golfers. This thing tackles any and every golf app out there.


From golf game and golf news apps to golf GPS and instructional apps, this phone can handle all of them with ease. It’s like having golf in the palm of your hand, plus of course there’s many other terrific apps out there to download such as Kindle, SoundHound, etc.


I had my share of phones. We all had. But I will tell you flat-out that this is by far the greatest phone I have ever used. It’s mind-boggling how powerful this thing is. There’s even a heart rate monitor on the back of it for goodness sake (Through the “S Fitness” app)!


So, if you’re not sure what you want to get the golfer in your life for Christmas, you may want to consider getting a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Virgin Mobile. Even if that person isn’t a golf fan, they’ll love it.


Or maybe you want to get it for yourself because you’ve been so good this year! Why not right? You’ve worked hard!


Here’s where you can get the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the folks over at Virgin Mobile:


I’ve used Virgin Mobile for years and they really are a fantastic service. Getting phones from them will not be a disappointment that’s for sure. The best part of that? No contracts. Yup, that’s right! None, zero, nada!


So if you want a great phone that will help you get the best of your golf game, then the Galaxy S5 may be the phone you want.


Here’s what Patrick thinks of this phone!




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Watch: This is the world’s fastest golf cart

Plum Quick Motors, a company that builds golf cart motors, made an engine that made this golf cart explode with speed! This blazing fast cart went for the test out at the Darlington Dragway track in South Carolina, a golf mecca in America.


This bad boy went nearly 120 mph! The crazy thing is that the guys over at Plum Quick Motors had previously had a speed of 103 mph which was a Guinness World Record at the time. Not only did that record get dusted, it got destroyed!


Here’s the video of this amazing golf ride below:





Fast right? The crazy thing is that there wouldn’t even be a “Fastest Golf Cart” category in the Guinness Book of World Record if it weren’t for the guys at Plum Quick. That’s awesome!


Golf carts are one of the funnest vehicles to drive, especially when they’re fast!


Now, how can I get one of those carts for Christmas? Maybe I’ll get two so I give one to you!


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Review: The Groove Caddy will wipe your clubs totally clean

It's totally Groovy!

It’s totally Groovy!

It’s the Holiday season as we near Christmas and it’s cold in most places, too cold to hit the golf course. However, are your clubs still dirty from the last time you did play? You probably were shanking your clubs around in the dirt missing your balls and hitting nothing but ground. Or, if you were making contact with the ball, you probably took one of those huge divots the pros tend to do on approach shots.


You know you get little pieces of dirt trapped in your club faces? Sure, you could use a wet towel like most players do but does it really clean your clubs good enough to where they perform their best? Probably not.


Well, the Groove Caddy could change this. The Groove Caddy is the 2014 “Best New Product” from the PGA Merchandise Show and it is a beautiful thing to have in your bag. It wipes your clubs off clean and does it relatively quick.


When you take the Groove Caddy out of the box. Some of the first things you’ll notice are a spray bottle, a charger, a beautiful carry bag, and the Groove Caddy itself. How it works is, you fill the spray bottle up with water or any other cleaning liquid that you may use.


Then you spray the clubheads with the bottle and turn on the Groove Caddy. It has a brush on it and when you turn it on, it spins in a way where it can get into those tight little grooves of your clubs.


You apply the brush gently on the clubs when you clean them as putting force on them may cause damage to the Groove Caddy. I tried it out and absolutely love it. I tried on one of my irons and wedges and it did a terrific job.


Not only does it do a great job of cleaning the clubs, it’s very convenient and fits into your bag perfectly. It also has a wonderful grip on it as well so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally slipping out of your hands while it’s running. Most things like this probably wouldn’t even have a grip which is why this is so important.


Plus, you want to make sure you are handling it well when cleaning. It’s like having a great grip on a golf club!


It really is a beautiful product and it really helped clean my clubs up. By the way, those clubs that I cleaned? They’re older clubs and I haven’t cleaned them ever since I used them! So they had that old dirt on there and the Groove Caddy STILL cleaned even that hard dirt off!


You may be asking, why is cleaning clubs so important? Well, the grooves of the club faces need to be clean in order for the clubs to perform their best. Clean grooves help you put spin on the ball when you hit a shot.


Club you chose goes to far past the green? Well, with clean grooves, you’ll be able to spin the ball. So even if you hit it too far, you can get the ball to spin back towards the cup.


So this baby could help you play some good golf in 2015. Just clean those grooves and try applying some spin on your approach shots and short game shots.


Just make sure your golf ball is good with spin.


So, if you want a great stocking stuffer this Christmas for that golfer in your life, (Heck maybe it’s you! Go ahead and treat yourself, you’ve been good! I think.) then the Groove Caddy is for you!


You can visit them at for more info on this brilliant product.


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Video: Chalmers hits shots that bounces off of fan onto green

WOAH! How about this? Greg Chalmers who was one of the leaders at the Austrailian Open (Jordan Spieth ultimately ended up winning it) hit his tee shot that almost turned into a hole-in-one.


However, this was the most typical shot. Greg hit his tee shot on the 11th hole as the ball then went into the spectators. The ball then bounced out of the crowd and rolled into the green, resulting in a near ace!

Watch the video below to believe it for yourself and this ball was CLOSE to going in:




Someone in that crowd CLEARLY has a launch pad on them for that ball to bounce like that!


Thoughts? Leave them below!


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Credit: Golf Channel

Why I’m Thankful for Golf this Thanksgiving and Beyond

Credit to Rock Bottom Golf for this beautiful drawing!

Credit to Rock Bottom Golf for this beautiful drawing!

It’s that time of year again! Food, football, family, friends, those road trips to see relatives, etc. Yup, it’s Thanksgiving and there’s a lot to be thankful for but the one big thing I’m thankful for every year is the great sport of golf that was provided for us many years ago.


Growing up, my first love was basketball, and it’s still one of my favorite sports today (Go Bulls). Then that followed by football, then baseball. Hockey, I’m pretty casual about although I do respect it big time. I remember having an Eric Daze wallpaper on my computer a long time ago then it eventually turned into a Scottie Pippen one, followed by an Eddy Curry one (When he was the man in Chicago) etc.


Then finally, golf came around. I picked up the game at around age 13 when my mother decided she wanted me to give golf a try and take lessons. This gave me the urge to download the demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 to give golf a spin before I started hitting the lessons. I enjoyed the game and had fun bombing golf balls off the tee and sinking putts.


I started to like golf, then I went to the lessons but before the lessons started, the coach at my home course of Randall Oaks Golf Club (Designed by William J. Spear) in the Chicago suburbs told me to take some swings on the range. So he had me get a rental club which was a driver and let me hit the range on my own to kinda get a feel for things because I think he had other lessons to attend to that day so he just let me use the range for free for the day.


I held the driver in the baseball grip which is pretty rare for most golfers however, this was before I knew about the famed Vardon/Laidlay grip. I remember everything about my swing was off because remember, this was practically the first time I ever picked up a golf club (Other than a mini golf putter).


I was rather excited to take the first few swings as the ball laying on that tee looked so enticing and as my clubhead was sitting next to ball, waiting to go into launch mode, I was just ready to destroy the golf ball. My first swings were kinda replicated that of John Daly’s famous “Grip & Rip it” swing so I took a rip at the ball.


I don’t remember my very first shot, I’m sure it was sloppy. However, I was actually getting the ball airborne on several shots with the driver. Problem was that they were going so far to the right, they almost looked like they were going off-course.


I was still excited though, excited that I was able to hit the ball and give it some flight, despite how far right they went. Making solid contact with the driver is like hitting a home run every time you step up to the plate. It was so addicting!


Although my swing needed a lot of work, I was still hitting decent enough and I was happy about that. After that experience at the range, I finally got bit by the bug and fell in love with the wonderful sport. Golf was an escape for me from the stress of reality.


After taking lessons, I continued to go to the range and try to perfect my craft and I took many swings. The more I started to love the sport, that’s when I told myself, “I wanna become a professional golfer!” and wanted to practice hard to get on the PGA Tour.


I remember on a Christmas about a year later, I received my first set of golf clubs from my mother. They were Top Flite XL clubs and let me tell you, getting a fresh new set of golf clubs is the greatest feeling in the world, especially since this was my very first set. It’s even better than a new pair of kicks!


They were gorgeous golf clubs. I remember being giddy about it once I took the bag out of the box. I remember taking out each of the clubs and getting a feel for them. Grabbing the driver and the putter were probably the best feelings because I knew how significant these clubs were plus I was more familiar with them.


Not sure when I remember putting the clubs back in the bag. I just kept taking practice swings with them! I took my clubs up to Randall and hit some practice shots and putted on the greens. Such an awesome feeling, as before I was only using rental clubs but now here I am with my own clubs.


In high school, I’d take a couple of clubs up to the local elementary school which had a lot of open land behind the building and would just hit golf balls there. That’s one of the reasons why I love golf because you can play it wherever you want as long as it’s safe and you have softer balls.


I even went up there in temperatures as low as 20 degrees. I grabbed some yellow colored golf balls so I can see where they landed in all the snow. I remember grabbing my lob wedge when I did go up there, so it was easier to retrieve my ball since lob wedges don’t go that far.


I really wanted to get better, I looked at the Illinois junior Golf Association (IJGA), the eGolf Amateur Tour (Now GolfWeek Amateur Tour), Golf Channel Amateur Tour, etc but never had the opportunity to join since I wasn’t ready and felt like I wasn’t good enough. So after failing to make the high school golf team, I continued to play, but eventually, due to the lack of not having the chance to get on the course enough, I was considering giving up the dream of playing on the PGA Tour.


I then attended the First Tee for a couple of years to learn more about the game and to learn some valuable life lessons through golf which the First Tee is so excellent at teaching and that was a big thanks to our coach, Patty Henk who led the way. Coach and myself even played a round on my home course at Randall and it was a great experience as she taught me different things while we were in the middle of the round.


Even little things like when at address on your tee shots, keep your clubhead down on the ground for a more relaxed swing as I constantly had my clubhead in the air at address like most golfers do. Another thing was teeing your shots up high when using a driver as well as removing your hats and shaking hands at the end of rounds.


After The First Tee experience was over, I then attended a sports broadcasting camp for one week and had a blast as we practiced our broadcasting skills and even went up to Soldier Field to do some mock reporting. We went to Northwestern’s TV studio to practice TV broadcasting as well as radio broadcasting in their radio studio.


We had a chance to check out the press box of Soldier field and more. Although I always liked the media, this kinda fueled my passion for media even more.


After broadcasting camp, I was going into my senior of high school where I covered sports for our school paper titled “The Talon”. I wrote stories ranging from football and golf, to soccer and ultimate frisbee. It was such a fun experience and we had a terrific teacher to boot, who was a complete expert in the journalism industry.


I wrote my first piece (Although I don’t remember the sport) and thought, “I really do enjoy this stuff!”. This was the career change I was leaning towards. Since I wasn’t good enough at golf to play at the highest level, this was the closest I could get to doing so.


This was also the same year where I started my stint with the Chicago Golf Report. I got excited when one of my articles (On the Ryder Cup coming to Medinah) got on the front page. As senior year progressed, I was in a writing club where I usually wrote free verse love style poems.


This was a great way to help perfect my writing craft and explore different styles of writing. As the end of the school year was nearing, I was thinking of different options for college. I wanted to go to a school where I could play golf and learn the media business. There weren’t too many options.


There was actually one school that, although didn’t have a golf team, had three different classes I was interested in. A media class, a golf course design/landscape architecture class, and then a class for counseling (Pretty much anyway) which I was kinda interested in because it would of been rewarding to help younger kids with the stress of life and help them push through that heavy door that’s blocking their path.


Golf course designing was something I had a soft spot for. Now, I’m starting to love it even more. In my sophomore year of high school, I drew a few golf hole designs in my notebook although they were kinda sloppy at the time. Although I liked the options the school provided, a better option came up.


The school was very close to home, it had wonderful facilities, a golf team, and a sports media type of class or not even a class but more like a program. After taking a tour of the university, I told myself “This is the one!”. That was until I heard about a broadcasting school on the radio.


It was a lot farther away but it sounded great. Took a tour and it was amazing. It had almost every kind of broadcast equipment you can think of and had radio studios and TV studios all around the campus. It was small too so it was so easy to get around and navigate.


That’s when I made the decision to join that school and that’s where I gave up the original dream of becoming a professional golfer, to the dream of covering professional golf as a journalist. The broadcasting school also taught blogging which is why The GP Golf Report is here today and I’ve never looked back since.


I’ve put a lot of time and energy into this blog and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The stories I get to write are so fun whether it’s funny videos, my opinionated pieces, the weirder things of golf, etc and absolutely love it and I’m thankful for golf for giving us so much to talk about.


I’m also thankful and flattered that you come to read the blog as I never thought the blog would do as well as its done so far. You’re the reason why The GP Golf Report is an award winner and I can’t thank you enough for letting me fulfill your non-traditional golf needs.


As I mentioned, I’m starting to build a love for golf course design as a hobby which is why I’m so excited that The Golf Club, the video game from HB Studios has a course designer you can mess around with on those days where it’s too cold or rainy to play on the real course. It’s really a wonderful tool for those of you who love course design.


You see, only in golf can we talk hours about players, golf courses, equipment and travel. Only in golf, can you play almost wherever you want. Only in golf, can you combine exercise, sunshine, sport and fresh air and put them all in the same sentence.


I’m thankful for golf because it’s a lifetime sport where you can travel all over the world and look at beautiful scenery while enjoying a round on a gorgeous yet challenging course layout.


It’s a way for us to get away from life for a moment and just focus on where that putt breaks on the green.


Golf gave me a career. Without golf, I don’t know where I’d be today or what I’d be doing.


Golf saved my life as I probably would have no idea what route I’d go and I’m thankful for that everyday I wake up.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Why are YOU thankful for golf? Leave your comment below and I can’t wait to hear the stories you have to tell!


Video: Paula Creamer takes off shoes, hits shot out of water

Hmm, well this is kinda reminiscent of Henrik Stenson’s shot now isn’t it? I know I’m a little behind on this but, Paula put on her big girl shoes (Or well, took them off) and went into the muddy water to hit her shot. It definitely looked like a better shot than either you or I would hit that’s for sure.

Check it out here:

See, this is why golf is such a tough sport. No other sport has to play the ball where it lies! Paula said “Screw it! Just hit it!”

We feel you Paula.

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Photo: Amanda Dufner shares topless photo then deletes it

Well then! If you were having fantasies about Amanda Dufner, then this is the closest thing to turning those fantasies into reality. Amanda, who is no stranger to Instagram (Like most women), briefly shared this picture of herself topless in a bikini with the camera facing her backside.

Oddly enough, the picture was taken down by her. Probably because she either came to her senses that it was going to reel dudes in like fish and cause them to leave some nasty comments or the almighty Duf himself (Jason Dufner) saw the picture and told her to take it down. Although, who took the picture? Was it Duf? Either way, this picture was by far the hottest on her Instagram.

Here you go, try not to look at it while you’re at work. Don’t wanna hear any comments talking about how I got you fired!





Jason Dufner, you are THE man!

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Credit: Next Impulse Sports

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